Chapter Eleven


Although it is obviously in our own interest to develop ourselves spiritually, the question might well be asked – “How?”Here are some answers.

Topic: Using ‘time’, to develop one’s spirit.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We have stated in the past, in our past discussions that is, that there is no time. Now this pertains to us. Naturally there is time in your world, and it certainly appears to be of great importance to many people; but we would wish that you would all make good use of time.

Now with this... I will deviate a little here and say that you are on earth for a given period of time. But you are there for one purpose... the development of your spirit, which you always have been, are now and always will be, so the most important thing is your spirit. Therefore... take time to develop it.

During the course of your day, when you are relaxed, think on spirit, think of God, think of all the people of the world, of every race, creed, and colour, and possibly advancement in their spirituality. Say to yourself, “Would I accept a man or woman of any race creed or colour at my table, or would I put provisos… He must be rich. He must be well educated?” Physical things purely.

We would understand and would do the same ourselves... to question someone who is morally substandard. But have we the right to turn that man away from our company? We may not wish to invite him to our table, into our home, into the environment where his attitude might affect impressionable people that are under our roof.

So if we are not prepared, and understandably in some cases, to take these people into our home, use time to send them healing, or offer them a smile, or an acknowledgement at least, if the occasion warrants it. They are all brothers and sisters under the banner of God! It is a little of your time, that you can give to them, and will help you too, spiritually.

This is not to be taken personally, unless you yourself realise that it applies.

Another time to make use of and develop your spirit, is by observation of the beauty that is around you. Not necessarily human beauty; but the beauties of nature, perhaps even the little things, and delve into the beauty of perhaps the humble pimpernel, or the grandeur of the mountains... all part of God… and in stopping to look at these things, you are making use of your time to develop your spirit...

The athlete, the businessman, even the people that are working helping the sick, if they don’t take time off, perhaps only minutes, half minutes to look around them, what they are doing may not help their spirit. The athlete is thinking purely of the body, but we know that this is not the most important thing. It is the spirit! The businessman thinks of nothing else but his money, achievement, but when life comes to its end, of what value is it?

Now the people who are helping the sick, they are doing good work. It is spiritual work. But if they don’t stop and think sometimes, of God, of beauty, of spirit, they too can become stale. One must go to the well, and drink deeply of spirit at every opportunity, to advance one’s own spirit, to advance one’s self to be a better person, and in doing this you are more likely to help others.

Ask people to make good use of their time. Explain, according to the person you are talking to, what you mean by this. It is an important factor in everybody’s life, particularly while on earth! Later, there is more time but even then, one must discipline one’s thinking to make full use of that precious commodity.

In our case, on our side of course, we have eternity, but sometimes it gives pleasure in achieving a job, or knowledge, in what you would call ‘quick-time’. And it is for that reason that many of us take on various jobs to help our spirits, and others, advance.

I hope our talk has come across clearly. Thank you for listening and for having us once more.

We send you our love.

God bless you. Goodnight.

Topic; The senses and their effect on spiritual development.

Spirit, Ling, had requested us to give thought to this topic before this meeting took place.

Spirit Ling: Greetings.

Sitter: Greetings Ling.

Spirit:Have you anything to tell me?

Sitter: Well I’m not at all sure about that, although I have thought upon your question. I’ve discussed it with others and I think the best I can come up with is...  that we should use our senses wisely, and as much as we can, extend them. If we for example look at sunsets, and wonder; if we look at art, paintings, and wonder; if we hear beautiful music, and wonder… then perhaps that thinking enables us to become more spiritual. And if that is so, hopefully we become better people, which in turn leads on to our spirit growing, and, if I understand correctly, that is the reason why our spirit is here on earth... to grow. Would that be close to the answer that you were looking for Ling?

Spirit: (pause) We are thinking over your words. To clear up the question a little… what is Spirit?

Sitter: If you mean our spirit, it is just a small part of the Great Spirit, which is Universal Thought, Universal Love, and more.

Spirit: Correct. So you are saying that you are part of Spirit?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: And these physical senses you have, in what manner would you say they help Spirit?

Sitter: If I use them wisely, they hopefully, will enable me to get closer to Spirit in my thinking, which as I mentioned should make me a better person, and I think that that in turn will help my part of Spirit to grow, to improve - which is its reason for being here.

Spirit: You are saying, that the senses help you in the perception of spiritual things. Is that right?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: That would be correct. Of all senses?

Sitter: I would see difficulty with the sense of taste, but perhaps there is a reason there that I just don’t perceive... though facetiously, I have heard of people that taste something and say, “Isn’t this heavenly?”

Spirit (Mirth): I think into this category would also come a sense of feel. Feel in the physical sense, not in the emotional.  You realise of course there is a difference there?

Sitter: Yes I do.

Spirit: If you were put on earth as a body with no senses, it would be almost impossibility for you to develop.  You would just be. The spirit that was in the body at the time it was earth conscious, would be in limbo!

Sitter: Yes I see that.

Spirit: But by having the senses, these help develop the spirit, as you say, and enable it to carry the memory to some extent, from where it comes. You speak of a sunset.  In the watching of that sunset, though unconsciously, it is triggering a memory of perhaps other colour manifestations that are a memory, these senses are a link between what is the material and what was, and what is to become, the home of your spirit. Can you understand?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: So it becomes not a necessity, but it is advisable, to develop the senses. Use your eyes. Not just in your everyday necessities, but extend them.  See something and think for example: “That is blue, but is it the blue of the sky, the blue of the sea?”... in other words, develop that sight!

The same with hearing. You may be listening to music, a symphony, but in your listening, (this would of course only happen in your home, not in a concert chamber), your more acute hearing which you are trying to develop, has picked up the sound of a bird, which no doubt is outside, but it adds to the music you are listening to. So it makes you think, that music, no matter how beautiful, perhaps with another dimension added to it, can add more delight to you.

The same with your other senses. They may not necessarily develop your spiritual senses, such as the delight in feeling the sun after some days like you have recently had. You physically feel the sun. But why should it stop there in your thinking? “ My body feels this, it lightens me by my feeling this, why? And what does the sun do for other life?” In other words, a sense can make you extend your thinking, even though it is a physical one.

There is no need, at any time, for any person, to be bored. The great knowledge that has entered your world has been because some person has been developing their senses, extending their minds, thinking! They may have been able to contact one of us. They have been extending out into another vibration, or it may be merely by their sight, their perceiving of something, that enables them to develop... whatever. The same with music, the sciences, medicines, everything can be developed further by the use of the senses.

Is there anything you would like to ask?

Sitter: I don’t think so Ling, but I’ve just thought of a little point… that having the sense of sight, perhaps that enables us to understand better the communication from spirit that is brought to us through clairvoyance, so that... well if we hadn’t had the sense of sight, we wouldn’t be able to help Spirit in that way, to get the message across.

Spirit: The sense of sight is an exceedingly valuable one, but it usually happens that the person, who is unfortunate enough through physical malfunction to have lost this sense, develops in some cases, another sense. The one for example lacking sight… they cannot see a wall but they sense it. That sense is very undeveloped, in fact lacking in most human beings, but the sightless are many times fortunate in developing that ability. There is usually compensation, if one is willing to put the effort into developing a further ability.

Sitter: Would you therefore have any comments to make about our so-called ‘sixth sense’?

Spirit: You are meaning the one where a person is aware that someone is going to visit them, or someone is going to die, that type of sense?

Sitter: Yes. An awareness over and above what can be obtained, from the usual five senses.

Spirit: It is an ability, that as I understand it the biggest percentage of human beings have... and animals. But because of civilisation, and the fact that you live in almost a protected environment, human beings and some animals have almost completely lost it. If you had to rely on yourself solely for survival, you would probably develop it fairly quickly. Do you understand?

Sitter: Yes thank you.

Spirit: It is there. It is up to you to try and develop it if you wish, but because of where and how you live, it has become secondary.

Sitter: If we tried to develop it more, do you see that as being any advantage in increasing our spirituality?

Spirit: It would possibly enable you to be more aware of our presence, because you often have people with you, and though the animals that you have round you may be aware of it, most of the time you are not. I’ll give you an example perhaps where it may have worked for you in your life... this may not be personally in your own life... but it has happened to people, and could have to you.

You are going to cross a road, it is clear; you step out but for some reason you stop. You hadn’t seen the motorbike, or the car, or the truck, or whatever it was… for some reason you hadn’t seen it, but that sixth sense (which after all is part of you) had picked up that you were in danger. It may happen when you are swimming, or going to light a fire, or numerous ways where you’ve put yourself unconsciously into danger, but what is called the sixth sense has warned you, and gets you out of it.

Sitter: So is it a physical thing that has warned us, or is it a spirit using that physical sense that warned us?

Spirit: It could be that spirit has given you a shove, but more likely it is you. You are spirit. You have for an instant become pure spirit, forgotten the body. You’ve seen the danger, so you’ve got the body out of danger; it’s still you, thinking, and perceiving. Remember that you are spirit, housed in a body, which is absolutely useless to do anything, without you, the spirit. You would just be a blob on the ground - nothing. Your body, your physical being is nothing. It is the senses; the spirit that is you, that animates it at all times, and develops it along the path it should go until you are finished with it. But in the meantime it too through its experiences, is conveying to you the spirit, further knowledge of a different dimension.

Does that help you?

Sitter: Yes thank you.

Spirit: You exist for want of better words, in two dimensions, in two vibrations, the physical and the spiritual. But at this period of your existence, your life, they must work together in co-operation, one must not dominate the other if you are to develop as a balanced person.

Sitter: Hence, free choice.

Spirit: Exactly.

Well, we hope we have given you thought, something to still ponder on.

Sitter: Yes thank you, very interesting.

Spirit: We feel that the basic thing for you to remember is that you are of two dimensions, or two vibrations, or two whatever… as long as you realise that you are material and spirit!

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: May your path be made reasonably easy... we only say ‘reasonably’ because it is by mistakes that we often learn - if we don’t, we have to pickup and try again. Never give up!  God bless you.

Good morning.

Topic: The importance of self-criticism in development.

Spirit: Good evening, this is Soo-Lee.

Now I’m very happy to be here, because I don’t come often, and I want to tell you what I have learnt, and I think it is very wise thing so I wish to pass it on, so you can pass it on too.

Now, you must think back many years, long time, to beginning of your remembered life, now note that I said, “Remembered life”; and you think of today. Are you better person than you were, way back as far as you can remember?

Sitter: I’d like to think so.

Spirit: Yes. But you have to think, “Am I?” Then you think, “Am I a better person than when I was thirty, forty, fifty... a better person than I was yesterday?”  Very important these thoughts! Don’t dwell. Some could get depressed; but think, “Do I think better of other beings, animals, my world, that I am aware of?” and if you do have to say, “No”, to anything, then it is up to the person...  I am not necessarily speaking of you... but whoever it is, to think, “That I must improve!” because that is why you are on earth... to improve quicker.

Here, we can improve too; but it is perhaps at times a slower pace because one has so much to learn, that one forgets self, in learning. Now this may sound a bit strange, but you are so eager to learn colour, and music, that you could almost become selfish, thinking “This I must learn”, and one forgets to think, “I must also think, ‘Good ’. Do you see?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: So this learning and criticising of one’s self, must go on all one’s life, (not necessarily life on earth) but all one’s life; so that eventually one feels, not perfect... that is something that is beyond our comprehension, this feeling of perfect, but one can feel, “Well I am doing my best”. And that is what we have been learning a bit about. That we must be self critical, but not to the extent where one thinks that one must continually ask God for forgiveness, like some religions teach.

One must be self critical but also self-praising. “I did that well, but oh dear, I must improve on that!” That is what I have been trying to understand, and I hope that you understand a little now? It makes life quite interesting, it can never be dull, at least I don’t think so. I still enjoy things very much, but I try not to be so frivolous; because I did think an awful lot of pretty clothes, and I still like pretty things, but they have their place.

As our dear friend Ling says, “There must be ‘balance’”.

On that happy note, ‘Balance’, I will say bye-bye,  ‘till I am allowed to speak once more, in the future.


Topic: Achieving ‘0ut of body experience’.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. We would like to discuss tonight, what you people refer to as ‘Out of body experiences’.

Now among the younger people, and thinking seriously the not so young, this state is achieved in a ‘negative’ fashion, I think would be the best way of saying it... by drugs of various types, or by a type of repetitious self-hypnotism. But we would like to explain to you, how you may possibly achieve it yourselves, without any of those unnecessary additions.

To put it plainly, your body is your house and you come and go; the same as your body comes and goes from your earth dwelling.

Now unconsciously you are leaving your body nightly, unless for some reason the physical body is distressed, or the mind is over active... you think nothing of it, you just let it happen. And one very happy and comfortable way in which you can possibly achieve it for yourselves, is to find yourself a place of great beauty, (and you are fortunate people, as you have much around you that comes under that heading), or, if you wish to stay in your house... music may achieve it for you; and you may not realise it but books can also do it for you.

I will give you an example and I will be very surprised if you can tell me that it has never happened to you, but you presumably have not realised that it was an out of body experience. Has this happened to any of you? You are reading a book. It does not matter if it is a novel, poetry, essays, travel, (travel is a good sort of book for this), when you are completely absorbed in it, so much so that someone comes into the room, knocks on the door, the telephone goes, common everyday occurrences, and what do you do?  You jump! You say that you’ve jumped out of your skin. But what has truly happened is almost literally that you, the Spirit, the You, the Essence, has jumped back into your skin. I’m sure you have had this experience.

Now this can happen with your music, or a beautiful scene. You have become so absorbed, you have lifted your spirit up onto the vibration that allows you to leave your body; and there is no harm in doing this, as long as you are not driving your car, or any of the other things in which you must stay in your body. But for complete relaxation, a moment of great joy, you can naturally do this and it will not do you any harm... because you are in control, as is obvious with the fact that when the person knocked on the door, you the spirit, knew where you should be... in your body.

You may even gain the same effect when you are admiring a scene. You are suddenly under the tree, or you know how that flower feels. It can be achieved in many ways, but it has to be done when you are completely relaxed; and usually it is very difficult for most people to achieve on purpose, unless you spend considerable time. But with simple relaxation, complete enjoyment, of the music, of the scene, of the book, whatever, this you should achieve.

This will not happen if it is a physical thing. For example, you might be thoroughly enjoying eating a good meal, but I very much doubt if you would have the experience, under that circumstance.

In the case of ill-health, stress... if you have consciously made yourself aware of these happenings, that these moments of joy have existed for you; when the stressful period comes you may find that it is an advantage to you that for short periods of time, you are able to say, “The world’s getting on top of me. For a short time I’m not going to let it”, and by listening to your music, or whatever, you will get the relaxation that you may badly need. It can even overcome some pain. It is almost a type of self-hypnotism, and for many living in a world of stress, (which many do today), it is perhaps something worth cultivating.

In your own cases, at the period of life you are in, you may not find it such an advantage, but if you get the opportunity, hand it on to younger people, explaining that they don’t have to do this with drugs!

It is something that distresses us, when we see people obviously making large sums of money out of drugs, and ruining the earth life of many young people.

It is just another way that people of spirit, conscious spirit, such as yourselves, can perhaps help.

Well for the moment I think that is all I have to say. So from me, God bless you in your work.

Good night.

Topic: Use your brain now, to get your spirit habitually active, stimulated, and questioning.

At the previous circle we had been asked to ponder during the week on the following: - “You hear music. You hear a note of music. Is it there? Why can’t you hold it in your hand, or can you hold it in your hand?”

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Spirit:Now initially, can you tell me the conclusion that you came to?

Sitter (K): We’ll try, if we can remember them. (mirth) Who is going first?

Sitter (H): You are welcome. (mirth)

Sitter (K): Well, one of the things that I thought of was that we don’t have ears in our hand, so even if we were able to hold a sound, we wouldn’t know; but sound being a transient thing, just here and gone, even if we had it in our hand it couldn’t stay. So no, I don’t think that we can hold a sound in our hand. And another reason could be... oh sorry I’ve forgotten.

Sitter (H): My thinking was along the same lines I think. Music, sound is not material. It is caused by vibration of the air causing the sound, so it is not something you can catch on to, like you can with a material object...

Sitter (K): If we are physical we can’t hold a non-physical.

Sitter (J): Yes... the boys have most likely said everything, except I understand that each music note has its own colour. It is a vibration, which can pass through air and be held in our minds, but not in our hands - and I’m afraid I can’t improve much on that.

Sitter (K): Yes vibrations will come into this somewhere along the line, but precisely where I don’t know.

Spirit: Well we are very pleased with what you have done. You haven’t elaborated and tried to convince yourselves, or us, that it is possible. You have been truthful, as you know it at this time… and as we know it at this time, you are correct. But that doesn’t mean to say that tomorrow, or some years hence, that we will find that we are all wrong. You may wonder at the point of the exercise, but we will explain it...

Your mind, your thinking, develops your soul. Now as we advance in years in the physical body, you know that our brains become lethargic. For example... you may decide to take on a new subject, completely new to yourself; whether it is learning of horticulture, or music, or any of the many thousands of things that you can learn. Initially it is an effort, but by continuing, not giving up, you stimulate the brain which of its own accord starts the chemicals working that enable you to start learning, and enjoying it; and because this is good for the soul, one of our aims with you people is to keep your minds active. The body can deteriorate unfortunately, but the brain can remain active and help the spirit on its way ‘till the last minute of life; but there is a proviso...  that it hasn’t been damaged through accident or illness.

Through sheer weariness we are all inclined to let knowledge go past us, but our thinking, our knowledge, is so much part of our development, that we enjoy stimulating our friends into thinking. It may be a dead end, but it has made you think! It has made you use your brains, possibly use some books, and this is all good for the development of your well being in the future. So though at times we may give you an exercise that appears to have no meaning, it’s to help you stimulate your thinking!

Is there anything that you would care to ask?

Sitters: No thank you Ling.

Sitter (K): Oh another thing I thought of before, was that to hear sound needs variations in air pressure, so that if one tried to hold sound in a closed hand, enough air pressure changes are not likely to happen, so that was another reason why we would not be able to hold a sound.

Spirit: Another point given. [Laughter]

We hope that you clearly understand that in the world to come for you, it is not physical at all. You will think exactly as you do now. You will feel, exactly as you do now. You may not be aware, initially, that you haven’t got your physical body. You will go about your world as you do now but with a far greater ease. Everything is mind; and as you think, so it is! So if you think like an African, so it is. If you think like an evil person, so it is. If you think like a teacher, so it is. Everything is as your mind, as your spirit thinks; so the more that you can develop yourself while on earth… the biggest step forward you are making, now.

A man who made a big mistake, but who had a very good saying, “Big step forward”, was Mao. He was right only in the fact that if you use your brain, you will make a big step forward. I am not quoting him as a person we should follow, but with that single thought.

When you are in our world, because of what you are, it is whom you will associate with. If you have got a brain that you have used, that you have stimulated so that it becomes a habit for your spirit to be active, stimulated, questioning; it opens a very vast, wonderful field, and remember that time does not matter.

Today in your time, you may find it interesting to see the reaction of the people during the French Revolution. You may think it more interesting to go to Yugoslavia at this period of time, when it would appear that there is a transition taking place.

To go into the future is something that very few of us can do. It is something that I cannot talk on, because I do not understand it myself; but all subjects are open to us, all past is open to us, as long as we are sincere in wanting to know.

So even if we do not suggest something for you to do, by all means have your relaxed reading; whether it is the needle-work for the ladies, or the music for our friend Ken, or an interest in sport that I believe I have heard you mention Hilton.

Sitter (H): Yes that is so.

Spirit: Fine. These are part of your material world; but also, stimulate your thinking. Take it beyond the obvious. See what you can work out, that other people haven’t. Discuss with your friends, like-minded of course... and enjoy living. With a young mind, it can still be wonderful - no matter what your age!

And on that note we will leave you tonight. God bless you my friends; and keep on learning!


Note: Ken Hanson had an electonic organ, which is an interest we share. J. H. Jan 2011.

Topic: The importance of little things.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. Tonight we will talk a little on the importance of little things.

Your world is oriented towards big. Everything’s big, and it is making humanity unobservant. And so we will look at the importance of little things.

For example, a bolt of course can be quite big, but in the construction of a bridge it is one of the smaller things. But if that bolt loosens, works its way free, perhaps because someone hasn’t attended to the little thing of giving it an extra tightening, it becomes loose and the whole structure starts a little movement, which possibly could bring down the bridge - all because of a little thing!

And this would apply even more to moving things. For example an aeroplane that someone hasn’t done the little thing of checking the pressure in the tyres. Well you can imagine if they were out of balance, what it might do to a plane on landing, or taking off. A car’s steering is not fixed. Even in the garden world, a small stake has not been put in; a foot has not been put on the soil to firm it.

Coming to the human beings, someone has forgotten to say “Thank you”, reply to a letter, to smile; those are everyday things for people. They can perhaps spoil a life. But even on a bigger thing… the small discourtesy in a political situation between countries may erupt into something very unpleasant.

Many small things that we miss are beautiful, like the fluttering of a leaf from a tree. But first note its change of colour… it must be autumn. I wonder how many of you in this room have noticed that the trees are beginning to change into their autumn colourings? It is a small thing to stop and admire… but it adds to your life, it adds to your perception, it may make you think “Another season, all over the world the seasons are changing.  How does this come about?  What force is behind it?” And so in starting with a small thing such as a leaf falling, you have travelled to the thought of Great Force, which you call ‘God’. It is a progression, whether it is one for good, like the leaf, or for misfortune, possibly like the little bolt.

It is up to every one of us to observe as much as we can, to develop that computer that we all have in our heads. You are told that your computer can carry much knowledge, that is your material one, but your physical one can carry more, and your spiritual one even more again. Why have empty spaces, when you can start with small things that will lead you on to even greater?

An example might be, a hair. A hair can cast a shadow, so can an oak tree, so can a mountain, so can a cloud. You can go on and on, thinking along those lines. Perhaps you can think, “Which cloud forms the biggest shadow and why has that cloud formed like it has? Or applied to mountains “How long did it take that mountain to grow to that size, to cast the shadow it does? What does it cast its shadow on? Is it barren land, or does it cast its shadow on people? Who are those people? What do they think? How do they lead their lives? What are the little things that they have, that we have - the basics of life?”

There is so much for you to think of, to work out for yourselves, without worrying about the big things that man has created. Many of them in some ways you would be better without, because it is taking away from you the ability to observe, and to appreciate, the small things that are around you… even the words of people, the simple sayings of a child.

Many of the ancient sayings from various religions have some wonderful meanings. There are people who read them but how many do, in a civilised world with all the big things?

In a city, people are so busy going from place to place, up stairs and down stairs, dodging traffic, buying their processed food, keeping up with the next door neighbours and getting a bigger car, that they may not even notice the feather that flutters from a pigeon, or the soft cheeping of a group of sparrows in a nearby tree - the little things that can lighten a person’s heart.

We would ask that you think on these things, start with the small, and see where it carries you…the small word, the small article, the small shadow, the small animal, the small person… even a worm. A worm does a lot in your world, but I wonder if you realise how much?

Well my friends, I am not going to stay any longer, but if in some way we have managed to stimulate your thinking, I will feel that the few words we have spoken, will have been worthwhile.

Goodnight and God bless you.

Topic: The Fatherhood of God?

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Tonight we will discuss the first of the Seven Principles – which of course you all know - The Fatherhood of God. We would say that this term is incorrect.

Fatherhood and Motherhood of God, which is another thing that people have now added on, is making finite what is infinite.

Now you are now aware, and we presume believe, that you as spirit are part of God and that you cannot die.
You put the name ‘Father’ to a word ‘God’ and you are limiting not only God, but also yourself.

Now it is very difficult for us to describe, as far as we understand it what God is - but we will try and do it in the form of a picture, so that you realise it is not God, or father, or rock, or statue, or any other finite living or dead obstacle. Obstacle we say because that is putting a barrier to your thinking.

Imagine if you can, that you along with millions of others are at the top of a high cliff. The ocean stretches ahead of you to the horizon… it is soft and beautiful, and so is the sky that meets it… and right down the middle is a path, and that path is there for everyone to walk on. And each side of it, under it and above it, is infinite love, compassion, and knowledge, and it is for you the spirit, to step on to and walk that path, knowing that if you yourselves put the effort into it you can take in to yourself, that love, compassion, knowledge. It is there for everyone!

But in giving, which is perhaps the hardest for us to do particularly in the physical body, we will receive more. To give is to be truly blessed - whether it is of knowledge or love or again compassion, and all that wonder that’s out there, as much as you could possibly absorb, because remember it is infinite, the more you take unto yourself the more you can give, and the more you will receive.

Our spirit, as we accept it now, cannot conceive of the wonder that is there, and if we gave it a name we could perhaps call it God - but why do this? Why not just glory in that tremendous oneness that is there, for you and every other living spirit? It is yours for the taking, yours for the giving.

Perhaps if we had to give a definition of God, we could put it down, as ‘The being in us that can give indefinitely, and receive indefinitely’- that we could call God!

No doubt as we proceed we may be able to give it another definition, but at the moment it is something that we can all accept, and if one can think on this, one can almost feel one’s self dissipating into the infinite, full of the wonder of it all.

And now I think for tonight we will conclude.

God bless you all.


Note: I have left this last talk in Chapter 10 although it does not come under the catagory of 'Spiritual Development'; as is stated it is about the 1st Principle of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism - The Fatherhood of God. J. H. Jan 2011.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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