Chapter Fourteen

Meeting Your Responsibilities

Spirit (Ling): Greetings friends. Good morning all.

This morning I would like to talk to you about ‘Responsibility’. Initially I am starting at the basics, and your responsibility to your physical body.

Once you have left the care of your mother you are responsible. You may have husband, wife, relatives, servants who look after you, but basically it is your responsibility to see that the body that you have is fed, cleaned, and clothed. Once this is satisfactorily accomplished you look to the shelter of that body, the home you put around it. For that you are also responsible, no matter its size. If you sweep the mud floor yourself, or if you have servants to sweep your corridors and rooms, it is your responsibility to see this is done. Even if the property does not belong to you, that you are a tenant, the basic work around that property is your responsibility, and if something big happens that needs repair, then you go to your landlord; but you must take on some responsibility for that property yourself, because you live there. You do not neglect it because it is not yours. And the same attitude must apply to your village, your town, perhaps your farm, your estate, and onwards to your country. You are responsible.

Now in being where you are, you have chosen along with your friends, your guides, your angels, whatever you care to call them, you have chosen to be where you are now. Because of that you must adapt to that particular environment, because, though you don’t remember, you chose it as a means of education for yourself. So your responsibility is basically to make the most of what you have, and not yearn for what is on the other side of the fence, or the world. It is your responsibility to make the most of the life that you have chosen. No matter what estate you have been born to, you and your fellow helpers chose it. Your path, because you have free choice, can vary, but basically, sub-consciously, you know the path that you must go, and when opportunity arrives, if it is for your betterment, we are sometimes able to give you a prod. We cannot change your mind, because your mind, your spirit, is you, and to repeat myself, you have free choice. So you are responsible for your life!

To widen your field, you are responsible in your youth for the job that you take on and this may continue all your life. You chose it. It may have been the only one you could have. There was no other opportunity. But no matter how you came to that work you have the responsibility of doing your best. It is the same with the children that come into your care. You are responsible for them until they are adults, and then my friends you are only there if they need you. Let go. They have their lives to lead.  Do not hold your children to you, except by the love that binds you.

Another responsibility you have is your mind, your thinking. You are re-sponsible for your thoughts.  You must discipline your thinking. I think I have no need to tell people of your more mature years, and also the fact that you are living in the times you are, what happens when one does not take responsibility for one’s thinking and one’s actions.
We are seeing it in many young people today. Without responsibility and discipline we become lost, but. a mind that is disciplined is like a Catherine wheel, solid in the centre, with a glowing light radiating, and from that, sparks of knowledge that can penetrate far, because ultimately, your responsibilities, your disciplined life and mind, leads you to the one God or Light. 
So it does not matter where you are born or what Gods you worship, as long as you discipline yourself; accept what you have chosen... I repeat that, ...  accept the path that you have chosen... and do your best in it. 
It may be at this stage in your life, that you cannot comprehend the path you are leading because of literature. The media in all manners, in its many facets is trying to lead (and mainly for finances unfortunately), people along many different paths.
One book will tell you, “This is the way”. Another book will say, “This is the way”, and this happens from country to country, and even from man to man.  When you have read wisely, then sit quietly and think for yourself, “This is my path, it doesn’t matter what the man in the next house is doing, or the next country, or the other side of the world, this is where I am living, and this is the path I must follow”’.
As long as it is done with the love of God, the love of the Light, and with discipline and sincerity, you have carried out your responsibilities, to yourself and the world you live in.
May the Light shine on you, and bring you joy in the coming week.
Good morning.

Topic: Responsibility.

Spirit: Greetings. Now, we would like to address you on something rather serious. ‘Responsibility’.

Each of you people, that is the medium and your three selves have accepted ‘Spiritualism’. Rather than call it Spiritualism, shall we say, “Belief in what is called ‘Spirit’, or in other words, ‘On-going Life’.

That puts a very big responsibility on your shoulders in more ways than one … responsibility to self ... because you now realise that it is the life you lead now, that is the platform on which your future existence relies. It is not the trivialities of your living; it is the more major thinking and actions... but particularly ‘Thinking’.

Now we understand of course, that there are the mundane, everyday things, that you must think of to either make a living, look after your physical body, house, etc., but it is your thoughts towards other people, even to us, and your actions to other people, and indirectly your reliability to us... all this is known and it is something that you cannot escape from. The responsibility is there, and there is only one person you are letting down... the most important person in your life... yourself!

You may be unkind to other people, you may be greedy, grabbing, to other people and though it may affect them physically while on earth, that is the end as far as they are concerned, but it isn’t for you! On earth you may get away with that unkind action, or thought, but you won’t get away with it forever.

Now there is no need to start getting, I think you say ‘Up tight’, over this - because it is human nature at times to think ill of a person. Someone may deliberately hurt you, take advantage of you, and it is natural that you rebel but if you let it affect you indefinitely, that it eats into your very being so that you cannot look at that person and say, “I’m sorry for you, for what you have done to me”. It is, as your Christian teacher said, “Turn the other cheek”, and people such as yourselves who understand that there is another world, do have a responsibility in that way, to yourselves.

Now forgetting self for the moment, there is another responsibility that you don’t have to take on, but we would appreciate it if at every opportunity you pass on the knowledge that you have got. You do not have to say, “I am a Spiritualist”, or “It is Spiritualism”, because unfortunately, owing to people who are not true in their thinking, who take advantage of their knowledge to take advantage of others, anything to do with spirit with a large number of people, has a bad name.

But if you can say, “We are responsible for ourselves, we must do what is right”, they may question that and say, “Why should I, you won’t make money doing it that way?”  And you could say, “Well I agree with you, but do you really think that you will get away with that?” “Of course. No one will find out.”

And I think if you asked most people and you said, “But what if there’s an afterlife?”  The reaction would probably be...”Oh I don’t believe in Hell. That’s a lot of rot, it is not true”. You turn and say, “Well I don’t believe in Hell either, but I do believe in an afterlife, and as I see it, I will get (as we have been taught in many religions), what I have sown. Would you like to reap what you have sown?”

It is a simple way and it might work, of passing on your beliefs, without emphasising the fact that it is spirit that you are talking about. It is us. Of course, if the opportunity is there to really talk about us, (and when I say 'us' I mean you too, because you are spirit now, ongoing, all of us), then by all means do so.

We feel, that if people wave the banner of Spirit, Spiritualism, or similar names… for many they immediately put up a barrier. But if it is just you, you people, the people they know, Tom, Dick, or Harry, talking to them and in an open broad-minded manner, it may get them thinking about their attitude, to their life. And if they can realise that it’s their life that they are upsetting, spoiling, as well as others; (the others that they are affecting may be temporary, but for them it is not), they may then just decide that perhaps that swindle, or whatever it was that they were going to do, mightn’t be worth it after all.

You may be dropping your little bit of knowledge now, and it may not register for a hundred years; (that’s something for you to think about), but at least you’ve passed it on… because they are not going to die... they can’t... You understand what I am meaning by that?

Sitter: I think so - that the bit of knowledge that you are passing on now, even if it takes a hundred years, will not be lost.

Spirit: It is an attitude that we would like you to have as you go through your life, and when your life is with us you may find that you can still make use of it, because there are many people over here too, who still do not realise the magnitude and the glory of life lived to the full!

Is there any question that you would care to ask?

Sitter: Perhaps an added thought to that is, that if we can we should try and lead by example.

Spirit: We expect that naturally of you people, it is taken for granted!  (Mirth) But yes, I understand what you mean.

Sitter: Well thank you once again for a most interesting talk. God bless you. Goodnight

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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