Chapter Eighteen

Tips for Self Improvement

Ken wrote this for the last Chapter in his 'Book'; I will leave it as he wrote it. J. H. Jan 2011.

As we approach this last chapter, it seems fitting to reflect, on whether we are fully satisfied with our present way of life. If, like many people, we have a desire to learn more and perhaps lead better lives ourselves - then, while many of the earlier talks here have given a lead, this group of talks offers further consolidation, extension and practical guidance. K. H.

Topic: Stimulation.

Spirit: Good evening, this is Ling. Have you fully recovered from your holiday?

Sitters: (Laughter) Yes thank you.

Spirit: Well I think tonight, we would like to talk on “Stimulation”, because that is what the breakaway from your everyday life should have been…

Stimulating your minds in various aspects, such as possibly appreciation of what you have got, or appreciation of what someone else has got and that you could possibly copy, appreciation of people, appreciation of situations that you possibly can do something about, and really every spirit, (and this applies to us as well), should have a period where they do something completely different.

Now of course we cannot all, (no reference to you people), get on a plane and go flying off to somewhere different in the world. In our case we take on a new interest. We may be people for example who are particularly interested in the philosophy of Plato. One can become bogged down, or narrow on a subject, so our guides, our teachers, periodically say “Enough! Go and do something different”.

It may be that we go and help people who are struggling to find their way into the more comfortable realms, or it may be that we become interested in music, not for long, but it is a break away from our conventional living. And may we suggest that you people, not every week, perhaps not even every month, but periodically do something different, that is stimulating to your spirit and of course to your brain. It may be that you go over to the city and go to the museum, not where you usually go. Perhaps you may be interested in the birds and you go and study the birds for a day. You may be surprised what you learn, or perhaps you would go and study astrology.

Have you ever noticed yourselves though, how human beings are very much inclined to get into a rut? (Yes) You go to the library… you always go either to the art, gardening, philosophy, but had you thought of doing something quite different? Take out a book, a simple book on a completely different subject… building a car, how to fly an aeroplane, or travel, if you don’t normally read travel books. It is good to do these things.

It is not always necessary to go off on a holiday to stimulate your thinking. Holidays are essential on perhaps a yearly basis for your physical well-being, but there are ways of stimulating the spirit, getting out of the routine, and still remaining within the environs of your home or city… and it is advisable for all of us, as we find here.

You can get so happy and contented where you are, that though you don’t realise it yourselves you start to stagnate, things become routine, you are no longer having adventures, because that’s what it amounts to, adventures of the spirit…  whether they are what you do with your hands, or with your eyes, or possibly even with your legs… I wouldn’t suggest you try mountain climbing at your advanced years (Mirth). But there are other things that you can do… and we are hoping that your holiday, that you have just had, will be an inspiration to you for the following year; that you look back on it for the good and the bad, because there are always these things in any holiday… think of the people you have met, the places you have seen, the things you have done that were different, and it becomes also a talking point that make you as people possibly more interesting, because you have done something different, that you can pass on to other people.

Life is all about stimulating. Think of the old people you know. Some of them are vibrant even though their bodies are old, and other people at about twenty are so old - I think I have said enough!

May God bless you and help you in your work.


Topic: Overcoming negativity and depression.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. “Negativity”, is a word we wish to discuss this morning.

Negativness and depression, is something that every one of us at some stage, has experienced. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people living in the world today, are negative in their thinking. In many ways this is understandable. They see their world collapsing around them, not only from the natural movement of the earth, but from what has been forced on it by man… and the corruption in the political world, the domination of ‘I am’ in their thinking, and the spread of disease, some of which is becoming out of hand, where once it was believed to be controlled. Now we could go on and on with depressing thought, but into such a conversation, should one not bring joy and positive thinking?

Such as “Well friends we are here and we must make the most of it. What can we do to improve not only our world, but ourselves”, because it must start with self, surely! Then perhaps, point out what is good, because though we can think of much that is negative and depressing; (particularly if out of the environments of the city), there are still birds, trees, sunlight and moonlight, the wind and the seasons… should we not appreciate those? And as each one of us works to help one’s-self, one automatically will be helping those one contacts, because self will have been lifted.

If waking each morning depressed, one perhaps could think, “Well I’m alive, (and most people are grateful for that), what can I do to make myself feel happier?” A sense of achievement often does this. “Right I will tidy some drawers, I will weed a patch of my garden, I will do the same for my neighbour. I have no money, but I can give them time”, and in that small deed, there is upliftment from depression... and a change from negative to positive thinking!

If one is a person in a position to influence your group, your community with simple words, talk is cheap but if you can make it action, then that is so much better, so that the environment is improved. Waken the community to start caring, for not only itself but for those beyond it. There are many people who are great leaders for good. We cannot expect everyone to be in that category, but each in your small way can uphold them.

Do not accept negativity, corruption, false idols and bad workmanship, complain, “These potatoes you sold me are bad”, “These trousers, the zip is not put on properly”, “This food you have given me is cold”. As long as we accept what is poor, many people will not rise to improve what they are giving you, if their money comes easy.

Some people are inclined to say that everything is wrong, and they are depressed and negative, but in their small ways, every single person of an age that understands, can do something about it. It is up to each and every one of you, to expect a high standard, and to do something about getting it, because the ultimate, which we call ‘God’, is perfection. Shouldn’t we aim at it”, even in the small things, so that eventually we can accept the whole?

We need to teach people to think on these things and to do something about it, because with improvements in the world, the negativity and the depression can be helped... by self - and by helping others to help themselves.

We will not keep you any longer this morning.

God bless you.

Good morning.

Topic: Motivation.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. ‘Motivation.’

From early in one’s physical life because of the burden of the body, most people need motivation of some type. A child will hurry home from school because there is a toy, and people from their place of work to the warmth of a house. They go to work for money to enable them to buy something. Many people do things for others because it makes them feel good... that is not necessarily a good reason, but everything that is living has a motivation. The big cats that so enjoy lying about and sleeping, are motivated by hunger to hunt. And so we come back to the human being, who in their latter years, many sit and wait for time to pass, literally waiting to die. They have no motivation to do anything.

But if we think seriously... how wrong this is! For though one may not be physically capable of doing much more than move from room to room, or possibly not out of one’s bed, one still has ‘mind’. Every day of your life on earth, you are capable of learning, or appreciating, something. This of course, is as long as you are in a conscious state. There are books to read and if you are not capable of reading them, your mind can still see, or we should say here, your eyes can still see, and give the picture to your mind. You may be looking at the flowers in your room... how far can your mind travel along that? There is the colour to perceive. There is the country they originated from. There is their habit of growth, and while you’re thinking this way, there is always a chance that someone near you can give you an answer, for something you don’t know.

Or perhaps, the speech might have gone but the eyes are still seeing the human beings perhaps, that come into the room. Who is this soul? What is their path going to be? And though your life may be coming to an end, as you understand it, what is there to stop you sending thoughts of encouragement, love, and compassion to that person, so that their journey may be enhanced.

So you are lying on your back. You say incapable. No! Perhaps you can only hear, and your mind can travel far on that; either through the music you hear, or perhaps the sounds of a lift, and you think of what that means to mankind, how it was created, how it was maintained, you are using your mind!

So at no time, should the physical body stop you from being motivated, to add something to your life.

You may think possibly, that in extreme pain or if feeling very ill, you are not capable of this. It is more difficult but perhaps it is a challenge, and you may be surprised at what your mind is capable of doing to your body. It is worth thinking on and practising, not necessarily when you are old, but at any time of your earthly life.

Be motivated. Whether it is physically, or mentally, through your senses be motivated - because your life is not ending - and what you are learning and perceiving while you are on earth, you carry through to your future life.

Remember my friends, ‘motivation’; even in extreme conditions...  try! And that applies, not only to you, but to every human being...  be motivated!

God bless you.

Good morning.

Topic: A simple path to follow.(A talk given at a public meeting)

Spirit (Ling) Greetings. For those who do not know me I am known as Ling. There are a group of us attached to this particular medium who wish to bring knowledge to as many as we can. Simple knowledge. We are not going into vast difficult philosophies, but to try and point out to you a simple path that each and every one of you can follow.

First we would ask you, “What are you?” And you think, most likely, ‘Oh, head and shoulders and a stomach, and a brain, I think’, but you are more than that. You are “Consciousness!”

You may say, “Goodness, what is consciousness?” ‘Consciousness’ my friends, is the totality of your thoughts and actions!   Now think carefully on that.

No doubt you understand that actions do have a considerable influence on your life. As you sow, so you reap, and this is understandable. But then you may say... “My thinking - nobody knows my thoughts. Why should I worry about how I think”? But your thinking comes before your actions, your thinking is you, the basic you! And in using the word ‘totality’ there, may I say that when you come to our dimension, you, and those who are your helpers and friends, will gather with you and criticise your total thinking. Think on that. It may make you square your shoulders and think, “I must be more careful”.

And there are three words that we feel, help you in this. One of them has already been mentioned earlier... “Balance”. Balance in your thinking, and balance in your actions. It is no good going overboard into your worship of God. You have to keep balanced because God is balanced - and you are part of God. And to keep balanced you must have discipline... in your actions and in your thinking... because the ultimate God, or whatever names you give, is a very disciplined and balanced Entity.

And into that also comes a very important word, in our thinking...  “Compassion”. “Oh yes. I’m compassionate”, you think. No doubt you are, within the small limits of your own world, (the little world around you). But how about to those who are beyond your part of the world, in another hemisphere? How about to all living things... to animals and plants? It is in your thinking that they can receive your compassion, because thoughts are things, thoughts are living, thoughts are you.

Think carefully on that my friends, because it leads you on the path that has already been spoken of, and if you walk it as we suggest, with discipline, compassion, and balance, you will accumulate through many years... I don’t mean this lifetime... I mean your lifetime that is eternity, and all the time you walk that path you are gathering more and more knowledge, and as we understand it you will become one with God, which is light and great glory - for at that time, along with your companions, you will be able to help all mankind.

This is a wonderful thing to aim at, and it is what your group that are here today wish to tell you about, as Spiritualists… and we wish to help them in every way we can.

You may stumble on the path, but have no fear... stand up and go on. Each and every one of you, and us, have still a long, long way to go; but be joyful, because it is a great life... life eternal... that we all have.

This was your friend Ling speaking.

God bless you.

Topic: Tolerance.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

‘Tolerance ‘ is something that we must all have, because no matter what subject you may feel you may have knowledge on, whether it is academic, or physically creating… when you speak of it to other people, I think if you are honest you would admit, that you don’t really know much on it.

Take for example: if you are a builder of fences, you say, “Of course I can build a fence; I do this, this, and this”. True, but what do you really know about them? When were fences first used by man? In what country? What were they made of? Were they for protection? Were they to confine? What tools were used? We could go on and on. So be sure of your subject, particularly if you are criticising someone else. You say, “They are incorrect”. If you are honest how much knowledge have you really got on their subject?

Now we will suggest something that mainly ladies do this time... knitting. You can do many fancy patterns. You can read the pattern. Where did that word ‘pattern’ originate? Who was the first person to put it in a form that people could read? What country does it come from? Does it vary from country to country? When was it first noted in history?

We must be very tolerant of other people’s opinions, because how many of us can honestly say, that we have gone into great depths, on a subject that we may be airing our knowledge about?

And when we air our knowledge, it may have an effect on someone that is not right, because we ourselves have not been sure enough of our subject, and in criticising someone else, we are possibly showing our own ignorance.

So be careful in how you listen to others, and how you speak yourselves. It is better to say, “As far as I know”, etc, or “I can’t agree with you completely; I do not know the subject that well,’ can you tell me more, or explain your point?” Be tolerant! Don’t condemn! For all of us have got such a vast amount of learning to do. None of us have really got to the beginning of most of our knowledge. We accept because we see, or because we are told. We don’t question. We should!

An example would be... you are looking at a flower; we will take something simple... the primrose. It is an English well-known flower I understand, so you would all know it. It starts off very inconspicuous over the summer months and in the autumn the leaves begin to push forward, and by spring there is a delightful flower. That you can accept. But had you thought, (and it is something for you to think on, and question, and discuss) that plant has perhaps doubled, or tripled its size in its growing. It has taken up space.

Now we know that there are particles in space. What has it pushed to one side to make its growth? Where has that space gone?

I will leave you with that riddle. It is a difficult one. I would be interested in hearing if you could come, not to a definite conclusion, (it would no doubt be difficult), but an idea, a thought. Because everything that exists, started with a thought!

I think we have left you with plenty to think on.

Good night.

Topic: The power of spirit.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. Tonight we wish to speak on “The power of Spirit”.

No doubt you are all aware of the power of spirit as from my side of the picture, but we are wishing tonight to emphasize the power as on your side - the power that is the spirit, the power that is you.

There are very few people that realise the power of their of their own abilities. Those that do become dedicated, and become masters of perhaps one particular aspect of living, but we are speaking here, more of the everyday average man, who doesn’t realise the potential power he has within himself, for both good and evil. It is very easy to slip into slipshod, devious, unpleasant habits but it is not necessary. Basically there is no need.

You are probably aware yourselves, of the people who are born in conditions which would make this sort of attitude flourish, and who come out of it shining diamonds, fine, upright, conscientious people…  because the power is within you, and everyone else, to be great... not necessarily great musicians, or great car drivers, mathematicians, or dare I mention physicists, but you can still be great.

You have wonderful powers, each and every one of you, for good… and you can make use of them, every day of your life… because your attitude to all living things helps to either make, or possibly break them. The plant that you give extra attention to, your garden that you take care of, mundane things like your car which you look after, the animals which you give that little bit of attention to, or speak kindly to… although you probably don’t realise it yourselves, you look upon with interest, appreciation and affection. Not all living animals, birds, fish, etc, can you physically touch, but remember you are spirit, so are they, so your very thoughts can affect them, and even more so, can you have influence on people.

If you walk out of your gate and someone is walking past and you ignore them, they probably don’t take much notice and you both continue on your way, but if it is a person that sends out a vibration which to you is compatible, and you speak and you smile at them, it lifts them. I say “With a vibration that is compatible”, because quite often in the course of our life we pass close to, and perhaps have to associate with someone who unwittingly probably, antagonises you.

You are in no way compatible, but there is no reason whatsoever my friends, why, with the power of you, which is spirit, you can’t reverse that by your mere thinking. Initially “Oh I don’t like that person”, but change it… “For some reason I don’t like that person, but is the fault theirs or mine?” and look for the better part of that person. He may live up the road from you and have a charming garden, or he is good with his animals. All right, he indulges in bad language, or perhaps more than one female living in his house of which you don’t approve, but that man has got his good points. Acknowledge them to yourself, and if the opportunity arises, acknowledge it to him.

It is only by the power of our spirits… the spirit of the human being on Earth, and the spirit who is in Heaven (or whatever you like to call our part), we all have terrific influence, we are all of us powerful - for good or bad.

I don’t mean, and you no doubt realise that it is impossible, that you smile on someone and they instantly reform… if they are people who have yet a long way to travel, but your acknowledgement of their better points, your smile of acknowledging them as another human being, is just another little brick in the path that they are following. It is a little bit of sunshine that’s come into their life.

“All right” you say, I smile at the man and he tells me off. “Get out”, “Who do you think you’re smiling at?” or some other such comment. You have done your best. It is not your fault. Even so, you have shed a light, if not around him, around yourself – you have added to the power of the spirit which is yours, and perhaps further along his path, the influence of what you did, may influence that person again.

Each and every one of us, no matter where we are, must realise that we have power for great good… or if we allow it… for evil! And one person can have terrific influence. You just need to think of the good and the bad that there have been. Hitler with his dynamic personality, Mother Theresa with her loving kindness, two completely opposite people making use of their spirit power, one for evil, and one for good.

Let each one of us remember that, and in our own small way, apply it to every aspect of life.

Is there any question pertaining to said subject?

Sitters: No thank you Ling.

Spirit: I can’t believe I’m that good. (Laughter)

Well my friends, as long as you think on it… absorb it into your very being, because you are spirit. It is no good thinking of the power of spirit, when you are part of that power. You can call on others to help you, and if we can we will… if it is of benefit to you, or others. You also have the ability to call on the wrong sort, and people must be aware of this too. I feel that that is not an aspect that interests this household, this circle, or any perhaps in your immediate environment, but you must be aware, and if the opportunity arises try and guide those who need it.

And may God bless your circle, and thank you for all the work you are doing to help us, and others on earth.


Topic: Aims.

 Spirit (Ling): Greetings. Our talk tonight is called ‘Aims’.

You probably, like many millions of people, have had aims in your life that you haven’t achieved; and at your stage in your life you are probably saying, “And I never will”. Now your aim should be to change that outlook, because you are going on forever, and if your aim is to build a great city for example, you can do it. Your methods will have to change, but basically the beginning is the same, because if your aim was to build this great city, you must have had it in your mind, you must have had to think it out, and that is what being a spirit is… you think things through in detail, you picture, - and in spirit you can construct them.

But it has to be just as detailed in the thinking, as it would be on earth when you have to put it down on paper, whereas in spirit you don’t. Because in spirit, you don’t have to look at your piece of paper to see that you forgot to put a staircase in to go up to the next flight… you can hold it all in your mind.

So no matter what your aims are at this period of your life, if it is one that you feel that you cannot achieve now… well plan on achieving it. It might be a bit later, but you can do it! Never despair, think of progress onwards.

And another aim is that, like many people at your period of life are probably looking backwards, and regretting. Probably just small things but what good is that doing you? Whatever it is, whether it was snubbing someone that you should have smiled at, or buying something that someone else wanted, or cheating at a game… you yourself know it, and because you know it, you are the only person that can forgive you. Forgive yourself. Then if the opportunity arises you may be able to apologise to the person that you may have wronged. But it is no good dwelling on it… forgive yourselves. That is the way forward… progress! It is an aim!

Negativity is not progression, and progression is what we all are aiming at. So first of all forgive yourself, forgive the person or situation, them move on - it has gone! Know that you are a better person, because you have learnt from it, and our aim should always be just a little bit harder, than what we can actually do.

You may think, “I wished I’d got my Master of Arts, or a Doctorate in something, or become a first class gardener, plumber, seamstress”… name it. Well you people have got sight, the ability to read, so what is to stop you doing the basics? You don’t have to go to university, or go and work for a plumber. There are books! They are available in the Western World. It is a wonderful opportunity that people don’t always take advantage of. We do not mean that you become a… I think that the word you use is a ‘swot’. But perhaps once or twice a week, delve into the subject that you are interested in. Learn a little bit more about it… it is progression, always progression, aim at progression!

Perhaps last thing at night think of, “My aims… what have I achieved today?” And hopefully you can pat yourself on the back, even if you only read a paragraph because you found it so difficult that you had to read it several times, but at least you’ve got that. Or in trying to grow a plant, you’ve read a bit more about it and found that you were being a bit foolish, because that plant wouldn’t grow in the type of soil, or the temperature of the place where you live… but it was progress - you’d learnt something.

So my friends on that note I will leave you. Have high aims, don’t be negative… and you will find that there is a return almost to youth, in your thinking, because you’re as young now as you were at twenty – mentally! Perhaps a little slower, but you’re still the same person for you are still the same spirit… I hope having progressed since you were twenty! (Mirth) But I think you understand what I am meaning.

So God bless you, and keep your aims high my friends.


Topic: There is advancement for all souls.

First Spirit (Ling): Greetings. Tonight we will talk on the last of the Seven Principles, which is telling you that there is advancement for all souls.

Now this is true! Believe it! But! - If you don’t work for it, if you don’t wish to, you will not advance.

Now there are many souls who get to a certain plateau, and they are happy. They might be materialists who love the earthly comforts, the earthly appearances; they want a house with all the furnishings etc, and these they have got, and they are content. It may be a very long time before those people wish to make the effort, because to advance it is an effort. Many of us find it pleasant to acquire knowledge, but one can acquire a great deal of knowledge and still find that one doesn’t move very fast. But then again, as time is not a factor here, perhaps it doesn’t worry people very much, but once one starts visiting other realms or plateaus, it is an incentive.

But behind the advancement, the one main thing, the main emotion that needs to be activated, is the one that the man you call Jesus or the Nazarene said, “Love one another”. The all-important word ‘Love’.

Now when we say, “Love one another”, you are loving the spirit of the person. You can take into your heart, the person that they are, you do not have to physically embrace them. There are people who in your physical world you would probably find physically repulsive, but stand back and think to yourselves, “The soul of that person, the spirit, what is it that shines forth?” - or, in many cases, doesn’t!

So if it is someone whom you cannot like, you cannot love… what you can give them is compassion, which is the beginning of love, which with time you may develop. For example: people of your generation, or mainly older, have a horror of two people in particular, and those who surrounded them… Hitler, and the Japanese nation in general. Those people who lived at that particular time… the German people we will speak of now, were not all under the influence of Hitler. Fear drove many of them. Think yourselves how you would feel if people could come knocking at your door and drag you out and kill you wantonly. You would hate them. You would fear them. It might be logical to join them, to save your physical body.

In the case of the Japanese, those people had had it taught to them from tiny little children, it was a way of life. But many of you know many of these people now, the next generation and you like them… a different lot of spirit. Now those spirits that caused the unhappiness, they are not happy people. They need your compassion, love. Again quoting the Nazarene, “Turn the other cheek”. It’s hard, but that is part of developing… to learn to have love and compassion for the ‘evil’ of the world.

Now when we say “Love”, we don’t mean that you have to embrace the person as they are now, but think of them that you wish and hope, that they too can develop. Give them a little of your understanding, a little of your encouragement, and this can be done by mind, spirit, the all-important strength! For people who come into your life who perhaps harm you, don’t build up hatred for them, because all that is doing is harming you, but if you can, look at them and think, “I’m sorry for you, you must be a very unhappy person, to be treating me in this way. You don’t know what you are doing”.

Now getting away from humanity, (we will say that you have decided to do your best in that field - you will try and love one another), but your love must go further than that… your love must be for all life. That encompasses the birds, the fish, the insects, the animals, and speaking of them, you have a horror perhaps for the shark. Understandable, he’s stronger than us and can frighten us and kill us. But at the same time admire that wonderful animal, that creature that can live in the sea and can think. You don’t have to associate with it - but you don’t have to kill it either. It is understandable that you would kill if one of them started killing human beings. It is self-protection… common sense must come into everything, but there is no need to go wantonly killing for sport these animals, fish, insects, or whatever.

It is unfortunately a basic element in many people to kill and to torture. Feel sorry for them, they are to be pitied, they are missing out on so much, because to love many of these animals, you will get it returned. As you know with your smaller pets that you have around your home, if you care for them there is a love for you. Even a tiger, which humans think of as killers, are basically not wanton killers unless they are in need of food, or if they need to protect their young. The animal kingdom usually has reason - not wanton killing like many humans have gone in for. Perhaps that is a lesson that the human being on earth is learning now - not to wantonly kill! We hope so.

And love nature. Now when I say this, I must admit that we ourselves find it difficult to understand and appreciate the beauty of the tornado, the erupting volcano, the elements of nature that do so much harm; but often of course, good comes out of it, perhaps many hundreds of years hence. For example: You people would not be living in this land if there hadn’t been volcanoes here.

So it is something that we ourselves, as yet, do not quite comprehend, but it is all a form of developing. There is progress for us all, but the basic word we feel behind it all is to love, love the soul of people, love the learning that is there for us all, whether it is how to grow a plant or to compose a concerto, or perhaps to learn physics! Every small thing you learn, whether it is in physics or in the development of your own humanity, your own compassion for humanity and all living things, it is development, and will help you remember the Seventh Principle, which tells us that there is advancement for all souls.

I hope you understand what we have been trying to say.

Blessings from my friends and myself.


Second spirit (Pompom): Hello, it’s Pompom. Pompom.

I think I told you earlier I just pop in now and again. I go to all sorts of places, and you’ve had such a serious talk tonight, that thought you might like to hear just a bit of nonsense, just a bit from me.

Well I’ve been getting around a bit… as I told you I usually go to where people are a bit down in the dumps. But you people are not down in the dumps. At least I hope not, after hearing about that hard work that is ahead of you, because it is, it’s hard work. You’ve got to keep your mind on things. Your very thoughts count you know, and that makes things a bit hard… meaning that perhaps you can’t stand the person down the road; but you’ve got to think of him or her as just another person making the journey.

So, shrug your shoulders and say, “Well I’ll be compassionate to that one at any rate”. That’s all you can do really… is - try! And laugh, that’s important! Be happy! Even if it is pouring with rain outside or no matter what, just think “Oh well I’ve got a roof over my head and I’ve got something to do”. If nothing else just sit and think… because thinking is important you know. It’s a discipline; you’ve got to think the right things!

Well I don’t think I’ll stay any longer ‘cause you’re a happy group (Mirth) and that’s nice. It’s good to be happy, because unconsciously although you probably don’t realise it, it radiates out from you. That’s what we all do, we radiate. So go on radiating!

Goodbye. (Laughter)

Topic: The necessity of extension of mind.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings. We are wishing that people could be made to see the necessity of extension of mind.

It is accepted by many, more now than perhaps a couple of hundred of years ago or even a hundred, that there is life everlasting, that death is merely the time of shifting on and leaving an old vessel behind. But unfortunately many people think, “Oh I’ll worry about that when the time comes” - or they feel that an attendance at church, a temple, or a God by the side of the road… whatever their conception of the Almighty is, is sufficient. But people are part of God. Somehow we have to get them to realise the potential that they have.

What is accepted as advancement in the world, is accumulation of material possessions, and as a side issue of course the accumulation of knowledge that enables one to get these possessions. But this is secondary to the glory that is available, if man will extend himself.

As many know, when you die like draws to like, and you end up in a community in which you think, “Oh this is fine. I have no problems”, and possibly you can stay there for an indefinite period - stagnating! You are happy, but you are not advancing, you are not knowing, you are not hearing, seeing or feeling the emotions of God.

If one can only extend oneself, just a little bit more, until it becomes a habit to extend your mind just a little bit more... the colours you see are not brighter, you have learnt to perceive them. The sounds are not greater or more extensive... you have learnt to hear them. It is you and your efforts, and with the help of those who are with you, that causes this extension of development.

It was once said, “Ask and you will be given”, ask certainly, but make sure it is with sincerity, the sincerity that you are wanting knowledge that is beyond your comprehension at the moment, that you are seeking the truth of life eternal… the glory that is there for everyone, that overcomes all trauma, all heartache... I find it difficult to find a word that can portray the beauty, that our small group here have managed to achieve - and we, like many others, are really only starting. There is so much, so much to learn, and in learning to give to others, because in giving, much is received back.

We, your friends, are only too willing to teach, to guide... but it is yourselves, as individuals that must make the effort! Don’t let a day go past that you haven’t thought of nature, of God, and of the universe and the knowledge that’s therein. Try and extend your minds beyond your reading, beyond what we say to you. You may say, “Our friends have said this”, but is it so? What is beyond that? What more can I learn? What can I feel? Look into the inner-self also... your answer may be there, because many of you people have knowledge in yourselves that you do not make use of, because you think you do not know how, but really you do. Think on that… think on that!

God bless you and help you.

Good morning. 

Topic: Overcoming Faults While We Are On Earth.

 Spirit: Good evening. You would probably consider me…  little fat Chinaman. Ooh, name… perhaps Lo will do. Lo.

Sitter: Welcome Lo.

Spirit: Now I too am a teacher and what I am wanting to do tonight, what my companions including Mister Ling want me to do, is to ‘consolidate’ perhaps is the word, your thinking.

Now you have much to learn, but you know sufficient, and are sufficient thinkers we feel, to appreciate what we now suggest. We know that you accept the fact that there is no death and you accept the fact that you are on earth for some reason. Now if you were to analyse self, there is an excellent possibility (I just say ‘possibility’) that you will realise why you are here on earth. You will know the motive for your being here.

Sitter: I understand we are here to learn.

Spirit: What?

Sitter: To become a little more spiritual in our thinking.

Spirit: True. That may be one thing, but it is often, when man returns to earth (and women too), that there is a small flaw, not necessarily big, but sometimes can be very big, flaw in character. Now I’m not saying that you have big or little flaw, or no flaw, (mirth) but you might like to know the motive of why you came here so analyse self. It is difficult for person to do but when you are by yourself, perhaps if you wake during the night or you have difficulty going to sleep, or you wake early… time when you would be uninterrupted. This can happen during the day and very rare I understand, but in a time of peacefulness – analyse self.

You may think, “I’m hardworking, I’m honest, I help people… ‘I help people’, that’s good - What’s my motive?”
Go and pass that over. You think the motive’s right, so you think… “Am I selfish? Do I share what I have got? Well, yes… with my family.  Ooh, is that enough?” That is the sort of thing that we suggest you do, until you get to what you’d call the rocky bottom, and if you can do that in your lifetime, in other words analyse your character, without becoming a bore or introvert perhaps, you’ll realise what is in yourself that you, as a spiritual and a good person, perhaps do not like.

I think if we are all honest, and that’s very hard… to be really honest with self, we will find that there is a little crack, a little place that we could improve on. Mind you, it is possible that you already realise the faults you have and do your best to overcome them. That is good. That is why you are here.

We can only teach you about the world around you, about what you might expect, but we cannot change you ourselves. You must do that. You cannot really change other people even though you may want to, you can only suggest. Everybody has that freedom of choice, the same as you have freedom of choice. Remember the time will come when you are going to stand with your friends, with the people you think of as guides and friends, and you’re going to have to discuss with them the whys and the wherefores of your life. So the thing is, that it pays at this stage to analyse your own faults and correct same.

Now don’t tell me that you haven’t got any, (Mirth), because each and every one of us has. One of mine is why I am able to describe myself as ‘little fat Chinese’. (Mirth)

“O K. Like plenty of food” That is all right as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, but it is your job also to look after the house your soul is living in. So that’s something that really should be fixed. It may only be little things but they all add up. We all know what we should do, but sometimes isn’t it hard! (Laughter) But I guess God thinks that we’re all lovable.

There are so many wonderful people that make up the one God, that there is room for all of us. But we all want to get to the top quick, and somehow the steps on the ladder sometimes break. But never mind. Patch them up and go on again.

Well I’ve enjoyed talking to you. You, we look on perhaps as students, disciples, learners. We’re all learning and we should all help each other, but we must not force our ideas on to other people, and that can be a bit of a crack when we do that; not a serious one but it is one we have got to overcome and I’m inclined sometimes to be a bit forthright so I am told. (Mirth)

Well my friends I will go now and one day, it may not be for quite a long time, but one day we will meet up again. So long, and blessings be on you, many blessings.


Sitters: Thank you very much. Goodnight.

Topic: ‘What am I taking with me?’

Spirit: Good evening. This is Charles. It perhaps is a time in your lives, (not only yours but really everybody’s that have as much knowledge as you have so far obtained), that you consolidate your thinking.

No doubt, each day of your life as you go through it, you may think of spirit occasionally, but how often we wonder, do you think of your life? Do you ever think, “When I die, physically”, (which it is inevitable that you will do, it may not be perhaps for twenty years - a long time, but it is never too early to think, to know), “What am I taking with me when I go?”

You are in the fortunate position, that you realise that you cannot take your homes, your clothes, your money, and unfortunately for a while your friends and those you love. So think, “What can I take with me?”

As you are, at this present time of your life, take time to look inward; judge yourself! It is perhaps better to do it now, when you have got time to alter what you don’t like, than to leave it. You have an opportunity that is not given to everyone, though it is given to many, of looking at yourself not as you were twenty years ago, ten years ago, even last week, but what are you now? If you, unexpectedly, (and this can happen), were to leave this world tomorrow would you be proud to say, “This is my life and this is my thinking” “Have I enjoyed the world that God gave me to live in?” or “Have I looked on it as a place for my convenience?” “Have I appreciated the grandeur of the world, of my country?” “Have I appreciated the plant life, the animals, and in many cases the people?” Naturally, none of us, (and that applies too, to people who have passed over), can truthfully say that they appreciate everyone, but have you at least been compassionate in your understanding? Have you always tried at least to see both sides fairly?

Have you, (changing again), taken time to watch a sunset… appreciate your pets… thank members of your family for just being who they are, perhaps for the loving kindnesses they have shown you - and have you done that in return? Have you tried to expand your thinking? Have you looked out on the world and all the knowledge that there is there, and grasped as much of it as you can? Now by that we do not mean, that have you made the effort perhaps to attend universities etc., but given the opportunity, according to the life you’ve led, have you continued to extend your abilities… understandably not physically? But you are you. You’ve got a mind. That’s what you are!

So it may be advisable, (we cannot tell you that you must do this, but it is a thought) that perhaps on a daily basis, perhaps not as often, perhaps more often, think, What would I take with me? Would I like what I am taking with me? Is it worth having? Would I be ashamed? Can I see where I went wrong and have I adjusted it? Have I made people laugh? Have I laughed? Have I been joyous or have I always bemoaned my fate?

There is so much to your life my friends that you can think of, and question, and choose from, as to what you will take with you - what you can take with you - because what you do take is your thoughts! Every minute of your life on earth, (apart from when you are sleeping), is what you are offering.

You presumably progressed over the years; you’ve still got time to progress even further. So think always without becoming obsessive, “What am I taking with me?” And may the light that shines on you all, and around you all, (because it is there friend), may it glow brighter and brighter so that when your turn comes, we can see you coming, with joy in your heart.

May your journey always be progressive.

This was Charles.

Footnote to this last Chapter: Having all this knowledge available to us, our pathway is open. Now it is up to us as to how we choose to walk it. Ken Hanson.       

 Go well, with peace and love.



Ken & Joyce Hanson lived at: 10 Shelly Beach Road, Surfdale, Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. Ken passed to the Higher Live in August 2009. A year or so before he sent me these scripts over the internet and on a CD. It is my priviledge to carry out the wishes of the comuunicators who asked the words given should be passed on. John Hardaker, January 2011.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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