Topics: Some additional information about giving healing
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No 684. Held 27th November 2007.

Additional Information About Healing

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: I wish tonight to talk a little further on healing. Because you no doubt realize that with time passing, you are advancing in physical years…

Sitters: Yes. Too true. (Laughter)

Spirit: There will come a time perhaps, when your little circle will break up. I am not saying that this is going to happen immediately, or in the foreseeable future, we don’t know. But remember; if it is only one of you who is eventually left, that one person can still give healing. That, if you wish it, is a job for you for the rest of your physical life. We are not pushing you, but if you wish to do healing, remember that even if you are confined through ill health - you can still give healing!

But in a way I would like to emphasize that you are asking for a physical body to be healed, but also for upliftment for that person. Now we can help with both, but the upliftment must come from the patients themselves, through your sincerity in sending your message. You are trying to let them realize that the upliftment is there for them. They only have to know, that there is life everlasting, to be sure in themselves - and that in itself will give upliftment.

You are not only healing the physical body, (or hopefully healing the physical body, if it is for their benefit), but you are teaching the soul to accept ‘life’, and all it means.

It is from that, that feeling, that no matter how bad they are now, life is going to get better. It may be because they are physically healing… but if they’ve got the confidence to know that life will continue, that alone can give upliftment.

So when you are asking for upliftment and thinking of these people, think of what you have got yourself, that confidence, and try and carry that over to them, send it to them, that is part of your healing job. Not only the physical body but the soul, the spirit, and you personally, probably have felt the upliftment yourself when you know that that fear of death is unnecessary… although you may fear the way you are going to die.

For example, the soldier going to war…  If he has that knowledge that life goes on, then he will do his darndest, and if he gets killed, well he knows he will continue on in another field.

It is that love of life, life everlasting, that you are endeavoring to get across the energy waves to the other receiver. It is an aspect of healing that many people forget for they are so taken up with the physical body. But to get patients that upliftment, that realization through to them, it is what you yourself feel and think and send to them that gives them that wonderful feeling of someone else accepting the love of spirit and sending it on.

It’s like a telephone message. If you hear a voice that’s depressed, well it doesn’t help you very much, but if a voice comes over that is joyous because of knowledge they’ve got, it uplifts, so the receiver (the sick person you are sending healing to), let the message come through to them of not only for the physical body, but also the spiritual body.

And you can do that, no matter what your age. It is comfort you are giving and knowledge. It is another aspect of your healing that you probably haven’t thought of, (understandably so), but it is there, and I hope you will make use of it.

Is there any aspect of this, that we may be able to help you with, that you would like to ask a question on…?

Sitter (K): Does that mean, Ling, that when we ask for healing, a cure for their troubles if possible, upliftment and freedom from pain, that we also ask they be given knowledge of spirit?

Spirit: Well it wouldn’t do any harm and we may be able to help, but it is your thought to that person also, so that suddenly they may think, “Oh I feel better today, why?” It is awakening the knowledge in them.

Sitter: I believe that we are only the go-between; we don’t do the healing…

Spirit: No, you don’t do the healing…

Sitter: Well does the upliftment not come from you?

Spirit: Many times it does, but they’ve got to be able to accept it, so you are asking them to open their minds, to accept, what we are trying to do for them. You see, many people that you send healing to, (and physically they perhaps improve, we hope so), but mentally that upliftment that you want for them, and they need, doesn’t always come. If you’re… (Now I don’t know quite how to explain this), but if you are sending them…  (Pause)…  Imagine it this way perhaps, you are sending them knowledge that there is life eternal. Send them a light, think of them when you ask for upliftment, think of this glow that is around them, so that they are aware themselves of so much more in this life, than they have realized up ‘til now. People who accept that there is an afterlife, that there is a God, whether they are Christian or anything else, they will accept; but if you get an agnostic, someone who bars it, you want especially to send them the light. Do you understand this?

Sitter: To some extent, but I must have got things wrong somewhere…

Spirit: You’re a radio; you are the sender, with our help.

Sitter: I thought I was only the go-between. I ask you for help in the healing, upliftment, and so on, but I didn’t think I was making contact with them at all…  I thought that I’m just the means for you to do it.

Spirit: No you are more than that my friend, you’re a spirit, and spirits help each other. We just give you a boost if we can. You cannot go… (although it has happened, think of Christ who put his hands on a man and he was healed, it does happen, because that person has the power of spirit in them…) but when it comes to mental knowledge, you can help too, because you have got it - please use it.

Tonight when you are thinking of that person, (whoever it is that you are going to ask for help for), think of them as you know them, as we have asked you, think of them  well, not as a sick person, but upright, legs mended or whatever is wrong, but also think of them with a light heart. Thought is very powerful and you are spirit as much as we are, but some of us have got more knowledge, more ability certainly, but each one of you has got a lot of knowledge, make use of it.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: You know that mental messages pass from one to another don’t you?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: Well that’s what you’re doing. You are helping us, and the more you think of that person at odd times during the day - you are helping them, helping that upliftment. You know that with some people, when you are with them you feel uplifted… and you’re doing that for someone who can’t see you, but you are still capable of doing it, because of thought, and thought is transferable, and it is very powerful.

Sitter: Thank you I think I’m beginning to see the light at last.

Spirit: We hope they do. (Laughter)

Well my friends, think on that, you’ve got a lot to think about, work things out for yourselves too and discuss it with each other, because you probably make some rather stupid mistakes, ('away with the fairies', isn’t that your expression?)

Sitter (J): Yes it is.

Spirit: And when you start talking to each other, one of you will pull the other back down to earth if necessary, or, in your rather vague thoughts, one of you may grasp something and think, “That is right, we’ll develop that a bit more in our talk”. It can be very exciting; we spend hours at it trying to work things out.

Sitter (K): Gosh if you spend hours at it, what hope is there for us? (Laughter)

Spirit: You’ve got life eternal remember, on and on, every time you achieve something in front of you is another mountain to climb… when you get to that one, there is another one, life goes on, and it may take you a long, long time, but you have traveled far, and you will continue to travel.

Sitter: Thank you, Ling.

Spirit: Well for now bless you, and your travels and your healing, from us all.

Goodnight, this was Ling.

Sitter: Thank you, Ling and friends for everything. Our love to you all,


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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