Topics: Message from Pompom and Don't Condemn.
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No 685. Held 4th December 2007.

Message from Pompom and Don't Condemn

Note: 1. At circle opening, Ken made a request to speak to Alan the doorkeeper. 2. Before speech, some mirth was heard.

Topic 1. Little Pompom brings a message and tells about her life.

Sitter (K): That sounds like June coming.

First Spirit (Little Pompom): You’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

Sitter: No, well let’s try, Su Lee?

Spirit: No. No.

Sitter Ok, I give in.

Spirit: I’m Pompom, Pompom.

Sitter: Oh good, it’s a long time since we heard from you Pompom.

Spirit: Yes, well I’ve been given rather an important job tonight. I’m sorry Ken, Alan isn’t with us tonight, he is very busy and I’m sure he would send his apologies.

Sitter: Thank you, but it was nothing of great urgency, so I’ll just talk to him another time.

Spirit: Well I’ve been, been …

Sitter: Bulldozed?

Spirit Yes that’s it, that’s the way I’d put it. But I was trying to think of a polite way, (Laughter) because tonight is our last night for this year, did you realize that?

Sitters: No.

Spirit: And I’ve been sent to speak of everyone, and they send their good wishes.

There’s June, well you know June don’t you?

Sitters: Yes we all know June.

Spirit: And she’s very busy, like Jean. Jean is a lovely person. You don’t hear from her very often, because you know what her job is?

Sitters: No.

Spirit: She comforts the women and the teenagers who have had a long illness, and who still feel for a while that they’re still sick, and she’s there to explain things to them.

Sitter (J): That’s lovely.

Spirit: And then, well Jack as you know is a very busy man. He, well… it’s hard to explain… he’s an engineer but he doesn’t have screwdrivers and things. It’s all quite different to on earth…

Sitter (K): Just helps to make things happen?

Spirit: That’s right. He’s the ‘push the buttons’ man. (Mirth) And as for Su Lee, well oh; she not only teaches music, she explains it to people. She loves her music… and she’s pretty you know, she’s different. And as for Alan, well he is our big chief in a way; he pushes us here and there, and tells us what to do. Do you know what? He wears pyjamas! (Laughter) He has big baggy pants (that’s how he shows himself), with a nightshirt on top, and he always looks so, well not bossy, but regal. He would have been a sergeant major if he had been an Englishman I think. (Laughter(Note: Alan had been a Bedouin leader on earth).

Well who have I forgotten? Oh of course you know Ling. No one can forget Ling because he is kind, gentle, and doing his best to help everybody.

Sitter (K): Did he live on earth a long time ago?

Spirit: I’ve really never asked.

Sitter: Oh, I just wondered.

Spirit: But he seems to have a lot of knowledge, he is what you would call an old soul, but he loves passing knowledge on to other people. He even stops and talks to me and I’m really just a beginner.

Do you know why they call me Pompom?

Sitters: No.

Spirit: Because I like being a pixie and I have a hat just like the pixies wear, and you know there are pixies, I’m sure there are. And I wear this pixie hat hoping that somewhere I will see one of them, and perhaps one will come and talk to me. Do you believe in pixies?

Sitters: Don’t know.

Spirit: No, other people don’t know either but I’m sure they’re there, and one day I’ll see one… if I wear my hat long enough! (Laughter)

Sitter (K): You won’t forget to tell us then, will you? (Laughter)

Spirit: In the meantime, as you know I’m hopping all over the place, (like a pixie), I’m wanting to cheer people up, and I thought you might be a bit sorry seeing how it’s your last night, because we like coming and we guess you do too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Sitter: Yes we like coming very much!

Spirit: And I’m told… next meeting, oh, that’s right, the nearest Tuesday to the medium’s birthday, and as her birthday seems to come about the middle of the week, (or half way between our meetings), (oh I’m trying to remember what they told me)… that they’re making it the 23rd but if any of you aren’t well, or if there is some circumstance that you can’t be there on the 23rd it will then be the next Tuesday after her birthday. The 23rd is before.

Sitter (K): Yes, thank you.

Spirit: Now I think I’ve done my job.

Sitter (J): You have done very well.

Spirit: I can’t think of anything else…

Sitter (K): Would you like to tell us a little bit about your life?

Spirit: Well I don’t think I’d better take up the time but do you mean here, or on earth.

Sitters: Well either or both would be nice. (laughter).

Spirit: Well I can’t remember much of on earth. The last time, (‘cause I think there are many times, although I’m not sure even of that), I think I was only about three. I think I can remember my mum and my dad. He was a big man and used to put me on his shoulders. That was fun. And sometimes he’d help me climb a tree, I’d be on his shoulders and I’d get hold of a branch and he was worried that I’d fall, and then he would help me. And that’s when I looked for the pixies, I thought they might be in the tree, but no I never saw one… but I had a little friend, and no one else could see my little friend. I called him George and he was lucky. He was older than me and he had a scooter, and I’m afraid it was because I tried to ride the scooter that I got under a horse… something like that. I don’t really remember, because the first thing really that I remember, is being here, and being all warm, and glowy, and lovely. This beautiful light all around me, like being in the middle of a buttercup, it was lovely. Most kids end up like that but some don’t, and they’re frightened, they want their mothers. Well I wanted mine too, but it was explained to me that I could go and see her, and I do sometimes, particularly when it is her birthday.

Well I guess I’d better go because I think Ling would like to talk to you tonight, so, have a joyous time over your holiday period.

Sitter (K): Thank you, and thank you very much for coming and talking to us.

Sitter (H): Love to you all on the other side.

Sitter (J): Thank you Little Pompom.

Spirit: Thank you and I will pass it on, if I can remember it all. (Laughter) Bye.

Sitters: Goodbye.


Topic 2. Help and don’t condemn others.

Second spirit, (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: She makes me sound benevolent and ancient. (Laughter).

Sitter (K): Don’t let it worry you Ling. (Laughter)

Spirit: I can assure you I can be quite a disciplinarian. I like things (and particularly when it concerns ‘life eternal’), to be correct as far as is possible.

Sitter: Good.

Spirit: That is why, when I hear people saying, “I’m a Spiritualist and because I’m that I have no use for other churches, no other ‘isms’, Buddhism, Anglicanism, etc”., but that is wrong, very wrong. Those other people, though they haven’t got perhaps on the first rung of the ladder… they are seeking, and to take what knowledge they have got before its time, we shouldn’t do it. We must remember that there is a time for everyone in their development when they say, “That is not for me. What is there?”

That can happen very early in life when perhaps a child rebels against Sunday School, or as a teenager when they start practical thinking, or perhaps not until they are in their seventies and then they think, “Well I spent years going to church, where has it got me?”, and for the atheist - well he might be as good a man as any other. It is the soul that counts!

The more developed the soul, the greater good they can do, but it is not necessarily going to a church, or praying… but meditation, seeking, it is good - but it is also good to think kindly on all people.

As you know, we have said many times, it doesn’t matter race, creed or colour. The one who is wicked, bad… he is only a young brother who needs help, who needs your kindly thoughts, and it is the same with every soul, whether they’re good or bad.

The good ones no doubt leave you feeling at peace with yourself, knowing that others are following your path, no matter what ‘ism’ they belong to. But then there are others that worry you, make you nervous - understandably so, because they are physical and you at this moment in time, are physical also.

But give them your sympathy as far as you can. Think kindly of them, as best you can. Certainly when people do something bad particularly to children, it is very upsetting for all people; or to animals because, after all, they are a younger version of us.

Every living thing needs love. The plant that is well tended flourishes, as too the animal that is cared for and fed, or is living in its own environment, not tampered with by human beings… there’s a place for every living thing, and we would like to think that every thing is in its place…

But that is asking for a Heaven on earth, and as earth is a school of teaching, this doesn’t happen, not for… not for a lifetime, there must be ups and downs for everyone… accept them, and hope that those who are rebelling and doing evil will eventually accept that they too must learn and try for, I don’t like to say, “A straight and narrow path” because it isn’t. Your path will wander in many, many fields, over your life eternal - it has to, otherwise you will not be gaining much knowledge, but it doesn’t have to go on a downhill path. Always make it a climbing one friends.

Well I hope you enjoy your holiday period. It is a Christian holiday; well enjoy it. As far as we can see there is no harm in it.  Remember the teachings of the man who was behind it all, because he was a very wise person. It is others, who have changed it along the way, but basically they are on the right path many of those people, and many of them will join our path, thinking as you do, and we like to think, we do too.

So enjoy your holiday, look after yourselves and don’t forget whenever you have time, read some of the words that have been given to you over the last year. You may find that you question some, and with others you will think, “I must remember that”, and if you are like most of us you’ll immediately forget it.(Laughter) But may the blessings of the world, the world of the universe, be on you all.

Goodnight, this was Ling and your other friends.

Sitter (K): Thank you very much Ling for coming. And thank you to our other friends too for coming week after week to help us, and to teach us, and we appreciate it all very much.

Sitter (H): Yes we do.

Sitter (J): Thank you very much, and may we send our love to everyone.

Sitters: Goodnight.

Note: While I might have called myself a 'Spiritualist' - I do not seem to do that now - I am also an organist and play at a High Anglican church as well as a Christian Spiritualist Church. Spirit say all religions are good as they are heading in the same direction - towards 'God'. I feel that people with spiritual knowledge should go back into conventional religion and take their knowledge with them. While it may not be in their 'creed' you will find many people who have a similar understanding. J. H. Dec 2010.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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