Chapter One - Passing Over

Jean's Passing

I suppose that sometime in our lives, all of us wonder about the purpose of life, about why we are here, about whether or not there is a hereafter and if so, what is it like? These questions and many others will be answered for us, as we go through these teachings given by the residents of that next world.
Perhaps a good place to begin is to look at several reports of what happened to people when they died.
Here first, is an account given by Jean (a lovely lady and our medium’s mother), who died from an illness; she left a husband and an eleven year old child.

Note: Ken put together some Chapters that contain scripts that are not in the numbered sessions. This communication by Jean is in the numbered sessions. Ken did not send me all the numbered sessions and there is nothing I can do about it now unless somebody reads this who does have more of them. J. H. Dec 2010.

Spirit (Jean): Good morning.  This is Jean.

I'm going to tell you this morning of my experience of passing over. I think it may help you, and may help you with friends who may be in the same position as I was.

I was a very sick woman. I had cancer and in those days the relief was not adequate. I was very ill, in a great deal of pain, physically and mentally, because I was leaving my daughter. She was only young. When I say young she was eleven, just, and her father was a most unsuitable man for bringing up a young girl. So when I passed I was in great distress.

Now, the actual passing... I just went to sleep and I thought I was dreaming because I was walking initially through bush. Now bush is something I have always been fond of, so it was a happy dream. This is what I was thinking, but suddenly it opened out to a field.

Now this field was so vast that my eyes couldn't encompass the end if it.  It just went on. At that stage, I realised I was happy. I was still dreaming, but I was happy because I had no pain and I was standing straight. My head was upright; I felt young. This was a wonderful dream. The field appeared to be all golden. The grass a golden yellow filled with white daisies and red poppies and it smelt. I could smell it, the scent of summer. It was warm and that I liked. I like warmth.

There was no sun, there was just a glorious light and then I saw some buildings that were well away; buildings that appeared to be gold in colour, not gold of a metal but a gold stone. All shapes and sizes it appeared from many countries. They varied so much and I wanted to go there, but I couldn't. I had to stand on the end of that field until I realized there was a path, but for some reason I couldn't walk along it and then towards me came somebody. I didn't recognise them, but I felt I knew them. They didn't walk; they floated towards me.  It was so easy. They glided, I suppose, and held out their hands with such a beautiful smile said, “Come on Jean, we're waiting for you”, and I was then able to move. But at that stage I hesitated. I felt that something was different, and they told me that I must come and everything would be explained.

It was my child… that was what worried me, but they were so kind because now there were two, a man and a lady. I still didn't know who they were, but they knew me, and finally we went to this place, into a room where I rested and I was told that I would be able to look after my daughter; that no harm would come to her, but now I must rest because I had died.

Now I was brought up to believe in Heaven and Pearly Gates and I hadn't seen any pearly gates and they laughed and said, “No, it is not like that, but it is more beautiful” and at that stage I relaxed and I went, I think, into a real sleep and I was content. I was home and I had passed over; I had died and I was at peace and all would be well. I knew this. And you people, each in your turn will have a similar, perhaps not exactly the same, but a similar experience, because it will be put into your mind and you will see things that will comfort you.

So remember that for yourselves, and if you get the opportunity, pass it on to those that are frightened, because my friends, there is nothing to be frightened of.  I assure you, there is nothing. It is all joy!

Good morning.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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