Chapter Ten

Spirits, Guides and Mediums

Who the spirit guides really are, their importance, their function, and how much we should or should not depend on them for our daily living are things many people wish to know more about.

 Topic: Don’t worship Spirits.

Spirit (Ling): Now, many people think of us, spirit, in awe - but why? We are much the same as you. Some of us are no doubt more advanced in our thinking, but there are people with physical bodies that are more advanced than many of us. We are all Spirit!

We are no better because we no longer have a physical body, than you people that have. We all have the interest... oh I stand corrected, we don’t all have the interest... but many have the interest of helping one another. Our bond between the physical and the spiritual and Spirit, is Spirit!

More often than not we perceive you people, not as you are physically, but as you are as a Spirit. And the more you are a dedicated pilgrim on the path to God, the brighter the manifestation of light is around you. To put it in basic terms... we are both mind, which is a power pack, which radiates according to the knowledge, and the advancement of our controlling Spirit.

There is a propensity on the part of many to almost worship the Spirits that are their guides... but think... do you worship your best friend? Of course not! You respect, possibly love your best friend. Your ‘Guide’ for want of a better name, is your best friend in Spirit. No doubt there are people on our side who cultivate those that worship them - but that is an error on their part. They are not making the most of their opportunities.

We are all friends. We are all learning. Many of us are teachers, but we are no better than those that are being taught, because the pupil may have knowledge that the teacher hasn’t.

We will leave you now and wish you God’s blessings. Good morning.

Topic: 'Guides’ and people who come to talk with you.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We wish, for your further understanding, to talk this morning a little on ‘Guides’ and people who at times come to talk with you.

Now in referring to Guides I am not referring to any in particular, understand this. We want you to realise that we are speaking universally.

Now you have been told that with time, that non-existent time, people forget their names. It can also happen that through time, but more likely education, nationalities are forgotten. For example: You are a German when you pass over, a developing soul, and a seeker. You know a certain amount about Europe and the European people, but you want more knowledge.

Mexico... you don’t know anything about the Mexican people, so you spend many hours, months, perhaps even years studying Mexican people, their philosophies and their everyday life, until you think as such a person.

So you are now thinking as a German, or as a Mexican. You may think, “That is interesting, but I need to know more of the Asian people. I must know more of the Philippine people. What can I learn about them?” And so you start another course of study, as you would for music, because there are many fields of music - or art, as in drawing, etc.

And as the years go past you are developing into a bigger person. You can communicate and you can understand the mind and the philosophies of many nations. You are becoming one with your world, eventually one with the whole universe and as far into eternity as you wish to go. So you, in your mind, your spirit, are a very big person and you have the opportunity, the wish and the offer, to manifest in some manner on earth; whether it is through speech, or you make yourself visible, or in any of the numerous ways that Spirit tries to communicate.

So it is possible that you manifest, not as the German, but possibly as the Tibetan that you last studied, for that is what is in your mind - that is closest to the surface. You can understand I’m sure, that to have the knowledge that I’m indicating that this German has achieved, has taken a long time in your terms. But a person who has perhaps achieved the qualifications, or the desire, or whatever has made it that they can become a Guide, may still be well aware of their Earth manifestation, (physical), and think of themselves as that - and that is what they portray. But mediums who emphatically state that their Guide is a Red Indian Chief, or a Tibetan Monk or whatever the favoured thing is, could inadvertently be making a big mistake.

It is not until, through the sight of reliable mediums, (and even they can make mistakes), that two or three of these have seen the same Guide, that the medium can then state, “Yes, my guide, my friend”, (because that is what we like to think of ourselves as) “My friend is a Tibetan Monk”.  Because it is possible that your guide, when last on earth was a humble gardener on some estate, or a foot soldier in Roman times, or further back, a cave-man struggling to survive. But through time and study, and advancement, and love of mankind, they have become one with the world, and may manifest to their medium, in the guise, for want of a better word, of the country or the philosophy that meant most to them.

Not all people, guides, are these wonderful folk that I am speaking of. They are one with mankind, and quite often they too have their medium, for want of a better word, on another plane. That spirit medium, then manifests on Earth, but the knowledge that the earth medium is getting, (presuming that they are worthy of this knowledge), is of the best.

Now when I say that, it almost sounds as though a person can be an earth medium, and not worthy of great knowledge. The knowledge that is passed on, we like to think, is of benefit to the medium and those that they associate with, that it will go further, perhaps not in great halls, but in small ways. So naturally the Guides choose, as best they may, their mediums for the work they can do.

A person, if we can refer to them, as being low calibre, will receive simple knowledge… because we understand that it will not go far, will not be appreciated, in fact unfortunately, sometimes we have to withdraw.

Because although it is hard for you to contact us, (because most of you could, but it is difficult) - it is equally so for us. We are not infallible. We seek and we try. And we are limited in our mediums, but our knowledge we try to pass on as best we can.

Do you understand what I have been saying?

Sitter: Yes I do thank you.

Spirit: On that particular subject is there anything you would like to question?

Sitter: No, I think I understand what you have said.... And as I understand it, a spirit person giving knowledge can give it through a medium or a helper at your end... and a spirit person giving knowledge from a higher plane can also give it through a helper at your end, and on then through the medium at this end to a listener, say to me...  but from how far up the chain as it were, can we receive these messages - is it just from say the second plane, or is it possible from much further up for the transmission to come through?

Spirit: If it is the will of one and the line of communication is clear, and if the recipient will receive and accept - there is no limit.

Sitter: Thank you very much.

Spirit: I will close now. May the light of God always be there for you, and your friends.

Good morning.

Topic: More about Guides.

Spirit: Good evening this is Alan. I want if I can, to explain to you about ‘Guides’.

Many of us feel that it is a misnomer to call us guides. We are not guides... we are friends.

Now why I say that is... it is becoming more evident in your world, that people are giving haloes to their guides. They are depending on them. Each person has a guide and it doesn’t necessarily mean that because you are a lady you will have a lady guide, or vice versa. The guide or friend is someone whom you can relate to in many ways.

It is the ‘like drawing to like’ over many aspects; for example... both my friend the medium, and myself, have one physical liking... we both like Turkish Delight. After all these years I am still aware of the flavour, of the attar of roses. It is beautiful, ...   and it is little things like that that build up a friendship.

Now a guide is a friend. We don’t tell you what to do. When you are over here we would have a discussion, pros and cons, on various subjects, and no doubt you do this sometimes now, with your respective guides in your time of sleeping - this would be when you have a very deep sleep.

Our job for you, while on earth, is perhaps to give you a nudge (to prevent calamities). If it is not something for your well-being, we may be able to stop it, but it is useless to say, “My guide... which car should I go in today? Is it safe to travel by train? Will the plane blow up”? We do not make those decisions. You have to make your own. You have freedom to do so. We may hold up our hands in horror at a decision that you make, but you have the right, you are your own man, or woman. No one has the right to tell you what to do. They can advise, and we might do that by thought process if possible, but if you take no notice that is your right, and it is not our right to resent the fact that you ignored us.

We are there as a friend, and though it would not sound perhaps so impressive as saying, “My guide”, we like to think of ourselves as your friends.

We are there to protect you from this side if you are foolish enough to open yourselves to any unpleasant characters that may wish to communicate through you, and this can happen. Some people may even do it inadvertently;  some spirits don’t realise that they are causing difficulties for you. It is our job to guide them away from you, as a friend on earth would try and help you if you were in difficulties.

So when you think on these people whom you refer to as guides, think of them rather as a friend, a true friend, and that friend, along with your relatives will more than likely be there to welcome you when you come home, because this is where you really belong.

It may be hard for you to accept that at the moment, but you’ll be so much more alive, when you are here with your friend, your other friends, and relatives.

Well I will leave now and remember those people who are with you are your friends; one of your best friends.

God bless you, and enjoy your work.

Sitter: Thank you Alan, and as for friends... yes we have known that for a long time and we value it greatly.
Thank you for coming, and as always, our love to you and to our other friends there with you.


For those interested in knowing more about mediums and mediumship, or of maybe trying to become a medium themselves, some information is to be gained through other mediums, some from the many books available, and some direct from spirit!

Topic: The importance of having good mediums.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

There are times in the life of man and woman, when there is a choice to be made.

Now in the past in various countries of the world, knowledge has been blocked off; has not been available. But there are still people without any ability to read or write, that can look beyond the material of the world and say to themselves, “Why?”

They may be stricken with ill health or live in absolute poverty, or they may have excellent health and live in great wealth, but there comes a time in everyone’s life, when they think “Why?”

It may need something to go wrong for them, that make them think this, or they may be people that would do it anyway. And it is at that time that they turn to… I was looking for the correct word but I will use the word 'God', because I think that covers it for all nations.
And at that stage, when they start to question, if their minds are open and if the knowledge is there and they can open their hearts and their minds to that knowledge, they will make progress.

Unfortunately, as you are well aware, most of you are not capable of opening your minds, your souls, directly to spirit and God. But over the years we have had people who are born on earth with the ability at times to see, or to hear, or instinctively know what is right, what it is about… and if they can open their minds, those people who have got that foreknowledge, then with them we can usually communicate, and use them as our receivers.

There are so many different ways this can happen and on our side we have to find people really in the same category that are capable of communicating with earth.

Right, we have found for the want of better words, mediums on both sides. Then, we have to find out the ability of each of those mediums. Are they a good scribe? Have we got one that can help them? No, that one won’t work, but we have got someone that can get into the mind of another medium and the words come through, similar to what you are hearing now, directly from one spirit to another.

We have others that see pictures. We have others who heal. You know yourselves the various forms of mediumship. It’s even progressing into other fields… I think the word would be, ‘electronics’. But it’s not as easy as that, because out of the millions of people on earth and the millions of people in spirit, we have got to get the 'A' over here that is compatible to the 'A' on earth. And the 'A' on earth has to be in a suitable environment, and has to be at a stage of their life where they can think of us, communicate with us.

We would like to start with perhaps the child, and developing into the teenage, and from then on - but it doesn’t work that way.

Until the world accepts that there is communication capable of being freely flowing between the two vibrations, it is a very hit and miss affair. But we feel that within what we call a short period of time, the communication will flow much better.

Another thing we are coming up against is those who play with Spiritualism. They’re in it for money, for kudos, for glamour; oh you name it… they’re there for all these things, but they are not the people that we really want.

So with time we hope to get sincere, dedicated people of all ages, preferably starting when they’re young, who will be in communication with us… and in cities and towns and villages and homes, throughout the world. They will take the place we hope, of many of the men of the various religions today. They will not be looked on as priests but rather as teachers. You go to school to learn to read and write, and after school, perhaps as a child, you will wander down the road to that nice person who tells you wonderful stories about the world you live in, and about the world that you can’t see, to open up your heart and mind.

There will always be the cynic, there will always be those that are against, but they are learning. But those that are open to it will be able to receive. It is not a dream friends, it will happen. Unfortunately, probably not while you are on earth, but you like many others, are the pioneers.

We have had people like you for thousands of years. They have come and gone, they have been persecuted, their works have been destroyed, but the world is just a little bit wiser, and people are able to read, so they don’t have to go to someone to tell them the stories… they can find out for themselves if necessary. But, human beings, being what they are... if they can hear it from somebody direct, they are more likely to accept it.

At no stage must we have... I think you might call them platform thumpers. It is just by kindness, love, and the setting of examples, that people like you who we hope will gain the knowledge from us, and accept it, will not only listen to the words you are hearing, but try and communicate yourselves. I don’t mean necessarily with, for want of a better word your guides, but with the... it is very hard to put into words, but shall I say... the aura of the universe.

Stand by yourselves sometimes, or perhaps when you are in bed at night and open your mind to the world, to the universe. It’s a wonderful feeling if you can do this, and it will greatly refresh you. Try it!

And may the blessings of the light of that universe, be on you and yours, until we meet again.

Good morning.

Topic: Concerning ‘Mediums’

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

With knowledge from us, it is limited. You may say yourselves that much is repeated. Now there are reasons.

As you are aware, there are mediums covering our whole strata of humanity. No matter what race or what standard of education within that race, on all levels, there are mediums. And this has been the same throughout history, whether in Rome, Africa, or Australia, China, etc., there have been the mediums and the strata.

Now, it has been worked out by those that have infinite knowledge, that the knowledge that is given to these various people is what is acceptable to them. In many cases, with the very primitive man, initially he is horrified; scared of something that is not understood. But even amongst those, there are those that think, and can accept that it is, or is perceived as, an abnormality... but it has logic behind it. And these thinking people in the primitive state will either become the healers and the teachers, or the vagabonds that take all they can get, and sooner or later are giving information that is false. Because no matter where you are in the world, what standard of education, what money you have, it makes no difference... it is the character, the spirit, the soul, the mind, or whatever other name is given of that particular body, that counts!

And those mediums, as I will now call them, by the standard of their own thoughts will draw to themselves similar beings; possibly of a much lower standard of worldly knowledge than themselves, but with a great knowledge of what is right.

In the wisdom of those who know, someone from spirit may be sent who is compatible to them - like drawing to like - but has an intelligence, or a knowledge, far greater than them, (but it does not mean to say that they are better than the medium spiritually), and they pass on what knowledge they have got.

As advancement is made, more knowledge is passed to the teacher who passes it to the pupil, and at this stage in the evolution of the pupil (the medium), if they are on earth, wherever possible they pass it on. And no matter how little is passed on, it is at least something... and that is what we are continually striving for... that correct knowledge is passed on. Basically it is that the body is the house of the spirit, or character, call it what you will, and the more highly it can develop (as you would perhaps say), as a person, the greater will be their standing, and the place they will be received into when they come here... remembering that like draws to like!

And you must remember, that you are helping in passing the knowledge on, not only those on earth, but also those in spirit that are working for you. For if you have success in your teaching, your ‘passing on’, that means that those who have taught you must have succeeded also... that you have accepted what they have passed on, and so it continues.

But it must always be the truth, as you perceive it. Always the truth! Don’t try to glamorise in any manner whatsoever, which is the unfortunate path that many are following today, even amongst the more primitive people on earth, once they realise that they can make something out of it… materially. And this unfortunately applies in many religions, mainly at the top.

So from this a lesson can be learned. Be humble without degrading yourself in your teachings.

This you understand is in no way personal. This talk applies to all people… all mediums of all kinds and of all nations.

We will leave you with the thought, that at no time allow yourselves to become despondent because many are not rushing to hear your words… that which you have learnt from us. As we have said before, a little truth dropped here and there ... you may never know what good it does, but of one thing you can be sure, it will never do harm!

So what you are trying to do is right, and may God help you in that work, because it is for God and for all people that you are working.


Topic: How does one become a medium?

Spirit (Unknown): Good evening. I am also called Peter, so shall we say that I am Peter Two. (Mirth)

Sitter: Welcome Peter Two.

Spirit: First, a little about myself. I was a Brother in a Catholic Order at the time of the Reformation. My job was to teach the young boys and men who came to the abbey, who had in mind to become one of the Brothers, and in a way that is what I have been doing for some hundreds of years.

People no doubt have asked, or will ask you “How does one become a medium?”

Now as you are no doubt aware, everybody has the potential, because after all you are spirit, and it is merely spirit communicating with spirit; but over the years we notice that some (we will call them students), have a deeper interest in the philosophy of living, of life - the whys and the wherefores. And many of these have been on earth and have reached a considerable, high standard of living and teaching. Others are just bright lights that bring joy and knowledge to a small area. These people are watched over by a group, and others are encouraged to join with them. They are no different to anyone else. They are human beings on earth, with a physical body, but with a spirit that questions. Many times that light is extinguished owing to physical circumstances, because it is not always a deeply religious person, a Christian, or any of the many other religions belonging to numerous races, that shines forth the brightest.

We may have a beggar, untouchable, who sitting on the side of the river shunned by all around him, has still got the spirit that we can work with. That particular soul may not be able to pass it on to others because of circumstances, but the goodness that radiates from him does influence those around him.

You may in your own lives have met a man or a woman, possibly a child, in circumstances that are physically degrading, uncomfortable, not the sort of environment that you would think was compatible with the teaching of God, of Spirit. And yet - there it is, that humble person struggling with their farm, working at the factory bench, the mother perhaps surrounded by children, with little or no income - but it is sometimes through those people that we are able to work.

So how does one become a medium? It is through self-analysis, self thinking, expanding, wanting to know more, taking time off to see, to wonder why, to question “Why does this happen?” “Why is that man there?” “Why did that person die so young?” Or possibly, “Why can I remember this”  “Why did I see that?” because many are given the opportunity but pass it off as something that just happened; the questioning is not there, for looking.

So all we can suggest, for you to say to someone who perhaps may ask, “How do I become a medium?” is, “By all means follow the orthodox path for spirituality, the teaching, the circles, the practising, but also in yourself… seek!”

That is all we can suggest… Question… Seek… Question… Look…‘Why’… ‘How’… on and on and perhaps one day you can say, “You may become a medium and a medium has many paths”. Explain to people that they may not see the so-called dead, they may not hear them, but they may be able to write about them, or they may be able to help them cure others, or they may be able to write the wonderful music, or be inspired for wonderful paintings… there are so many ways to become a medium; and when the true dedicated interest is there it will open up to them.

That is what we have found over many years. It is the seeking, questioning spirit, that eventually does make a breakthrough of some sort, which we in our turn are able to use.

I could have added ‘Reading’, although I am sure that that is something that you are aware of yourselves. Question also your reading, but by all means, read.

Sitter: I gather that with the best will in the world though, some people just do not become mediums.

Spirit: They probably do not realise it, but if they are truly dedicated they are being used by spirit. Each person, once they have shown the inclination, the desire to work with spirit, will have a task given to them - we all serve. If we are dedicated to spirit, we all serve spirit.


This next very practical talk on ‘Attitude’, was given by spirit in a trance talk to a public meeting in Auckland, that was held for people interested in becoming mediums themselves.

Topic: Attitude.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

I am one who is known as Ling. I have been with my medium now for some considerable time in shall we say, a teaching capacity. So this afternoon I am going, I should say we are going, to give a little teaching, the same as we would give to our two friends that we work with.
And the key word we are using, is “Attitude”.

The lady who has just spoken has covered many aspects, all are vital but another very important one is your attitude.

Why are you interested in what you call Spiritualism? Ask yourself, "Am I in this to earn money? Am I in it because I think it will do me good and I’ll be better off for it, and I want to be better off? But why do I want to be better off? Is it for money again, or is it because I want to be a better person, and if I’m a better person is it going to benefit me, or can I benefit other people?"  "To benefit other people, I must have knowledge, so I must extend."

And my friends, you can read lots of books on Spiritualism and the wonderful things that have been done under that name, but go a step further... think on particle matter! Simple physics would enable you to understand a lot of things. Or, if you find ‘particle matter’ difficult to understand, look again at simple physics, the breaking up of the atom, etc, perhaps radio, the waves... these are very important to you as mediums.

As we understand it, most of you are wanting to be mediums of one sort or another, so don’t always think, “I must speak up more clearly”: think, “Now what is it that I am doing?  I am tuning in to someone, someone is trying to communicate with me... how?”  And if you yourselves can help us by your understanding of what we are trying to do, you no doubt will get better communication - if your attitude is correct.

Ultimately, understand that we on our side are working as hard as you. We want to communicate, not so much for pleasure, but in our case, to pass on knowledge; and in the case of the medium we may work through we may be able to do that. Other spirits on our side, may work through a medium that enables them to give messages that bring hope to those in sorrow, so that they too may understand, that life is everlasting!

Have this basic knowledge my friends, no matter how your mediumship goes. Study not only your mediumship, what you call Spiritualism, but also the sciences; and when you yourselves understand a little and you are sure of what it is that you are understanding, your attitude will be one of confidence so that when you speak to the people, you do it with presumably, a basic knowledge that is sound, and that attitude will come through and people will think, “Well she may have had difficulties… or he may not have been quite correct… but they did understand what they were trying to do, and now I understand that better too.”

Never be afraid to say, “I don’t understand that, we will look into it. I’m sorry I cannot help you today, because I cannot connect.” Explain to the people that it is like tuning in a radio and sometimes you get static, and that happens to mediums too. But with your attitude of confidence, that you understand what is going on, people may accept better what you are trying to help them with.

And so my friends, we wish you all, a smoother path, and one that opens up great knowledge to you. May God bless you all in your work, and help you to have an attitude that is positive.


This was Ling.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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