Chapter Fifteen

Mind, Thought and Prayer

Topic: ‘Mind’ and the physical body.

First spirit (Ling):  Greetings. We wish tonight, to perhaps further stimulate,  ‘Mind’.

Had you ever thought, how most of the time your thinking ‘you’, is probably not being used to its full potential, for example: -

When you are walking are you thinking, “I must put my left foot, then my right foot and I must dodge that stone. I will keep my arms moving, my back straight, I will blink my eye, and I will hear traffic”? I think if you were strictly honest you would realise that you don’t think of any of those things. Most of our life we automatically do things. You came from your other room, you walked along a corridor, you opened the door and you came in and sat down. I wonder if you thought of one single thing that you did.

Now it is this sort of thinking that started the philosophers off, and some before Socrates. Socrates was the man who was outspoken and brought it forward; Plato kept records; Aristotle worked it out; he was the first to at least put it into words so that mankind would start thinking. He used what is called Aristotle’s Logic, the first man to use logic. So he worked out, that most of his life unless something went wrong, he just ‘did’, he didn’t think, and that made him realise that there was a controlling factor, which we now call spirit. Socrates referred to it as his ‘voice’. Not his personal voice but another, one that told him what to do, what to say; and so man began to believe in another factor in his being.

So as you go through your life, at times (we realise that you can’t do it all the time), stop, and think, “How much of what I have just done did I think about?” or “Was I, the spirit, able to continue thinking on some other lines, while my physical body which had been programmed, continued to work?”

You are sitting down; you are not consciously telling your body to sit there, but if your spirit weren’t in control of that body it would collapse into rather a messy puddle. And yet your mind, your spirit is free, and you know that your body will stay where it is.

Another way perhaps, that you may be able to think of it... is like your machines for cutting grass, it does a very good job, if you push it. Your body does a very good job, if you, the spirit, pushes it. When you push your mower, it is not you personally whirring the blades; the same as with your body you don’t personally think, “I must lift my finger to push that button”. It does it for you. It has been designed that way.

Logical thinking could open up a very wide field for you, as to why things happen, and how they happen. For those men of many years ago who started to think, logical thinking opened more clearly to them the fact that there was a divine intelligence… and it wasn’t in the material god that they had in a temple.

It is just another way for you to think, and come to the realisation of what is around you. Logic!

Another example might be the scientist, the physicist. When he picks up his pencil and starts to write, or moves his pipette or whatever instruments he may need to use, adjusting power or whatever - his mind is not on what his hands are doing. His hand would automatically go out and pick up that pencil, while his ‘mind’, ‘soul’, is working out the problem that he is going to put on paper. It is just another thought.

I will leave you with that.

May god bless you, may that font of all divine knowledge help you to understand just what ‘you’ are.

God bless you.  Goodnight.

Second spirit (Soo Lee): Good evening. Soo Lee.

Sitters: Good evening Soo Lee.

Spirit: Just a little thing that I would like to add. I was thinking that one often stands, (well I have, you may do something a bit different), and gaze at the moon as it shines on water; and my eyes would follow the path, and up to the mountains, and on up to the moon, and in that time I am not conscious at all of my physical being. Mind you, if it would start to snow, or a cold wind blow, or a loud noise, my body would react to these things and my soul would come back from its contemplation.

It is just pointing out to you that our life as we understand it, in the physical body, can quite often go on without us consciously working it; for example, (another thing to think on)… Sleep... you are not consciously telling your heart to beat, your blood to run through your veins, etc. now are you?

Sitters: No.

Spirit: It is good to wake up more thoughts. That will be all for tonight from us.


Topic: Mind and the physical body. (Contd.)

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Now referring again to what I mentioned last week, where you, the spirit, and the workings of your body can be separate. I will carry this a little further.

I think we left you with the understanding that your body can automatically keep doing things, while you, thinking probably that your body is doing it, may be gazing at the stars.

Now most people during the course of their life have their minds, their souls, very much aware of the workings of their body, and this in the normal course of events is necessary; but then you get the person, (many of whom you no doubt have heard about), who are completely dedicated to one subject, and more often than not if you look into the history of these people, you will find that they may be a genius in, for example, music, but because they have dedicated themselves to one thing and have not kept a balance in their lives, they physically wear themselves out, become abnormal.

You are born with a body that will reach maturity, but it needs the discipline of the spirit to keep it working.

Now many of these people that you call a genius, no matter what their subject, are dedicated souls who have been prepared to put up with the discomfort and the eccentric lives they lead, to enable the genius that they have to be made use of.  Some of them overcome great difficulties of their physical bodies, but their spirit is so dedicated to what they have to do, that this can be overcome. But in the normal course of events we must keep balance.

For example, if you people were dedicating yourselves, we will say to what you call ‘Spiritualism’, (the communication between two worlds), by all means be dedicated - but you are living on earth and you must treat your bodies accordingly. This is not meant for you people, we are not criticising understand, this is just an example.

So if you want to study it more thoroughly and be completely dedicated at the time you are studying, by all means sit at your table with your pen and pencil, or your paper, your books, or whatever, and completely put your concentration to the subject; but...  ‘Balance’.  Remember your meals, remember your exercise, and remember your recreation.

Unfortunately, or in some ways really fortunately, we cannot all be in the genius category. Many of those people, (in reading of their lives), were very much unbalanced; but what this is leading to is for you to realise that you are in realty, to put it simply, two entities... the physical body, and the spiritual body which works through the physical.

Never despair when the physical body plays you up, which of course we all know it does at times... remember that you are a spiritual body and that is as perfect as you have made it, by your very thoughts. Remember, it is very important that you have ‘Balance’, and of course as I have said before, that takes ‘Discipline’. You may be enjoying very much what you are learning or doing, but you must have the dedication and the discipline to stop at the right time. Because when you come back to it you will be refreshed, and possibly the problem that you were having, will become clearer to you because you have rested, you have disciplined yourselves!

And of course I cannot leave you, which I am about to do, unless I mention the last of my three important words!
Can anyone tell me what it is? (Mirth)

Sitters: “Compassion!”

Spirit: Right. You are good pupils, (Mirth) May God bless you in your work.

So on that note I will say ‘Goodnight’.

Topic The Importance of ‘Thought’.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Now tonight we would like you to give a thought, to ‘Thought’ - and this applies to everyone.

I don’t think that you, your medium, or many people at all, realise the power of thought in influencing your own lives, and that of others. The way you possibly may comprehend the power, is in healing. You no doubt have had the experience of when you have asked for healing, something has happened. And that was because of your thought. ‘Thought’, is really your life... your personality…  It makes you an individual apart from everyone else, because, though you may have similar thoughts to others, it is very seldom that two people have identical thought.

Now thought in our world also has colour, and no doubt you have heard of the aura... and the thought of people influences the aura; and the person that has a similar aura, or personality, sees that light and thinks, “There is someone whom I could associate with”, thereby bringing about, ‘Like turning to like’.

The building of this light around you, is taking place every minute of your life -  “Life” in brackets, emphasised! Life!

There are times no doubt, when the thoughts in your head are not particularly good, through possibly no fault of your own. The influence of what you are reading, hearing, seeing... these are not of your making, and possibly not of your wanting; so your good thoughts, ‘you’, the essence, reject. But sometimes it is a battle to reject.

You may have a strong dislike for a person. Part of your good thoughts, is to reject that dislike and turn it to compassion for that person, because possibly, unbeknown to you, in some facets of their personality they may be better than you, and after all, who are we as individuals to criticise another; even sometimes helpfully as we think, may be detrimental to that person. One can offer help, one can suggest alternative methods, but no one has to accept, because they too have to build up their personality. It is by example more than anything else, that we can influence people.

Possibly in your own life, you can think back to various people whom you admire; not so much for what they have said to you, or taught you, or shown you; but by their very mode of life they have become examples, and they are people in an ongoing life that you would find pleasure in associating with, even though they may have differences in many opinions.

So your thoughts must always be on the positive and not on the negative, to develop that light around yourselves, that you will influence for good those around you; and in doing this you encourage like minded people to join you. This is every minute of your life!

It is probably repeating, (in fact I’m sure it must be), what I have said before, but it is what we believe sincerely, and a good teacher we are told, repeats many times in a different manner, to make sure the lesson goes home.

Do you understand what I have been trying to say?

Sitter: Ling I’m not sure that I understand the last part, that if you develop your light, others will see that light and be drawn to you.  Are you speaking of in your world, because in our world there are not many people who are capable of seeing that light?

Spirit: True. I didn’t make it quite clear. In your world, it would be your example and personality. In our world it is the light that is showing around us.

Sitter: Thank you. Another point that I am unsure of is where you say that one shouldn’t be critical of another person. As I see it, when I see somebody doing something wrong I am often critical of what they are doing, but at the moment I don’t see anything wrong in recognising, they are doing something wrong and criticising it to myself… “Oh they are doing something wrong. I don’t like that at all”.
Am I in error?

Spirit: You are criticising what they are doing...but you are not condemning them. You see someone doing something wrong, and you think, or should think... “I’m sorry that person is doing that. It is not right. Could I in any way help them?” And you may think, “No there is nothing I can do, but I can send them the strongest thoughts of help and compassion”, instead of thoughts of… “Oh, you scum!” Do you understand?

Sitter: Yes, but I think by inference, you are condemning them if they are doing something wrong... but I also understand that where one sees this happening, one should think, “Thoughts are important, I’ll see if I can help”.

Spirit: Yes, don’t have thought that is negative. It is positive that we are wanting for you... positive compassion, positive love, positive joy - take the negative out of your life. There is enough negativity, as you are well aware. The more positive we are through our actions and our thoughts, the better for everyone. Is that clear?

Sitter: It is very clear. A little more difficult to live up to however!

Spirit: That is part of life my friend. Life is difficult. But you’d be surprised how often you may start to criticise someone, and think, “Am I in the position to do that?” “Am I in the position to help?” “Am I any better?” that can come into it too. We’re all very good at criticising each other, and we don’t look at our own faults quite often, and that applies to all of us.

So we’ve got to be positive in our thought, in all directions… let this be your watchword, (for all of us in fact)... “Be positive in our thinking”.

Sitter: Thank you… we can but try.

Spirit: Exactly. That is all we ask - as long as you try. Somehow, indirectly perhaps, there is always someone to give you a little push, as long as you try!

May God bless you in all your efforts, you and those around you.


Topic; Thoughts, vibration, prayer.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. This morning we will think on ‘Thoughts, vibration, and prayer’.

Now you have been taught that thoughts are things, and that they go on. It has probably been difficult for you to prove this. But I think a way in which it could be proved would be this... unfortunately you may not have the opportunity to try this out, but... if at any time you are with a group of people (I think to make it felt you would need between eight and ten at least)... go into a positive atmosphere such as a hall, that was at no time used for any controversial subject such as religion, politics, or anything that is likely to raise emotion.

Now your group of people sit down in harmony, you are happy and you are chatting away and you are comfortable - your thoughts are good. And then out of the blue, as you would say, someone says “Did you hear on the radio this morning...” and they throw into your happy atmosphere a very unhappy statement... one that each of you can apply your thoughts to. Within a very short period of time you would probably find that each and every one of you was beginning to feel uncomfortable and out of harmony with your atmosphere, because your thoughts had changed from positive to negative, and they were having an effect along with possibly the vibration of your voices, but mainly the vibration of your thoughts.

Do you follow me so far?

Sitter: Yes thank you.

Spirit: So, you possibly can appreciate that this can happen. Now the vibrations, your thought vibrations, do not stop within the four walls, they can’t. The walls are not solid; thoughts penetrate them and continue on. So the positive and the negative thoughts are now free to go out, and affect others wherever they travel. Now if these thoughts are positive they will do good, and vice-versa.

And so we come to prayer. What use is prayer? One man in one country is praying for peace. One man in another country is also praying for peace. Now beside each of these men, is another man who is praying that his country will win the battles. He would say that he was praying for peace, but he is praying selfishly. He is not interested in the peace as such, but for peace as to what it will give him, or his country; and next to the other man in the other country, this is happening too.

So those vibrations, positive and negative, travel. They cancel each other out. The prayers became void.

Now if people could learn that their thoughts are positive, that they are there for all time, that they can accumulate and be made use of by greater spirits than any of us are... they could see that positive prayer by those four people, unselfish prayer, unselfish thought, would have some purpose.

It is the same in the individual. Your thoughts to the best of your ability must at all times be positive, positive good, not just for you, but for life in general.

As a travelling soul, you and every other soul, do have negative thoughts at times. These negative thoughts can be corrected. You think your thought of destruction or hate, or despair, but within a short period of time if you can think “No”, and correct that thought, you are cancelling it. You are developing yourself, and you are cancelling the negative that is travelling, because good, will cancel the negative.

Into this, if you wish to delve further, is the application of physics where you realise that nothing is solid, that thought can travel indefinitely... through eternity. It can also develop great power by its influence on other people. Negativity in self encourages negativity to you... like drawing to like.

This would apply also to countries. A country that is negative and in turmoil draws to itself negativity, and until the people within that country can, by positive thought put up a barrier, this unfortunate situation may continue.

If you know your history or wish to study it, you may find that there are areas of the world that this obviously happens in. It makes an interesting study.

I think we have possibly given you something to think about.

On this particular subject, have you a question?

Sitter: Yes Ling. I don’t quite understand. It seems to me a question of balance. For example: If thoughts go on indefinitely, good thoughts, that is fine… but I think you said that a negative thought along the same lines can cancel the good thought out... so, does the balance come, in that if you have more positive thoughts than negative, some positive will continue - but if the other way applies and you have more negative thoughts than positive, then are all the continuing thoughts going to be negative ones?

Spirit: I am sorry; I appear to have misled you. If two go out together, the positive and the negative, they will cancel each other out. And that is why we particularly emphasise, to think positive... good thoughts, not only for your own benefit, but also for the benefit of life in general.

Unfortunately, bad thought is usually a more dramatic thought than a good one, but a truly good thought can overcome the bad, because on the side of the good thought are the Great Spirits, the Guides of this world, and we rely on them. But they need our help and I think you probably realise yourself, that there are many countries that need their help; and our and your positive thought, for their benefit and for yours.

Are you happy to leave it at that?

Sitter: Yes thank you. You’ve certainly given us a lot to think on this morning.

Spirit: May the Light of eternity, shine on you and yours.

Good morning.

Topic: Prayer.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. This morning I think we could perhaps talk a little on “Prayer”.

Now the understanding of most people is that they are prostrating themselves before God and asking for help.

The first thing that I would suggest, would be that there is no need to fall on your face or on your knees, for one simple reason...  prayer is thought, from mind to mind. So it would not matter if you stood, sat, knelt, or possibly stood on your head… it would not make the slightest difference. It is your attitude at the time you are saying your prayer.

If it is a matter of duty and quickly got through, it won’t make much difference to you or anyone else, but if it is said in sincerity no matter what the environment, those thought waves will go out.

But think before you pray. For what, are you praying? Self? Do you really need to pray, or should you get on and make a way for yourself?

It is no good praying, and then expecting someone else to do something for you... you must also help yourself! If your prayer is for yourself… having asked, relax and let thoughts flow into your mind. You may get an answer to your problem. But whether it is the right answer, you don’t know! It is up to you to ch0oose what you want to do, or perhaps the answer that has been given to you into your mind is quite contrary, to what you would prefer.

But whatever choice you make, whether it is what you want to do, or what has come into your mind that perhaps you think is an answer to your prayer... it is your choice! The final choice belongs to every spirit. If things go wrong, don’t turn round and blame someone else for what was your choice - even if the thought came to you through your prayer. Naturally on our side we try to help, but we are not infallible. For that reason the choice must be yours.

Another thing we would suggest in your prayers... don’t make them formal according to ritual - no matter what your religion. Talk either to yourself or out aloud, it does not matter; but put your case forward as though talking to a friend. If nothing else, the fact that you have put your dilemma into words and perhaps spoken them out aloud, may put them into the right perspective for you.

Talk to God or your friends in Spirit, as though they are sitting beside you.

Music also can have a great influence on the carrying of your prayer. All the old religions were well aware of this.  Some used what perhaps were discordant notes to the European ear, but it was worked out on what those people found harmonious and uplifting to them.

There is much to be sought and learnt in all religions, in all manner of prayer, in the disciplines that many followed, in the chants they used, vibrations, even the ritual marching of feet which was used in many religions.
The rising in the early hours of a day and marching to their place of worship would send out vibrations, the same as the dancing ... and all of it would be accompanied by prayer. We do not ask you to start marching or dancing, but remember that the communication between the two countries of spirit, yours and ours, is bridged by colour, by vibration which affects colour, and the thought patterns that can travel. This is one of our means of communication and it is open to everyone by the use of unselfish prayer.

Do you understand?

Sitter: There is something that I’m a bit doubtful about. If I understand you correctly, communication is improved by having music, and yet I seem to recall that not so long ago you asked me to turn off some background music I had, when our communication was actually taking place. Now I am unclear as to what I should do.

Spirit: In that case or in similar, the communication had already been made, and therefore vibrations were travelling between you and us. Any other vibration at that time that was not on the same level, for want of a better understanding, could jar, could irritate, could upset the pattern - would be the best way of putting it.

Sitter: So music then helps in the introduction of communication, until such time as communication takes place and then it would be a hindrance?

Spirit: It could be a hindrance. There is a difference there, because if it were on the same wavelength, (that may be a way of putting it), it would enhance. But then, it has to be something that the receiver, and the communicator can both appreciate, and adapt to.

Sitter: Thank you. Understood.

Spirit: Muted sound usually can be coped with… it is when there is big variance in pitch and therefore in colour that it can be distracting, and that is why, perhaps a sharp but harmless sound, can disrupt a communication. Do you see?

Sitter: Yes thank you.

Spirit: Well we will leave it at that for this morning. Good morning and God bless you.

Topic: More about ‘Prayer’.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. Tonight we wish to talk on prayer.

First of all I will mention one that you all know, being Christians. You call it the Lord’s Prayer. You have been told that it is the prayer that the Nazarene gave to people – this may be so; we would have to ask him. But if he gave it to people, he gave it to people who had the minds and education of the very poor… humble people of two thousand years ago who were educated in a way of life - how to exist! They did not read, (remember that he was not associating at that period of time with scholars), so it would be quite a different prayer that he would give today to the average people of this world, because one way or another the largest percentage of people can read, (in varying languages); and once you can read, if you wish to put the effort into it, you can think for yourself, so you would be critical. It would be interesting to know, what he would teach as a prayer today.

So from that, we would suggest that any prayer you say, or think, should be from your heart using your own intelligence. Unconsciously you probably pray a lot, but we in the spirit world would appreciate it (and it would help), if you could give directed prayer, so that we may know how possibly we can help, because we are part of God such as you are, and you are praying indirectly through us and yourselves for direction, for help; and often we can give the help.

You probably do not think of it, but when you ask for help you are praying. If you were in a church you would probably say, “Please God help Jimmy get over his measles”, or whatever, whereas now with the education you have had, the reading you have done, you realise that you may be only contacting someone very similar to yourself, who has the ability to help cure the measles, or at least give upliftment to the little victim until he gets over it. But the particular spirit you are contacting may not even know the little boy who has measles unless he hears your asking, your prayer. And this applies to every situation that you feel that you, or the world, needs help in.

Unfortunately we cannot perform miracles. Mankind itself, combined, is strong to do foolish and possibly evil things, but also it does happen that eventually good will overcome evil, and prayer, thought, is very strong. If millions of people combine in one thought, realising what they are doing, building up immense power not for personal gain, but for help for the world in its many facets, it does help. It helps us to help you. Ask and it may be given.

I do not say that it will be given, because each of you, no matter where you are, are in the world for a purpose, and if your asking will negate that purpose, your prayer would most likely not be answered.

Prayer is thought. Thought is the beginning of all things. It is strength, it is power, and if nothing else, putting your concerns into thought is possibly helping you; in a small way almost like what one of your Christian churches has… going to confession. Prayer can never do harm, as long as it is for love.

I will now change the subject.

Sitter: Excuse me but before we leave that topic could I put in a question at this point?

Spirit: By all means. It doesn’t mean to say I can answer it. (Mirth)

Sitter: I’ve been trying to think through this situation. When our thoughts go out to you people, does everybody hear them and then somebody steps in and handles it, or are they only received by our personal guide, or just what is the situation?

Spirit: My friend, think that over. You are sitting there on that chair and all the people that are around you in your country and throughout the universe, the world, their thoughts come to you. Can you imagine what that would be like? (Mirth)

Sitter: Chaos!

Spirit: Exactly. When you ask for help for someone, initially it would be someone close to you that would receive that message. Now I will give an example.

Our medium may ask for help for (we will say) you, her husband. It would be most unlikely that I would receive that message, but her doorkeeper would no doubt do so, because he is always within the receiving area of her thought. He doesn’t pick up every thought she has, but it is a directed thought in this case to spirit, so he picks it up. He himself may not be capable of helping your particular problem, therefore he in turn asks for help, and so on, and so on, until eventually (and remember that ‘eventually’ in this case could be point five of a second), help becomes available, because over here thought travels very quickly… although again, if it is a particularly bad problem, and only very few people are able to help with it, it may take longer for them to return with the help that is needed, because they are helping others. But that is how it moves from one to another if necessary.

Sitter: A medium has a doorkeeper so I can see how that works very easily, but supposing a person is not a medium, what is the situation then?

Spirit: Each and every one of you has someone who is near you, but would a person who is not a medium be asking for help through spirit? They would be directing their prayers to God, or to Allah, or whatever the name of their god is, and it would go through their guardian friend or ‘angel’ and thence on. A medium has more direct access, but an everyday person can still do it, though perhaps it takes somewhat longer, because they haven’t got the (I don’t like using the word ‘faith’), but they haven’t got the ‘confidence’, shall we say, to know that someone will do something about it. It is just a hope in their case. One is positive; the other is almost negative.

Sitter: Thank you.

Topic: Prayer and your thinking.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. Tonight we would like to talk about prayer and your thinking.

Now no doubt your minds have gone to the various churches you have attended where people go down on their knees, or possibly in their homes kneel at their beds. We would say, “It is better than nothing”, but prayer that is ritual - the soul is not behind it! Many people probably don’t even realise what they are saying. And many of the prayers that are said beside the bed are “I want”, asking (many times demanding), as a right. That is not prayer.
Prayer truly used, should be so much part of your life that it is automatic, and the sort of prayer that I am thinking of… you wake, you might hear a bird call, and you may think, “That is beautiful, I’m glad I can hear it”. You stretch your physical body. “ That feels good. It’s almost time I was up”. It’s good to feel like that. And in the back of your mind at all times, think like… “I’m part of God, that bird was, we are all part of God”.

Stretch your very thinking, your very mind at every opportunity, (I don’t say to do this when you are using machinery, or something that you must put all your physical mind to), but when you are walking along the road, doing the dishes, weeding your garden, or walking from one hole to another when you play your golf game… they are all times when you can be observant, physically feel and appreciate ‘God’. In doing this, you yourself after a period of time, will find that there is exhilaration in it. Even when you’re very old and perhaps crippled, you still have that feeling of what it is perhaps, to be young. Because when you think of it you are young. You are part of God. You are part of the universe. Everything that you see, and love, and feel, and smell, is all part of God.

Now you are going to say, “Well some of the things I feel, hear, smell… I don’t like”. True, but they are still part of God; and if you can look on that person (if it is a person whom you have an aversion to), have compassion! They cannot feel like you do with a freedom of spirit, and a love of the simple. Send them a thought, a prayer that they too may benefit, from what is there for everyone.

And when you get the opportunity, may we suggest that you go into a church, an empty one, not one that has lots of people in it hustling around with the idea of raising lots of money, (which unfortunately many of the big churches are doing now), but into some little humble church in an out of the way suburb or country area, maybe one that is very old, in fact the older the better… and go inside and sit, and just let your mind be free with love in your heart, because there have been many sincere people ahead of you (perhaps mistaken in their attitude), but with the right feeling in their heart.

And because that is there for you, and you are prepared to accept it and add to it, all being well you should come away with peace in your heart, and a lighter step and a greater love of all people - all living things.

But one does not necessarily need to have a church. Other places are just as good, like a garden, a quiet walk, a place by a beach - wherever you can get away from the sound of the mechanised world that you live in, the commercial world. Perhaps it will not happen except very early in the morning or late at night.

If you’ve had a day that has been stressful… you have been overburdened, not necessarily physically, mentally, and there is stress in your heart and because of this you are feeling so weary… may we suggest that you go outside, (if the weather is not inclement), and listen, and look… just for a very brief time unless you wish to stay longer.

If it is cold, feel that cold and know that you are going into the warmth, and appreciate it. Or listen perhaps to the little hedgehog that is scurrying past and wonder for a minute about its life; or look to the stars. You may see one shooting across the heavens and for a moment just think, “I wonder who else is seeing it besides me, someone perhaps many miles away”, and feel united for a short time with that other person. There are so many ways my friend, that simple prayer can enhance your life.

In reading a book you may come across a phrase or a paragraph, where your mind is united with the writer of those words; don’t just think that that read well, that was interesting or that’s nice, or that man had understanding, and pass it. Pause, and think of that mind, because it still exists, it is still there… and perhaps for a very brief time you will connect with another spirit, and indirectly this too is prayer, because you are all united in God. You are part of everything. Make a point of adding to it and enjoying it.

Even in times of adversity, pause and think “I’m part of God”, and perhaps for the soul whom you are with, who is in trouble… “They too are part of God, and whatever that problem is we’ll overcome it”, because remember that even if death solves the immediate problem, it is not the end. You are all part of the most wonderful… words fail me… ‘Life!’

So do your best to enjoy it and add to it. Relax, enjoy it, use your senses, they are there to be used; and thank God for it all… because the more you thank and send out those positive thoughts, the more you are helping. Though you may not see it yourself, you are a little wave like a wireless wave going out, and somewhere it will connect - so remember your prayers whenever you can.

I hope you have understood what we were trying to get across. It is a difficult subject, but once you have accepted it, it will add greatly to your lives.

Is there anything you would care to ask on that subject?

Sitter: Do I understood correctly, that it is really a higher thought communication between your world and ours, which is prayer - rather than prayer being only a formal request.

Spirit: Yes. It is your positive thought. If you want help, ask for it. You may not get it… but we cannot help if we don’t know what you want. But you yourself must build up that love and appreciation, so that it can be drawn on to help others. It is an all-important force that mankind has made into a ritual, and that’s not what it should be.

Well my friends, that is all for tonight. I hope it has been some help to you, and that you make use of your knowledge.

God bless you.



The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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