Chapter Twelve

Insights of Historical Significance

Although a widespread awareness of spirit has only existed for about the last one hundred and fifty years, there have been people with awareness for several thousand years at least. Perhaps the most widely accepted of the spirit realities, were the spirit healings performed by Jesus – which are still being done in much the same way, by other mediums today.

Today however, just an awareness of spirit reality is not enough. Many people want to know more – such as the ‘hows’, the ‘whys’ and what has gone before. This chapter should help.

Topic: Historical “Attitudes” towards a realisation of Spirit.

Spirit(Ling): Greetings.

I wish, we wish, to speak of ‘Attitudes’.

For hundreds, thousands, of years, Gods have ruled man’s thinking. Whether they were lumps of stone, animals, or a perception of something in human form.

Then we come, to what people made living gods... individual man in the case of the Buddha and the Christ - names taken from history and given at that time, to living man. And so man, started worshipping a man who tried to teach of a God - one for all humanity, one Great Spirit, one All Knowledge.

Many of the native people of various countries had already come to this conclusion. At the same time, materialism began to come into this with the building of huge churches or temples, that had to have, according to mankind, Gods within those. Men built themselves up to be greater than they were, so that they could rule… unfortunately with fear.

Through all this were running a people, who thought for themselves. They did not allow fear to dominate them, and many of them spoke out as you know from your history, to the detriment of themselves, as far as earth was concerned because they were persecuted, and many put to death... until we get to 1700, 1800, late 1700, when science began to have force.

Science became the God. After about 200 years it became almost predominant, the thinking then being that “If it cannot be proved, it is not so. We have to see to believe, feel to believe, it must be proven!”

And still we have those who have struggled on, saying, “But we have proof. There are some who can see, who can hear”. Yet still the materialistic scientist said, “No!” and this has continued on until approximately the early 19th Century, going on into the 20th century.

Scientists were beginning to prove that there are things that we know of that we cannot see. There are waves, vibrations. After all, the scientist couldn’t deny the engineer, who had proof that these things existed. And then came great scientists, those that realised that the smallest particle known to mankind wasn’t the smallest.

So reluctantly the scientists, the mathematicians, and the engineers, began to work together; until finally a conclusion was arrived at mathematically, scientifically proven, that there is in existence something that we cannot see, we cannot touch it, we cannot hear it.

Having come to this conclusion, (and with the pushing of the tenacious people that believed in spirit), throughout the world at the moment amongst the scientists, there is a shift from dogmatically stating that “There cannot be another world, because it can not be seen”, etcetera, to believing that “It’s there, and we will find it”.

At the same time there is a falling away from the traditional church and its teachings. Unfortunately there is creeping in, and very strongly, an element that almost makes a joke of psychic happenings - making a play on the evil. Now witchcraft and many of the so-called witches were not evil, but there are a group of people, and they are dotted all over the world that experiment for the worst.

There are also those that see fairies, and angels and guides in every little thing, and their imagination stretches far and wide.

But we shall continue to educate the plodders, the firm believers, and the ones that ‘know’ without having to have it put down mathematically for them... because in many cases from personal experience, they know that we are here. And it is these people, such as yourselves and many of your associates, that we rely on. You are the backbone of our teaching, and have been for thousands of years. We rely on your work, your honesty to pass on the knowledge, as a truth that you have been able to accept.

In your everyday life, by all means, (we don’t ask you to preach), but if the opportunity is there give this knowledge as being just your opinion, and it may open the minds of many others, without all the trappings of what is now called, ‘New Age’. Because... spirit is here! It is so simple! It does not need churches, temples, or all the many trappings that people wish to give. Keep it simple - because it is simple! And for people who can truly believe, it gives a feeling of everything being worthwhile.

There is no end. With time, everyone can achieve anything they want, as long as they are aiming to be with God, which is a name that is given to a figurehead. It is something for us to aim for, through eternity.

Now this no doubt appeared a long or rather lengthy amble, but we hope that it has put the picture before you of that silver thread that runs through mankind. It can never be chopped off, no matter what ‘-ism’ comes up to block it. The faithful are always there; those that know!

Well I will leave it there for tonight.

May God bless you as you walk your varying paths.

Topic: Evolvement through discipline, balance & compassion.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

You may not accept what we wish to tell you this morning, but listen and think, on what we say. This is talking about evolvement through discipline.

Now, the first thing that you will probably not be able to accept is that you are many thousands of years old... you personally! At times you no doubt feel it. (Chuckles) But, you, as I think you accept, are part of God, and when you started as a part of God you were no doubt a single cell, a thought from the Universal Mind, a breakaway thought cell. One cell meets another cell (like drawing to like), and you began to evolve, not necessarily on earth my friends, but you began to evolve, materially and Spiritually; materially from the single cell, through plant life, through life in the oceans.

Now as this physical evolvement is taking place, it is caused by the ‘God Particle’, that is you. You are drawing more and more of the Universal Knowledge, through your want. This enables you to develop. For example: you are in the sea, but you know that you can get out of the water if you have legs. The thought is there the thought of another development, and everything begins with a thought.

Progress through thousands of years, eventually culminated in the development of upright animal... ‘Man’, all the time drawing more of the God particle to itself, and then man himself began to evolve until he is what you understand now, in your friends and relatives.

Greater evolvement is the being able to let go of materialism, and developing more of the Spiritual.

Now to have reached the stage that man is now, it has necessitated at times, single-mindedness, a determination to evolve, to achieve what was wanted. This may have taken many generations. Many humans have developed where they appreciate and understand the relationship between God and themselves. I hope you are not looking on God as a single man. Call it what you like, but it is a ‘Mental Power’, ‘All Knowledge’ combination of like drawing to like. God is eternally growing. In yourselves as you develop, you become one with God. You have started as one cell, with the spark of God. You make your journey through thousands of years, casting aside what is not necessary to you, but the ultimate aim has always been to become one with God, and this has meant discipline. Discipline that you know what you want, and when it is right, you evolve. If you know what you want and it is wrong, there is no evolvement. It all takes time, as you understand time.

Now I don’t know whether I am able to answer your questions, because it is a very individual and evolved thought, but if there is anything you wish to ask, the effort will be put there to answer. (Long pause)... 

You’re stuck for words...

Sitter (S): I’d like to ask... right at the beginning you said that we were one cell and that we met one that was like us.  Is that right?

Spirit: Like draws to like.

Sitter: Now that one cell we met, will we see him or her, or it again?

Spirit: You have probably, as I understand it, (let me say that this is my thought), at the time you were your one cell there were many millions of others and you have evolved together, some faster than others, but you have no doubt had the experience of immediate compatibility with certain people or situations. Is that so? (Yes.) Those people you have no doubt travelled with for many thousands of years, because there is no beginning and there is no end. It is going on, and on, and on. I myself am not aware of when I or anyone else will reach God - Perfection. I have met many wonderful people and when I say wonderful, I am not speaking in earthly terms, (physical material terms), I am speaking of Spiritual minds, and their time of evolvement is beyond my comprehension, but it is something for us all to look forward to.

We do not lose people we care for at any time. Like draws to like down the centuries.

Does that help you at all?

Sitter: Yes, it’s a ray of hope.

Sitter (K): Ling could another way of thinking of God, be an energy form of Universal Intelligence?

Spirit: Yes. Man must perceive of God in his own way, as long as you keep away from, ‘one man sitting on a throne’, or some ‘bull-like creature that demands sacrifice’, and all the numerous other Gods that there have been down the centuries. If man can only realise that he is part of the Universal Knowledge, that he can have himself one day... Universal Knowledge... love... compassion for the universe. Without worrying about retribution as long as you are doing your best, the path is always upwards. For those who make a mistake, it’s a dead stop and try again, but there is no pit waiting for anyone. We do not have to have fear. We must have joy and the want to seek, beyond the material.

Sitter: Thank you.

Visitor: Ling, I believe in what you are telling us, and I am learning still and will go on learning, that the God of the universe is within us all, and it is love, and the love that we put out and receive will unite us all. Is that so?

Spirit: That is right. One teacher that you all know of who lived some thousands of years ago said, “Love you one another”. That’s all you’ve got to do, but it’s hard. But if you can look on everyone with love, or perhaps for many people a better word would be compassion… because in compassion you can look on some despicable action by someone, and realise that he or she is someone that has got a long, long way to go, you can have compassion for the wrongdoer. I am not saying they should not have some punishment, but there still can be the thought of compassion, which helps everyone. And, as I think you said, in giving love, in giving compassion, it comes back to you, not necessarily from that person... in fact they probably would have anything else but compassion for you, but yes in other ways.

Visitor: Ling, compassion is a form of love, is it not?

Spirit: Yes. Love though, today, has become distorted. You only need to hear the songs that are sung. It’s a physical thing, love unfortunately, that’s why I myself, and it’s only my opinion, prefer the word compassion. Do you understand what I am meaning?

Visitor: I do, yes. Thank you.

Spirit: But that’s your freedom of choice... what word you use. Use either, as long as the thought behind them is correct. And behind those words is ‘Discipline’. You may look on a deed, or the person who is committing the deed with horror, perhaps hate, particularly if it is directed against you or yours, and that is where discipline comes in. I could again quote what one of the masters said, “Forgive them, they know not what they do”.

So you as individuals need to discipline yourselves, when you are dealing with unfortunate situations. Even if you see it on your news media, still discipline your thought. Thoughts are forever! And in your discipline, keep your balance; don’t go to extremes and say, for example, “I must love this person”. Send them thoughts of compassion, and leave it at that. Keep a balance!

Sitter (K): Ling, I suspect that the term, “Forgive them, they know not what they do”, could be open to question... because my thinking is that some of these very poor types, that commit very poor actions, know exactly what they are doing.

Spirit: Materially yes. But do they know about Spirit, evolvement, like drawing to like?

Sitter: Thank you, point taken.

Sitter (S): Another thing I’ve thought of Ling, When we come to earth and we fall in love with someone and marry them, often they are the opposite to what we are. Is that for our learning here on earth?

Spirit: As you no doubt realise, or have thought on, you are here to learn. What you don’t know, but you may have already planned ahead to spend time with that person, to develop something in yourself. If you are complete opposites, you are going to have to learn a balance to achieve happiness - a discipline. If two people get on extremely well together, (and I do not believe that any couple no matter how well they get on, do not have differences of opinion), but if they are a disciplined well balanced couple, then perhaps other couples that are opposites may wonder why they haven’t got the marriage that this disciplined couple have ... it may, and I’m only making this as a suggestion... be their job to be examples to others, to show what can be achieved. They would have their learning too, but it may be in a totally different manner. We are all here to learn.

Sometimes it must be very difficult to think,” What am I learning from this?” but you are. Remember, to give is better than to receive, but in giving you will receive much back, not necessarily materially, but Spiritually.

Again, discipline. It is something that I feel at times in our evolvement, has been overdone, but at the moment in the world I feel more is needed, and by that I do not mean physical punishment, but lines of conduct and thought, so that people, very young ones, children, know that there is a discipline in their lives that they must adhere to, to achieve… whether it is in their worldly job or in their spiritual development.

Balance, discipline, compassion! -  Balance, discipline, compassion! They would be three words that could well be used as a mantra, at the beginning and the end of each day. But remember all times you have freedom of choice. Listen to our words, think on them, and make your choice.

With that thought in mind we will leave you this morning, and hope that the path you follow, for the many thousands of years you have ahead of you, will bring you joy and enlightenment.

Good morning.

Topic: Pre-European American Indian Circles.

First Spirit: I’m Barbara.

Sitters: Good evening Barbara. [Long pause]

Sitter: Are you lost Barbara?

Spirit: Oh no! I was just pondering the fact that I was told to say, “I am Barbara”, but that was not my name… I lived in America before the white man came. We were a tribal nation if you could call us a nation. We perhaps could be likened to your Maori folk.

We lived in groups in our own particular piece of land, but though I realise now that it wasn’t right, we did try to take from others if they had more than we did; but in those times of course it was a matter of survival. We didn’t have what you have today, the automatic heat and water and food, - we had to work for it all. But apart from that, we were people (when I say “We”, those I knew of, my own particular group), who believed in a God and believed that we could communicate; in fact we didn’t believe, we knew. And we had circles long before you people. Initially, so the teachers told us, it was by accident. We sat in circles because it was convenient, easy to talk to one another, the men on the inside according to their importance and the women on the outside. (Women, though very important to the group were secondary citizens. In the privacy of our homes that was not always so, if we were fortunate to have a good man with us, but it could be that we were secondary.)

But out of this system of sitting in a circle and the fact that we were out in the open, miles usually from any human person though animals were always near, we built up an ‘energy’ as you would call it, that enabled our ancestors to talk to us and advise us. They did their best to help us when times became difficult; but when the white-man came, my people, our nation, naturally fought as they had always done to retain what they had. But it is a matter of the world evolving and we too, had to evolve.

You are well aware of that happening throughout the world, throughout history. There is always evolvement; but one thing that never changed for us was the belief in what you call ‘spirit’. It was as natural for us to communicate, as it is for you people to pick up a phone. We were always disciplined in our doing of it. We respected our spirit ancestors, we listened to what they said, but we made up our own minds because they told us that this is what we must do. They could not lead our lives for us, and that applies to all beings on earth. Spirit can guide... that is all... it is for you to make up your own minds.

For us, we used to sit in a circle if you like to call it that, as a form of relaxation. We didn’t have wireless or TV, but we made it because it was like having a wireless... we switched on to our ancestors and many of us saw them, and sometimes they entertained us with movement. It used to make us laugh sometimes to see the men’s pipes taken out of their very mouths and moved across the circle and popped in somebody else’s.

That would have caused great offence under normal circumstances, but it was a joke when we were in circle listening to our ancestors. We knew it was their means of saying, “Look I’m here, and I can do this”. We had no fear, and because there was no fear, there was no barrier.

And perhaps when you talk to people now, you can point out to them that there is no fear; there is no need to tremble when you perhaps go into a circle... you are meeting your friends, whether they are ancestors or just a person such as myself, who has been given the opportunity to come and talk.

In some cases we explain a little about our lives, how we made our clothes and how we hunted, how we drove the buffalo to where we wanted them, how we got water, and if we were in a desert area we had diviners just as you have today. We were a nation of... it seems the wrong word for you present day people... but really we were quite a ‘cultured’ people. We had, with what we had available, risen to a very high standard. If you could see many of the wonderful garments, and the homes that we built, the shoes that we wore... you people today would acknowledge them as works of art.

So when you think of people who are not European, who are ‘pre’ the world as you know it, right back to what you now call Stone Age or cave man, their knowledge at that time was very high. Most of them developed to a stage where there had to be a moving on, and that’s what happened to us. That’s what happens to all nations eventually - there is a moving on. It is not that one nation is better than another. Each has its artisans, its men who think, and so we are all brothers and sisters, in what you call ‘God’ and we call the ‘Great Spirit’.

I hope you have found it a little interesting, what I have had to say.

It is my first opportunity to communicate with people on earth. I have many times communicated with people in spirit, but this is the first time I have done it in reverse.

Sitter: And you are coming through loud and clear and very well. Thank you very much.

Spirit: It is a pleasure for me, for all of us, to find people that are following the path that we did.

Sitter: Would you like to tell us about what it was like when you passed over?

Spirit: You probably wouldn’t understand this, but I was old and we were moving on, and I couldn’t keep up. So because the group, the tribe, must always come first, I knew that my time had come to leave. So at a spot that I chose myself I sat down with a few of my little treasures with me, and I waited for the Great Spirit and I died. Admittedly I was coughing badly, I wasn’t well, it was my time and I was glad to go. But I had no fear... I just waited ‘till a spirit friend came and said, “Come with us, it’s your turn to be here”; and that was my passing. It’s not like that for all of us. Many of us die in battle, many of us died with quite an amount of stress, but many of us died the way I explained; because always the tribe must come first, and when we are old it is the natural sequence.

Well I must go now. May the Great Spirit bless you all.


Topic: Communication growth in man.

Spirit (Unknown): Good evening.

In our world of spirit I communicate with little or no difficulty. With you people it is more difficult, but you may find this next, is even more difficult to understand… because when I lived on earth we really had little or no form of verbal communication. We were primitive man.

As I remember, our first forms of communication were more in the form of gifts. One may pick up a stone that was of interest and give it to someone else, and then it developed into a touch communication such as a touch on the shoulder and perhaps a point indicating some other object. It took a considerable length of time for man to develop a language, and as you are aware that is still being developed.

But we feel, perhaps not all of us but many, that the very special art of communication, verbally, is getting lost because of modern technology. How many people today will pick on a subject when the day’s work is done and develop thought on that subject, using the mind and the tongue to transfer knowledge from one to the other? Because that is how man started.

Whoever the person was who picked up that first stone caused an interest, and someone else would pick up a stone. We were in small groups, because we were not into villages or towns, nothing like that, it was survival in small groups. So that small group would have their pile of stones, and someone may pick out the smallest and someone the biggest and by sheer chance, someone would make a noise while holding one of the said stones. Because this was unusual someone may shove someone and laugh, indicating that that noise and that stone were fun… and so that stone may become that noise.

But then the nights were long so people curled up by their fires or in their caves, or in the leaves, and slept. And possibly the next day someone would find a different stone, and perhaps someone made a noise different to yesterday’s stone, and gradually that is how language developed. There was laughter, which is natural for animals. There was clapping of hands, there was jumping up and down, there was the tedious toil of survival, there was also sound imitated when once learnt, of animals, sometimes put to use but more often in primitive times, it was the touch that indicated something. The stroke of affection, whether it was between adults or children, or children and adults… the push to hurry, and beckoning, were some things soon learnt.

But these were the times in which I lived, and to see the language of animals, human animals, develop in many diverse ways over a long period, has been an interest for me. I suppose if I was chosen to return to your world, and had what you call an education, I would be a professor of languages because it is something that I have an interest in and an understanding of, and because of that I’m in the position of being able to communicate with a very diverse sector of humanity. It is mind to mind. It is not the spoken word, but if I want to refer to a bucket, I know what that bucket is called and so in my mind in talking to an English speaking person, I say ‘bucket’, I think ‘bucket’. At the moment I am thinking ‘bucket’. I am transferring that thinking to another mind, another brain, which is using vocal chords to say the word ‘bucket’. And so this opens a field of thought for you people, that language, (thought communication), can go throughout your world, no matter what the language.

You perhaps sending thoughts of compassion, (and having tolerance in yourselves for diverse sectors of humanity both good and bad), can send them your thoughts of understanding, no matter what the language.

We would like to think, that this is something that you will think through… the development of language from the primitive to what it is now, and to what you can do with it, not necessarily with your vocal chords, not necessarily with your pen, but what you can do with your mind.

On that note I will leave you.

May the Great Spirit of all mankind, dwell in your hearts. Goodnight.

Note: I have put the words 'was chosen' in italics as this is the first time I have come across this. I have always been told that it is the person themselves that choose to come back to the material plane (I did not say the planet Earth) in order to progress faster. As always, more information required. J. H. Jan 2011

Topic: History and ‘New Age’.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. I think tonight’s talk we may call ‘History’.

At the moment, throughout the world, because it is spreading in many places there is what you call ‘New Age’. It does make us laugh a little… one could call it ‘Old Age’.

Now we shall go back in your time approximately three thousand years. You may think, “Oh, history began two thousand years ago”, but common sense tells us, “No”. We know that the Egyptians had a deep religion, a great belief in a life hereafter, but in their one, you had to take everything with you… hence for the wealthy, the great pyramids with chambers full of furniture, jewellery, etc., but they had their, not God but Gods.

But there were a group of people that we know on earth at least, very little about. I think you call them the Etruscans. They were a people who had a civilization that was rather remarkable. They were far in advance of many people of that time, as can be seen by the little bits of pottery, the very few little things that remain to mankind. The Romans eventually took over that area, although they left that small country more or less to itself. But they sent their priests to the priests of this nation… Why? Because those priests knew that the Etruscan priests had contact with something beyond this earth world. They thought that they were getting it from the reading of the entrails of dead animals, which is a practice that is still carried out today in some of the more primitive races in the black countries, but going back… astrology was part of their life and because of their knowledge that they could hand on to the Romans, they were appreciated, until Christianity came, and unfortunately at that time one of the great step-backs in man’s development happened.

It was ordered for that nation, that all their written work, of which there was quite a lot, be destroyed. Anything that was written about them was destroyed. I’m sure the original bringer of Christianity, the teacher, would cry to know that such a thing was done in his name. But as we go on, if we look into the history of numerous countries, one of the oldest, Korea, they all have the one thing behind them… ‘Life after death’. They are looking for it. They are wanting explanations. But every so often, into various nations at appropriate times, there comes a great teacher, a person who is appropriate for that time. Many of the teachings of a man you know of, are applicable today, but if he were to come now and speak as he did then, no one would take any notice.

Humanity rides on a wave. I will give you an example of spiritual development, which you yourselves could possibly comprehend, because it is almost in your lifetime.

Now there was great spirit activity in America approximately 1840-1850 I believe, a great rising, and it wavered up and down for a considerable time, and then approximately 1920’s – 1930’s it flattened out, after the First World War when it had reached a peak. Then came the Second World War, another peak, and gradually it faded again, and this is how the knowledge of spirit has been for three thousand years, in various countries rising and falling on a wave.

At the moment there is a wave but much of it is misguided. Many people have learnt that it is not necessary to kill chickens, to look at the inside of pigs, to look in crystal balls… all the numerous things that people feel, in fact many of them will say they ‘know’, is necessary to contact spirit. If the physical person has the ability to completely relax and loves nature for what it is… they may only fleetingly be able to contact, but contact they will. The more people realise just how simple it is, particularly when they can get together in groups (groups of people who feel and think the same), and keep things simple… spirit will continue to come.

We want to. We want people to understand. We realise that not everyone can accept our teachings; their minds are not ready for it, and their spirit is not ready for it. They accept what they are first taught, or perhaps observe in their childhood… they see a dead animal, they are taught… well there are so many different teachings I couldn’t name them all. But there is always the person that thinks for themselves, and it is those people that we can come through. They are not putting up that brick wall.

As soon as they can relax and open their hearts to the universe, with love in their hearts and the want to be of help, not necessarily for themselves but for the world, spirit will be there - as it was three thousand years ago when people without the education that many people have today, (not everyone, but many people), felt that they needed their animal sacrifices, or all the numerous things they had to use.

We all now know that this is not necessary, simplicity is the answer. Love God or whatever name you use, love humanity, love nature truly with sincerity in your heart, and spirit will come through.

Let people know this. We are getting swamped. People are putting up barriers. Many of these New Age people will find it hard to realise or to accept, even if you try to tell them, that they are putting up barriers. Their plane of achievement will be… we don’t like to call it a lower plane, but it will be a simple plane. If people want knowledge, they need to do away with all the extras, leave the path open, let the light flow through.

I feel in a way that we have been talking on our ‘hobbyhorse’ I think you call it, but it means a great deal to us that the path is made clear.

God bless you and look after your little circle.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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