Chapter Fourteen

Animals and Mankind

Spirit (Peter): Good morning. This is Peter speaking on ‘Animals and mankind’.

Joyce, the medium, has referred to me as a gentleman, meaning gentle. I would like to think this was so and I have every reason to be gentle, because I am surrounded by beautiful things.

One of my major occupations over here is looking after the gentle things, the little animals. I have cats and dogs and monkeys and mice and frogs (I could go on indefinitely), and these gentle little things, because there is nothing to frighten them here - are not fighting for survival, and are wonderful friends to have. I’ve a mouse on my shoulder at the moment and mind-to-mind we can communicate. He’s not a philosopher or anything like that, but he can indicate that he’s content, and in him being able to do this with my mind, it is helping develop that little, shall we say... soul.

I have dogs; little dogs, Chihuahuas, and I have beautiful big dogs. They are more beautiful in my eyes the bigger dogs, the Labradors and the Collies, and even the noble Great Dane - although he can’t sit on my lap. I’ve never encouraged a Great Dane to sit on my lap! If you could imagine the paintings that you may have seen of St. Francis with all the animals around him, that is my work. I communicate with these animals and many of them return to earth, and they in their humble little way pass on my messages.

With their kindnesses and their lovingness to humans, the cat will bring you a mouse. It’s not only to show you how clever he’s been, and you should be honoured.  If you would only eat the mouse, he’d share it with you, but instinctively the cat knows you want to take it from him. It has even been known for otters, which are very wild animals, to share their food with humans, and we feel, (because there are many of us not just myself, who work with animals), that it is the influence that we have over here, that can make them so very precious to people on earth.

There are other people who work with the bigger animals, where the same thing can happen. The compassion an elephant will have for its young has been learned from an advanced human.

Animals have not the soul that we have. They haven’t got the thinking capacity. They are beginning. They are a one. But the more they associate with human beings or with spirits, the more they develop; and in spirit, in us teaching them, they come back to you, to the human race and endear themselves to you.

Because of what we have taught them they become compatible to the human, they accept the human. Even the wild birds will do this. You can get them sitting on your hands because of the kindness that you are showing, or that they have been shown in spirit. I’m trying to explain this to you so that you will not look down on animals, but look on them rather as our younger, (now, it doesn’t seem right to say brothers and sisters), but our younger ‘spirits’ shall we say. So without being maudlin over animals you contact, be kind to them. Think well of them. And this applies to every living thing.

If you must kill, such as a fish, well kill it. Don’t leave it lying in the bottom of the boat to die, make it quick. Be kind to everything. If you must do something that takes a life, don’t be sadistic, do it with compassion... for a little spirit is passing on. No matter what it is, believe me, even a rat can be loveable.

That is all for this morning.

Good morning.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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