Chapter Fourteen

Pathways to God.

Spirit (Unknown): Good evening.

To follow the path of enlightenment is the want, and sometimes achievement, of a large proportion of humanity. The path they follow to do this varies considerably as to race, and within each race from the conventional to the individual. How they follow it does not matter. It is what they do with their physical home, (their body), and what they do with their mind through the brain, that matters. Through the physical body they can help others, not necessarily by lifting a hammer, but by the kind gesture or smile when it is needed. They help their spirit through the brain, by their thinking, and seeking knowledge. The human brain rarely, I think I could safely say never, retains all knowledge acquired by reading, listening etc, - but this is what you need to understand - the spirit does! So as long as each human does his best in his own environment, he will acquire further status.

There is no one way to God, but there is one God. Knowledge and joy beyond the comprehension of man, (except in perhaps rare moments of illumination), is waiting....

Sitter: I don’t think I quite follow that if I seek knowledge and don’t retain it, that my spirit will, because as I see it the spirit would have the knowledge anyway, would it not?

Spirit: Are you a perfect spirit? Your Spirit requires knowledge. It is forever learning, and it can gain it through your physical body and brain. Do you not perceive what I mean?

Sitter: Not really, because I had an idea that spirit knowledge came from your side of living, rather than from ours.

Spirit: You are spirit now. You always have been, you always will be. You are here in an earth body to acquire knowledge. You physically read a book, you conscientiously read it; your brain accepts it and so does your spirit, but your memory which is a physical attribute, does not necessarily retain it all... but your spirit will! Whether it is good or bad, your spirit is affected by what your physical body and brain acquire, or do. Every moment of your life is precious, so one must make the most of it, but that does not mean to say that you always have to be occupied in manual labour, or acquiring knowledge through books. You may merely be gazing out the window, but if your mind is even at that moment saying, “Why?”... Because you are questioning and thinking, eventually you will acquire knowledge. It may not come to you straight away; it is by your observation and questioning that you are learning.

Sitter: Does that knowledge come to me through promptings from your side... through my spirit?

Spirit: If your mind is open. What the physical man has to realise is that he is spirit. Your spirit can acquire knowledge without you physically being aware of it. That is why we tell you that every thought, word and deed is important. Word and deed you can understand no doubt, but thought too is very important!

We are wanting your little group to become confident in your knowledge. Sufficiently so, that when you talk to other people, though they may doubt you, they can say, “They seem to speak with an authority, they seem to know”, even if they don’t believe you. It is that spiritual inner surety, which we all must try to acquire, and pass on.

You feel that you know that there is life after death... but think; how are you going to pass that knowledge on to others, (not just send them off to see somebody else), but give them the knowledge that you’ve got yourself... That is what we’d like you to acquire, and be able to pass on. And another sort of knowledge that you must acquire... the attuning to another spirit, because that is what you are doing.

Even though it is a physical body sitting or standing in front of you, you are trying to communicate with another spirit… one that may not realise that he or she will live forever.

We would ask that human beings open their hearts and their minds to their fellow human beings. Do not criticize them if their path is not the same as yours, it is still the same path, but perhaps of a different texture.
They may think you are wrong, but as long, as you do not harm one another, and help each other along the way… that is all we ask. Try not to criticise your fellow man but look on him with love, and compassion, and understanding... that he is struggling the same as you are.

And on that note we will say “Good night”. We watch your path with interest, your little group. May God bless it.

Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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