Chapter One - Passing Over

Frederick - A German Officer

I Don't Understand It!

Sometimes a person dies with a strong emotional attachment to earth. The attachment may be to a building or place, and often this follows a sudden death. He or she may remain around the area for a long time wondering why nobody takes any notice of them. Eventually the emotional intensity weakens and the spirit people are able to influence this lost person to make contact with us, or people like us, who are found all around the world. We endeavour to ease the person’s confusion by explaining what is happening and then assist them to make contact with their spirit helpers. Spirit helpers are always nearby, waiting to help the newcomer into a new world. One such lost person (and a very commanding man), was Frederick a German army officer who had died in World War Two and here is the record of his passing over.

Spirit (Unknown): Good evening.

Sitters (Hilton, Jenny, Ken): Good evening.

Spirit: Are you in the position to help me? [Said forcefully]

Ken: Well we’ll try if we can.

Spirit: It would appear that I’m not where I ought to be and I don’t understand it!

Ken: What’s your name friend? My name’s Ken.

Jenny: And I’m Jenny.

Hilton: And I’m Hilton.

Ken: And the lady you are talking through is called Joyce.

Spirit: Frederick!

Ken:Thank you, Frederick.

Spirit: I am used to being in a position where I can command!

Ken: And what is the problem at the moment Frederick?

Spirit: I am ashamed to admit I am lost!

Ken: Oh, well perhaps we can help you. Have you recently been in some trouble of some sort?

Spirit: If you mean the war, yes, which we all have!  Is that what you mean!

Ken: I was wondering if it was something that had happened since the war. Were you referring to World War Two?

Spirit: Of course!

Ken: Well do you know that quite a long time has passed since then? That war was over fifty odd years ago.

Spirit:   Good Lord!

Ken: And do you know that you have probably... and I’m going to put this straight to you... you have probably died; and right now you have come to the next part of your life. If you look around you, you may well see people or things that are a little unusual. If you look around you now, you may see a tunnel with a light at the end; you may see people showing different colours, perhaps colours of glowing light. You see you are now in a different world, and I think we can help you.

Spirit: Well I certainly hope so! This is just ridiculous!

Ken: You are not alone there friend; there have been many people who have felt just the same way as you do. Would you just have a look around you now, and tell us what you see?

Spirit: I still see the battlefield!

Ken: Yes. Well shortly I think you’ll find that that will go, and you’ll then be able to see something a bit different, different to the world as you knew it. See if you can see that tunnel I was talking about.

Spirit: But how do I know I am dead? I’ve only got your word for it!

Ken: Yes that is so, but do you know that you are talking to someone at the moment who is living in the year two thousand and one, and I think that you probably died somewhere around nineteen forty two, three or four.

Spirit: If you say so I suppose I have to accept it!

Ken: Were you a soldier friend?

Spirit: I am a German Officer! !

Ken: Is that in the air force?

Spirit: Army!

Ken: I see. And did you have people with you when you died?

Spirit: How would I know!

Ken: Well I wondered if you had seen anyone since - if you had been all together when say a bomb exploded. There is something I’d like you to try and do, and I know it sounds easy but in fact is quite hard... try and unwind a little bit, just try and relax, and that may help you a lot.

Spirit: A determined soldier does not relax!!

Ken: Well you are making it very difficult for us because in this new world you find yourself in, there are other people around you who can’t help you much either until you do relax. It’s as simple as that.

Tell us about your life, about your family.

Spirit: I had a wife, but the army was my life!

Ken:And did you have any children?

Spirit: I’m told there was a baby born while I was away.  I got a letter informing me of same!

Ken: And what country were you in when you died? Do you remember?

Spirit: North Africa I believe!

Ken:Out in the desert?

Spirit: Yes!

Ken: I have a friend who was out there in the desert too; he was driving a truck and he told me that it gets very cold at night. Did you find that?

Spirit: We do not admit of physical discomfort!  Are you quite genuine in saying that this is the year two thousand and one?

Ken: Yes. Have a talk to Hilton now and he’ll tell you just the same.

Hilton: Yes. World War Two finished in 1945.

Spirit: And the Third Reich?

Hilton: Defeated

Spirit: I find it difficult to believe that Germany was defeated!

Ken: Yes, but that is true.

Spirit: We were told that it would never be defeated!

Hilton: They were a great force, but they were overwhelmed by even greater forces; attacked by Russia on one side, and Britain and America on the other.

Spirit: And many good men died.

Ken:Yes, on both sides.

Hilton: Not as many as in the First World War but still...

Ken: Now have a talk to Jenny. You might be interested in how things have changed as far as people’s food, clothing, shelter and all that sort of thing is concerned.  What would you like to know?

Spirit: The advancement of technology!

Jenny: That might be more in the men’s field. Has your wife died or is she still living?

Spirit: Know that, I don’t. She would be getting on in years now.

Jenny:Yes I was just wondering that if she had died, she might perhaps be visible to you if you look around, because people that we love and who love us normally come to greet us. Just have a look around and see if you can see - family or friends or anyone like that.

Spirit: I find it difficult to accept and I don’t think I am hallucinating, but I see my dog!

Jenny: Oh right, yes.

Ken: Tell us about your dog will you?

Spirit: Alsatian, pure black.

Ken: Sometimes loved animals are the first to meet you, when you pass over. If you have seen your dog that is great, but very soon you will see people you know, people who have loved you. They come to help you in your transition, for help is always forthcoming. Keep looking around, and how about calling your dog to see if he will come to you, and then maybe put your arms around him and give him a cuddle.

Spirit: I accept your story. I accept my dog.

Ken: Look around again and see if there is anybody else coming close whom you can recognise.

Spirit: Yes, I believe I can see them, but before I go there is something I want to know!

Ken: Yes, just ask.

Spirit: Hitler!

Ken: What do you want to know about Hitler?

Spirit: What happened?  Is he alive?

Hilton: He committed suicide.

Spirit: He what! !

Ken: They think he took poison and was burnt.  Body never found.

Spirit: The coward!!!

Hilton: The Russians were going in to Berlin and being real strong he stayed in Berlin itself and his wife Eva Braun died with him.

Spirit: Thank you for telling me. Thank you for what you have done for me.

Jenny: You are very welcome.

Ken: And if you’d care to come back we’d be pleased to talk to you again.

Spirit: Thank you. I’m in your debt.

Ken: Now soon, people will ask you to go with them. My advice to you is, ‘Go’, because they can help you much more than we can.

Spirit: And can I keep my dog?

Jenny: Of course you can.

Ken: Look around again for you may even see your mother there, waiting for you. Be quite sure. You don’t have to go until you are good and ready to go with the people who I’m sure will arrive. If they’re not there yet just keep talking to us.

Spirit: I can see a number of people.

Ken: Good.

Spirit: But they appear to have lost their bearing - their discipline! That was part of Germany!

Jenny: They are most likely more relaxed in a country now without wars.

Ken: Yes, in the new country where you are all those worries are now over; you don’t get injuries or sicknesses any more...

Spirit: I don't really know who you are, but I realise you are good people. I am going now, I have my dog, I see some relatives and companions I have had in the past and I can hear the music of Wagner and that I love.

Jenny:  That's great, and our love goes with you.

Spirit: Auf Wiedersehn.

Sitters: Good night.

Note: In an email to Ken I mentioned the 'rescue work' with the German Officer and he said: Oh, we remember the German Officer very well. He must have made quite an impression at the time. Ken says the year is 2001 and he did not send me any of the scripts from 2001.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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