Chapter One - Passing Over

Cameron - a Fisherman from Scotland

Passing Over in a Hurry

Spirit (Unknown): I’m a Cameron. I’ll tell you a little about myself. Some of my friends thought you would be interested in someone who had the experience of leaving this world in a hurry.

I was a fisherman, off the coast of Scotland, a long time ago. Sails, that’s all we had. We’d go out in our little boats, usually there were just two of us. It was young Thomas not paying attention, but I cannot blame him. It was one of these porky little winds that come unexpected, shifted directions if you understand, and the sail swept from one side to the other; occh, and there was me, hit on the head!

Well, you understand, I went in the water. Now one would think that one would go down, perhaps be breathing in water and become unconscious. No, I went down but what was remarkable, (you may find it hard to believe), but I watched myself die I did, I watched myself go down. I sat on a wave and watched, and I watched that Thomas. Oh, aye you should have seen him, it’s a wonder he didn’t go overboard himself, but I watched him take control.

I was able to help a little, (ah, you’ll find that hard to believe); I couldn’t do it now mind, but I was able to help him at that time. I understand that it’s a bit like what’s happening now with me and the lady [medium] here. You use somebody else’s mind to kind of make them do what you want. Well that’s what I did with Thomas. Aye, he got home. Had a lot of explaining to do mind, but back to myself... Well here I am out of sight of land. What does one do when one sees one’s self down in the water?

Now I’d been brought up pretty strict; the church in those days was pretty straight and we went every Sunday; so I wondered because I should have stayed on the bottom, all of me, but here I was on the top with some of me way down under the water as well.

Now this is something you are going to find hard to believe - we know that the Good Lord walked on water, or so we were told, but I saw someone walking on water and he wasn’t the Lord because he had a kilt. He was a fine looking man and he said to me, “You may be a Cameron, but I’ll help you” and he held out his hand and I grasped it. I really felt it … and we took off across the water - now do you believe that, because if you do you believe in more than I did, at the time.

By this time I thought I must be dreaming, but we got to some land, (it wasn’t anywhere I knew of), and we sat down on a bank and we talked. He told me that I was dead and I told him that he didn’t know what he was talking about and he seemed rather rude. He said that, being a Cameron you know everything, and I assured him that that was right, so he then said to come, “Come with me, I’ll get it into your thick head man, that’s what I’ll do.”

I liked him you know, he’s a fine fellow, stubborn … any-rate I went with him and we came to a little house, a little croft it was, real cosy it looked from the outside. It had a nice little bit of garden with vegetables growing; very homely like, but oh I got a shock … for coming out to greet me were my father and my mother! Well I ask you, “How could that be because they’ve been gone many years?”

I was not a young man myself so my father wouldn’t have been alive, but there they were and they said, “Come in, make yourself comfortable.” And we had a little bit of a drink … real good it was too! And they said, “Laddie, you are dead. You’ve come to another place, because it’s just your body that’s gone. That, that you saw going under the waves was your old home, your old home laddie, and now you’ve got a new one. Look at yourself; you’re young! Aren’t you now?”

And I must admit what I could see of myself I didn’t look too bad and my parents too, they looked real bonnie. My dad wasn’t grey!

So we talked for a while, and my friend in the background just sits there with his arms folded looking smug. They explained a little bit of it and I said, “But it’s not what we’re taught, I’m supposed to be resting until the day when we all rise and go and see God and we are forgiven because the man Jesus died for us. Now that’s what I was taught and that’s what you taught me too.” And they said, “Aye, that’s what you were taught, but, God forgive them, those who taught us were not always right and perhaps when some people questioned they didn’t like it, so we never really learnt. But I can assure you that you are dead and shortly you will live a little of your life again, some of it good and some of it bad, and perhaps the things you did wrong you’ll put right and all the time you’ll be learning. You can learn to read Laddie, you can learn to read here, and know that’s important; you do not have to be wealthy to have the dominie teach.” And they said, “We must go now, but we will meet again. You just think of us, (once you’ve got over your lesson), think of us and you can join us, or we will join you. And if you want to you can go fishing, Laddie, I’ve got my little boat”, said my dad.

“You’ve got a boat?”

“Aye,” said my dad, “It’s a great place to be”.

And, you’ve got a friend who’ll meet you, like I had (‘cause my friend is a stout fellow), and he tells me that he’s been with me all my life. I don’t know where he hid, but he said he’d watched over me and waited ‘till I came so he could explain what he said I couldn’t get into my thick head while I was on earth. I do not think it was very polite of him … but he was fooling and we do that over here friends. We laugh, we poke fun at each other, but we are honest.

If it’s fun you are poking, you do it with honesty in your hearts because you love the person and you’re just having a wee bit of fun.

So remember yourselves that there’s someone near you, (I don’t know who it is), but there is someone trying to teach you too… all of your life just giving you little shoves here and little shoves there and if you take no notice then it’s not his fault, it’s yours. But the main thing friends, is be honest with yourself in what you do, and what you think, and with your neighbours because then you’ll get to a grand place when you … go under the waves.

That’s all from Cameron tonight. I’ve enjoyed talking to you and perhaps I’ll be allowed to come again someday.

May God bide with you.

Note: We all have a 'lifetime guide' who walks with us every step of the way from the minute we are born to the minute we die. My friend, Brian, had a young north american indian lad, about 18 years old, and I think, but not sure, I have a monk with me. J. H. Dec 2010.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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