Chapter Fourteen

Time & Colour

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Now in speaking of time… I think, in fact we know, that we have given you something that perhaps is completely beyond your comprehension at this stage… but you have been thinking. Now time for us does not come in hours or minutes or seconds, but it does come in periods. For example: In the history of mankind over each century approximately, there has been a change. Light, if we like to call it that, has gradually brightened that ball we call earth.

In the time of the cave man, the light from man was dull. As you can imagine life was a drudge, there was very little to enlighten them. They had to work all the hours of daylight to survive. Life was drudgery. But as time went on there was the odd person who began to appreciate, perhaps the landscape, perhaps a fire… they began to get knowledge. So approximately every century there was developing colour, until now we have a lot of colour in mankind. But unfortunately there are always the dark spots, but we do feel and from our observation, that each approximately one hundred years, there is a step forward. Sometimes unfortunately it is a step back, but it is man’s thought that is helping with this colour. Man gives forth colour himself. As you probably realise it is called the aura. It depicts the development of mankind and therefore is lightening the world, and it is that colour that we can judge century by century. We know for example, if we go back to a certain period, that we can give the time of it because of the colouration that man has created. And in our world, I think one of you was fairly near in the idea that as you develop, people can judge within a fairly large range, of the time that you have been on earth, because of how you have developed, and the time that you have progressed through the spirit world.

Each person, each soul has its colour. When a group come together in a circle that colour is blended, and from observations we see this beginning of melding of colour, and know that it is time that we too are there. It is a discipline that we have that we must be observant of this happening. It is our observation of the colour that is amongst people, that we can see how they have progressed over a period of what you call time.

Why it is difficult for us to explain to you ‘time’, (and we say there is no time), … think yourselves, let me think of an example… you are sitting here in this room and you suddenly think of Trafalgar Square in your London, in Great Britain, and within a period that you cannot measure by time, you have thought of that. You cannot put time to an infinitesimal thought, and what are you but thought? You are, because you think!

Now I won’t go any further on this question of time, but you yourselves, keep thinking of it periodically, don’t make a burden of it, but you could imagine when you have time to relax, that you are in a world that is always light, so you cannot tell by the sun as to the time...  you have no clock, you have no tides. Your world is very much bound up in time. Imagine that there is none, but there is a change and that change is colour.

I think I will leave you with those thoughts…

Sitter: Ling does that colour change come from the people, or does it come from the surroundings? You said that every hundred years or so there is a colour change… I’m unsure whether you mean that comes from the people, or from their surroundings.

Spirit: The development of the people. The development of you, the basic essential you, not the physical body.

Sitter: But if people spiritually develop at different rates, how would the overall…?

Spirit: The world develops at a different rate because of the people that are in it. You people cause… and even people as yourselves who probably say that you are insignificant, have an influence on colour and on your century. There are areas in your world at the moment where there are some very bright lights, but you’ve also got some murky black ones… but your murky black ones aren’t as bad as those that were perhaps fifty years ago. Go back another hundred years… blacker still, and right back into parts of your history that are very gloomy. Unfortunately, often caused by man’s struggle to understand what life is all about, and man’s greed… these two things have a great influence.

Sitter: Is its man’s thought that produces colour?

Spirit: Yes. You think yourself, in your healing; do you not try to put that person in a pleasant place in a lovely colour?

Sitter: No, not really, not colour-wise.

Spirit: Well try it my friend.

Sitter: Any particular colour?

Spirit: The clearer and lighter the colour, the better. Think of it logically. Do you want to surround your dearest person who is ill, with black?

Sitter. No, far from it.

Spirit: Would you prefer a lovely light colour?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: A gold perhaps, or white?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: Well think on those lines my friend.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Those people who work with coloured ribbons and all sorts of things with colour, they do not quite understand what they are doing, but they have somehow picked up the idea that colour is important and it is, it is very important.

Well for tonight I will go. God bless you and don’t give up thinking! (Mirth)

Sitter: Thank you very much for your explanation, Ling, even if we don’t fully understand all of it.

Spirit: Well even thinking is good for your physical health if nothing else. (Mirth)

God bless you. Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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