Chapter Thirteen

More On Spiritual Development

Topic: Training one’s spirit.

Spirit (Controller) -----------> Human brain (Computer) -----------> Human body (Machine)

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Tonight we are going to give you something to think on, and discuss with others who can possibly accept.

Computers are not new, and the greatest computer that has been formulated, not by man but by God, is in the human body... the brain.

If you could realise the myriad computations, that continually act and react twenty-four hours a day for sixty, seventy, eighty years, with minor adjustments due to malfunction or accident - it is an incredible instrument, but its potential is not fully realised.

Now think of it this way... that the body is programmed with a computer, so when it comes to earth, at given periods it will develop certain functions. But you are also spirit! Had you thought that your spirit could alter the functions of your body?

In many ways people do it unconsciously. The person who is perpetually ill, the person who is basically always healthy; each is controlled by spirit, by character if you like to put it that way. So if spirit, controlling body, can make a healthy body or a sick one, why can it not make the body do functions that are not normal to it? Now when I say normal or not normal... the person who sees our world, are they not normal? Is it not a function that we can all do, when in a physical body? Yes, with training.

The physical body, through the training of the spirit, is capable of seeing without using its body, hearing without using its body and many other functions. One can develop the ability to be outside the body and control it from a distance. What we are trying to say is that you, as spirit, can control your brain, which controls your body... to extend itself far more than you do. You can use your spirit body and your physical body as one, so that you, in living in this world can appreciate the spirit world. You have a spirit, you have a brain, and the spirit activates the brain, which is the computer, that activates the machine, which is your body.

Now in the physical world, you with your brain feel that you are controlling your body. You don’t think normally, of your spirit doing the work. But if you think of the spirit as being the controller, you can then bypass the physical body and brain, and though they are still activated by the spirit, you can appreciate the spirit side of things, extending your senses into the spirit world. If you have physical sight, you have spirit sight... you develop the spirit sight.

You are spirit. It is you the spirit that develops the spirit.

As man thinks... he has a brain, so in the physical world he reads to develop the brain. What I, what we are suggesting is that you develop beyond that... you develop the spirit... allow the spirit to have more control of the physical, instead of keeping it in two separate containers, the ‘dead’ and the ‘living’ - they are one… The spirits of the so-called dead and of the living are one!

What we are trying to suggest at the moment, is the ability of the spirit to have greater control of the body than it does; to allow it to have greater control; to develop the spirit ability of the body.

We spoke of the physical body being reprogrammed so that certain things would happen at certain times. You are spirit. You have a body. Now you and your guide shall we say, programmed the body... well you are still the same spirit, so why can’t you reprogram the body? It is possible, for as a spirit you can make anything happen. Spirit is all-powerful! You can develop that in yourself for good or bad, and change the direction of many things - your physical body and physical things, living things throughout the world... the ability is there to spiritually change them.

An example is with absent healing where you are using your spirit body to help someone else. You are allowing healing energies from spirit doctors, to go through your spirit as a medium, and on to the spirit of a sufferer, that he or she may be helped. [From spirit, through spirit, to spirit!] This is using your spirit body and not the physical body. Think on this, and use your spiritual body to understand further.

We are not saying that you can start changing the world personally, but the influence of spirit is strong and it can work for good, and change things. In dealing with spirit, it is all-powerful and the good is the most powerful.

May God in its infinite wisdom bless you.


Topic: Spiritual expectations.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. Perhaps our talk tonight could be called “Spiritual Expectations”. I imagine, or we imagine, that your ability to conceive of what spirit is, is almost negligible. This is understandable; and many people have set ideas as to what will happen when they die. Their expectations are many and varied, and perhaps initially their expectations will be granted, but fleetingly. Spirit is all-powerful, and they have conceived a particular situation, and for a brief time, for them it may be there. But as you are no doubt aware, we earn what we perceive.

Not thinking of anyone in particular, but a person may have an idea of banqueting halls, jewellery, if male beautiful women etc, all physical, and not worthy. So that person would be helped to understand that their conception of life after death is only one that they have got in their physical thinking; and a way would be pointed out to them, and it is hoped that they would follow a different path.

Another person, possibly with more of a true idea of what spiritual life could be like, imagines great learning, great music, wonderful things... and some would no doubt get this, but most of us, with the earthly experience we have had, have to work on achieving this.

As spirit, you are in no way physical. Your conception of spiritual life is no doubt, around your physical thinking. While people are on earth, the more that they can do to be balanced the better, so that they can be aware, not only of the necessity of looking after their physical bodies, but also in the development of their spirit, which must go along with this too, so that they may possibly be better able to cope with life when they first come over here, completely devoid of anything physical… You are what you think!

You think of yourself as an old man of seventy, a young woman of thirty, a child... then that is what you are in your thinking and therefore that is what people see you as. If you are a ‘go-getter’ in the worldly sense... that is what people see you as. If you are a compassionate person... that’s what you are seen as.

Making it as simple for you to understand as possible, it is a matter partly of being positive or negative, and with the help of many people who watch over each individual, and are there to guide them at the time of their passing; their place in the universe is established, and they will then see how their thinking must be pointed towards the goal they must meet, or wish to meet.

The person who wants worldly things... in their mind a happy little home - something they’ve never had; if their life has earnt them this, they will get it. But it won’t be long before they perceive that there is more, and their thinking will enable them to advance. Thought is all-powerful! Thought is spirit!

Mankind is as much spirit today as he ever will be. Cultivate your thinking. Be balanced between your two worlds.

Do you understand?

Sitter: Yes, thank you Ling.

Spirit: All important… “Thought.”

We hope this gives you much to think on.

Sitter: Yes, it does.

Spirit: And make you perhaps, more compassionate towards many people knowing that their thought, is at this time their undoing; whereas in others you may perceive, that it is for their advancement. They are individuals... you can merely act as a guide. But all-important... make sure you, are right, in your thinking!

Sitter: Yet I guess that most people have thoughts sometimes that they are not proud of, and that’s a sobering idea.

Spirit: Remember ‘Discipline’. Discipline your thought, for that is all helping towards advancement, the discipline!

We hope that we have stimulated your thinking perhaps, on another line. God bless you.


Sitter: Thank you for coming once again Ling, and our love to you all. Goodnight.

Topic: An exercise to develop one’s spirituality, through developing one’s senses.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Tonight we will have a little exercise with the senses. You may find this something that would be advantageous for yourselves, and to use with others. Now yourself, you are in your lounge... one thing, what do you see?

Sitter: Television set.

Spirit: A very practical, down to earth, typical answer of today’s man. Now further development along those lines - make use of that sight by looking at the television set, not at its picture. Where did it come from?

Sitter: A TV shop over in Auckland.

Spirit: Very practical man. And after that you would say “Factory”, right?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: But how about the materials?

Sitter: Largely metal and plastic.

Spirit: From where?

Sitter: I don’t really know, I would be guessing.

Spirit: Of course.

Sitter: I think from overseas as I don’t think we make much of that here in New Zealand. We import the parts.

Spirit: And from where did they get the parts?

Sitter: Possibly they make them.

Spirit: And the raw materials?

Sitter: Some of them I think may come from Silicon Valley in the United States.

Spirit: Now there are many parts, and if you want to develop your observation further you could look at each part of your TV set, and work out in your mind how it originated, and right back possibly in the bowels of the earth. Do you understand?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: Your observation has done that!

Sitter: And different parts come from different countries, often governed by the wages paid the people in those countries, as parts are cheaper usually from countries with low wages.

Spirit: Now you think of those people. All this you can do by merely observing your TV set.

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: Now, you are hearing... what?

Sitter: At the moment, just a very slight hum from the tape recorder.

Spirit: And you could do the same thing with that. Take your mind right along the path of the development, possibly to the drawing board; merely brought to you by your hearing - all that knowledge!

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: This may be a little more difficult for you at the moment, but you are having your breakfast, you are tasting. Where does that lead you?

Sitter: I could think of where the ingredients came from, that I formed into this morning’s breakfast, think of the people who had grown those ingredients, the grains; and of the farms from whence came the milk; and treat it in the same way that we treated the television set... go as far as we can.

Spirit: And another sense is feeling. Possibly rub your hand along your leg, your thigh. What do you feel?

Sitter: Through my hand I feel the material of my trousers. Through my leg I feel the friction of my hand rubbing.

Spirit: Through your hand you feel the fabric of your trousers - carry that further.

Sitter: Where did the trousers come from, who made them, what is the life of the people like who work in that factory? Yes all sorts of things can be brought to mind.

Spirit: And that is a way of developing your senses. You hear more acutely because you are interested, you taste with discernment. There is another one which you probably couldn’t manage at the moment, but can often be used... smell! The smell of a rose, that can take you a long way. That rose, from whence did it come? And the story of roses could keep you going for a long time. There is the smell of fumes from a car passing, and in your mind you travel to a big boat that has brought the oil to your country - from whence did it come? These are means of developing your senses, do you understand?

Sitter: I think so... we are really trying to extend our senses, to take them further.

Spirit: You take them very much for granted. You probably, the average person, doesn’t realise what they are hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, whatever.

Sitter: Yes that is so true.

Spirit: What a lot they miss my friend. And in developing your senses you are also developing your spirituality, because when you get to the basics you may suddenly think, “From whence did it all come?” and then one starts thinking of God. It is a great adventure; an interesting path to travel, and it is for some people a way of developing themselves and to put it simply, of opening their eyes to reality. Particularly in your world today people are so busy going from A to B, that the senses which they have are quite often under-developed. They do not see beyond the small room that they are in. They walk down their garden if they have one, and they do not see the flowers or the trees. They are only travelling from A to B, and missing out on the delights that are there! It is another way of saying, “Stop, take time. Use your senses. Develop oneness with God!”

The forefathers of all nations, the fathers of the church, possibly without knowing it gave to people a gift - the gift of the ‘holy day’. And that applies to all religions, whether you call them heathen, Christian, Islamic; each in their own way had a holy-day, and that gave men time to think on things other than work. It is the right of all men to have that ‘holy-day’. We realise, in the world that you have got today it is not always possible, but surely man can afford at least half a day, to develop senses. Do you understand?

Sitter: Yes thank you.

Spirit: Yourself and your friends, and those that you associate with…  in I’m sure a diplomatic way, encourage them to have that holy day, and develop their senses.

Sitter: By holy day, I take it you are not meaning church attendance?

Spirit: No, No! Quite unnecessary! But time to stand or sit...

Sitter: To think, and wonder...

Spirit: Exactly! To smell, to observe, to feel, to taste... it is all there. Take time, and appreciate what’s given to you, because though many of those senses are physical, they are developing the spirit. It is something for you to think on.

Sitter: Thank you for that Ling.

Spirit: I’d like to think that you made use of it. We would like that.

Sitter: Well I am one for this, as I am likely to walk through a garden and not see very much on the way... so I’ll try and remember to make use of it.

Spirit: If you realise that you have got that, not necessarily fault, but that tendency, make a point of going out into the garden with the one thing in mind, to observe. Take time to do these things my friend.

Sitter: Thank you Ling.

Spirit: And encourage those you know to do the same. May God bless you and yours. Love from us all. Goodnight.

Topic: Out of body travel... (Some suggestions.)

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitter: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: We would like to discuss for a short time this evening, ‘travel’.

Now we are aware that the people of your world travel at this period of time, considerably. But as we understand it, owing to a physical disability you find it inadvisable to do so. We are also aware that you do have travel knowledge, from the TV box in your room and from reading. If you think of travel seriously, you are taking your physical body from place to place, but think on the fact that you are capable, you the eternal spirit, are capable of travelling without your physical body. Some people, but usually ones that dedicate their lives to same, are capable of doing it in semi-conscious state. But as an exercise only, you may find it interesting and perhaps achievable, to pick on and read about, a particular place. And when you retire say to yourself, “I am going to visit London, Calcutta, Lhassa, or perhaps San Francisco”, and try and keep this in your mind as you go to sleep, (having already a little picture from your reading), and in the morning when you next awake, think, “Where have I been?” You may if you are fortunate, have recall, and you may be surprised at what you have seen.

Initially you may not get anywhere, and your first pictures may be a mere glimpse such as a face that you don’t know, or a street, building, view, whatever. But if you can develop this facility, you may find that on occasions you can consciously move to an area in your world, during your sleeping time. Your physical body is safely asleep in your home, quite comfortable, and you can travel very quickly as spirit, because that is what you are, and return comfortably when it is time for you to wake.

Have no fear of this experiment, because you have people whom you often meet, who care for you on this side - if we are talking of sides - so you may not go unaccompanied. You possibly will travel with one of us, or you may find an earth friend is travelling with you, because you would not be unique.

Sitter: That would really be something!

Spirit: Well my friend, there are many people who do this. And this is not a new accomplishment; it is something that spirit has been able to do for many, many years. You probably, in fact I know that you do travel, but you have no recall. What you want to develop is the recall, and having a picture of the place to which you wish to travel, in your mind, it may help in your recall. If you recall a picture that you have seen in a book please do not think, “I have been there”, unless there is something different. The picture for example, may show a crescent road, with the trees all in spring bloom; but you remember it with the trees with no leaves, a totally different season. Then you can think, “I must have been there!” Do you understand?

Sitter: Yes thank you.

Spirit: To recall the picture you have seen is natural, but you would be deluding yourself to say, “I travelled there”, unless there is something different. Not necessarily as big a change as seasonal; you may see someone walking, but there was no person in your picture. What this must teach you, or we would like to think it will teach you, is the realisation that you are spirit now. You are a spirit living in a physical manifestation. When you move out of that physical body you are still spirit; whether the body is alive or dead, and if you can recollect your travels perhaps this is another way of proving to you, that there is no death, because your body can be on one side of the world and your spirit on the other.

I hope you will learn much from your experience, but it could take a considerable amount of time and discipline, to keep in your mind, that picture. Say, “Tonight I am going to Hong Kong”, with the picture of Hong Kong in your mind. A way that could possibly help you, if you are a short time in going to sleep, is to consciously travel the distance by plane or boat. But remember, you are not going physically, so you could just take your spirit. Can you imagine doing that?

Sitter: I think it sounds exciting; I’d like to try.

Spirit: Good. Your friends will help you, and may God bless you in your endeavours.

Sitter: Thank you very much indeed. Goodnight.

Topic: Emotion is essential for development of spirit.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. What we would like to discuss this evening is ‘Emotion’.

Now I am going to hark back once more, to a man whom I can myself, personally equate with... and that is Socrates. He wasn’t the first man to think, but he became so emotionally involved in what he saw around him, that he had to speak out. As you have no doubt read he was a soldier who fought in a number of battles, in the manner that soldiers do, with vim and vigour. But his mind, his ability to think, was not closed. He began to realise that he, along with many others, was programmed, like people are today. He was programmed to be a soldier. He was also told where he must worship. In other words, he, along with all others of Greece and similar societies, were ‘boxed’ in a small world, which they were told they must follow.
But for this man... he didn’t want people, youth in particular to live that way. He didn’t break the essential rules of his society. All he did was ask people to think... and because he became so emotionally involved, he couldn’t let go and it brought about his eventual death.

You can leap forward until you come to the Nazarene. The same thing. And all the way through history you will find this, but it is not always emotion for good. It can be emotion for power, emotion can be hate, and it can be love. Emotion at its highest does a great deal of good, helps humanity, brings to light the great arts; it lightens the world. But emotion in a negative form... well I think that you all know. You see the emotional young of your world today. They do not know how to control their emotions. This is something that we must all do, but there can be another negative side... the person who proudly says, “I do not let my emotions overtake me”. That has its place, but there must be a balance, because without emotion, without that great surge forward, nothing wonderful would be accomplished.

By all means let the positive emotions have reign, with balance. The negative... those are the ones that should be disciplined and kept out of your life.

No one wants to go through his or her life, whether it is on earth or continuing into eternity, as a zombie. Emotion is essential, but must be controlled; and I think that if you were to study people throughout history, those that you can read about, you would no doubt find that the emotional level, whether for good or bad, is high. They are not negative people.

So think on ‘Emotion’. It’s essential to yours, to mine, and to every other spirit’s development. Do you understand?

Sitter: Yes. Emotion, with balance and discipline.

Spirit: Yes, but don’t discipline it so that it goes out of your life.

May God bless you all. Good evening.

Topic: Man has two bodies and one lives on.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We wish all people could come to terms with the fact that our world and yours are one and the same, (running parallel paths although not exactly identical), and could realise that there is no death!

Man at this stage of his existence has two bodies...a physical, and perhaps because we cannot find words quite suitable - an electrical manifestation exactly the same in appearance, but which does not deteriorate.

Material things are made of particles, and because of their continual movement and friction, and what they consist of, wear. This in some instances takes hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. The human body which you have, is because science has progressed and is able to extend its life through better nutrition, housing, and we were about to say, “State of mind”… but there is a question mark. I will come to that later.

The life of man throughout the world, depending where you live would be from twenty-five years average in some parts, to eighty, ninety… it is extending further in the Western areas. Because this is so, one chooses to be born according to the amount of knowledge required in one’s life.

Now a man... I have been corrected... apparently today’s terminology is that we do not speak of men and women separately, but for now... in a man’s lifetime, born in primitive conditions, living to twenty five years, he may learn and develop in that twenty five years as much, if not more, than the same person born into a Western civilisation living seventy to eighty years.

Now, the reason for this, or one of the reasons, is that in primitive conditions it is a matter quite often of physical survival of the body, and when that is attended to one has time to think and to look around. There is little or no money, no chance of accumulating same, so why worry. Enjoy what you have!

Then we move to the materialistic world of which you are aware, where in the case of many people, no matter what they have, they want more. And they will struggle and strive for most, if not all of their lives, to have more material things behind them. For what! In some cases it may be a genuine wish to leave their children better off, but even in that case it can be an ego thing, that they think that in doing this they will not be forgotten, and they will live on.

How mistaken they are in that outlook. For they can’t help but live on, and no matter what wealth they have, they cannot take it with them. The only things that anyone, rich or poor, black, white or yellow, or the colours in between; primitive religions or the hierarchy of the Catholic Church; they can only take with them the ‘I am’, their personal selves, with their learning and their personality coming over… not accompanied by silks, or satins, or trumpets, but as it is!

If mankind could only appreciate this, their attitude may change. It is understandable that we like to have pleasantness around us, but if one has a fine robe to wear… one can only wear one at a time, so why have dozens waiting that may never be worn? And that applies to all things.

I hope that you will have the opportunity, you and others like you, in a similar way as I have explained it to you, to explain it to others. One must keep things simple, because it is simple. We are born. We don’t remember how, but we start learning right from the beginning, and we travel on, learning we hope, until we come to the other end when we die; and taking with us what we have accumulated for our minds - our Spirits... that is all we take with us! The love that we have accumulated, not necessarily love of people, but of music, birds, flowers... all of God’s creations. And if we can take love and beauty with us, we usually find a very pleasant situation here where we can continue on and on... to God.

May your path be smooth, but where here are rocks, step high and overcome them my friends.

Good morning.

Topic: Eternal progress is open to every human soul. (Last of the Seven Principles)

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. Of course you know the Seventh Principle? (Pause) I didn’t hear a lot of voices. (Laughter)

Sitter: Remembering is the problem. Yes… ah … it’s …

Spirit: The exact words don’t matter.

Sitter: Well it means that we can go on learning… go on growing continually…

Spirit: That’s right. Now the next question is “What is growing?” because many people on earth think they are advancing if they accumulate products, money, clothes, land, even people around them… and there is a question “Why do they have the people around them?” Is it because they love people - we wonder? But we will say that an average person has died, and they have got to the stage where they can let go of earth and the various things that they have owned, and temporally perhaps, have realised that they are only saying goodbye to those they love for a short time… so how do they advance? Academically? - That covers many fields, improve in their ability in sport, building, gardening? - Numerous things, but think my friends… what are you developing? By all means follow those paths that we have mentioned and any others that you can think of that are a means of gaining knowledge, for as a spirit you cannot have too much because it enables you to understand many people, many religions, many races, how things work and why; but that really consists of tools.

Some examples of outstanding people who helped others, include Socrates who got people to think. And then we come further to the man known as Jesus. Now that man has a terrific amount of knowledge beyond our comprehension. He knew how to use the spiritual forces correctly and he used them for the good of other people, but he didn’t let on that he was very capable in many other things never mentioned during his physical life. He could have been ahead of many other people in many other subjects, but his mission was to teach man about life everlasting.

We move on, and Mother Theresa, she worked for one purpose… to help people, bringing the love of spirit through her human body to help others. She didn’t say, “I have this knowledge, I know this”, she just did it.

So when the opportunity comes to you people (and pass it on to any that are interested), start on here on earth… knowledge is a wonderful thing, gain a much as you can, for ultimately, you not only take it into yourself but you return it, you return it with love of humanity. Your path is onward, over (in your time), thousands of years… time that you cannot calculate. This is something that you may find difficult to understand - why time doesn’t drag, but because here there is no time, you don’t realise that it is passing. For example: you may have had the experience where you have fallen asleep and you’ve had a dream in which a terrific amount has happened; you’ve seen various scenes or there have been a number of things passing before your eyes, people you don’t know, people you do know… it goes on and on. You wake up and think that hours have gone by but it may be minutes, sometimes only two or three of your time and yet all that has happened. Many people have this experience; you may have had it yourselves.

In spirit at no time would boredom come into your life. So now learn any subject that interests you, extend your minds and go on to other subjects, remembering that it is eventually through you, to be passed on to others… because the ultimate, as my friends and I understand it, is to give!

The many fine teachers who we have coming to us are giving, always giving, but they have had to of course, accumulated the knowledge first, so that they can understand how to give, because that’s important too, how to give… to give with love and understanding. That is how we see the ‘Seventh Principle’.

I hope this has helped you.

Sitter: Thank you very much. A small point there though Ling; I think you said that at no time would you be bored in the spirit world, but somewhere along the line I had the idea that on some planes one can… (I suppose ‘bored’ would be the word)…come to see that one had had enough and want to move on. Wouldn’t that be a sort of contradiction?

Spirit: Whoever wants to move on, has the intelligence not to be bored. People who are bored are usually rather boring themselves, because they haven’t got the capacity to think of “Where do I go from here?” You can be unhappy, decide that you don’t like the atmosphere that you are in and therefore you want to move on. I would find it difficult to believe that people would put the word bored in that aspect.

Boredom; it’s an interesting word. It seems to be a non-word. You have nothing before you or behind you and we know that as far as spirit is concerned, that is not so. So I think that our group at least, would say that the word boredom would not be used in the spirit world. Perhaps… I think you have a word like ‘lethargic’, which means that you can’t be bothered; ‘complacent’, you’re happy where you are… but spirit is a wonderful thing and there is usually a spark that wants to move on - always climbing.

May I suggest that you look up the word ‘bored’ or ‘boredom’ as I don’t know that I myself, truly know its meaning. Perhaps I am fortunate in never having been bored. (Mirth) Impatient, yes.

Well my friends we will close. May God bless you and I’m sure over here you will never be bored (Mirth)… if I’ve got the word correct. It’s an ongoing, interesting path, and remember that what you take in, give back. That’s the important part!


Footnote: Dictionary meaning for ‘Bored’, is ‘Wearied by tediousness or dullness’.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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