Chapter Fourteen

The Calming Uses of Water

Spirit: (Soo-Lee): Good evening. What I wish to talk about tonight is ‘Fears’.

Do you people realise that you have something in your lives, physically, that is very relaxing no matter what your fear, and that is water.

You are most fortunate in that where you live you have water surrounding you. If you are distressed, (myself, this is my opinion), I think you would gain much peace from walking by your water... listening to the waves lapping. Now this may not be possible, you may physically not be able; but even to hold a cup of water in your hand and look at it, moving the cup gently, it has a very soothing effect… or be perhaps by a fishpond and watch the fish... the slow movement…

Now there are many ways that no doubt you can think of, where water can be a comfort to you, like relieving your thirst or relaxing your body if you are in it. You may not know this, but water is something that we use a lot here, for souls that are in distress when they first come over. We may use it in a number of ways.

For a tiny baby, for it to feel or get the impression that it is laying in warm water, is very calming and very helpful, because it is so near to being with its mother. To a very old person who has passed perhaps in a fever, to feel the comfort of a cool wet cloth and perhaps the sound of water running over stones is soothing.

For a young vigorous person who has perhaps passed in an accident, to feel the limb, or the portion of the body that has been so badly hurt that it has taken the life of the person… to have the comfort of water round it, with sound, also soothes.

Taking it a little further, you may have noticed that I have several times mentioned sound. The sound of the water for many of us, (the biggest percentage), it has a very calming effect - because it alters the vibration that is around us. If in your case, you people are angry and your vibrations are sharp and jagged, the sound of water has a calming effect, even water that is going over a great waterfall, has that effect. Physically, the sound, the deep beautiful sound, the spray, the colour... no matter what the state of mind… it relaxes.

For you Europeans and for us Asians, we colour the water with a little tea and think how calming that is for us. I cannot emphasise enough the joy of water, the help it gives to you on earth, and the great power it has for us here in spirit. Think on it my friends. It is something to think of quite a bit, because it can have a great effect for good on your life, in the physical body and on your ‘mind’, (as Ling would say), when you are with us.

May the waters that flow round you, always be smooth.

Good night, this was Soo Lee.

Sitter: That was lovely, and thank you very much. Our love to you all.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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