Chapter One - Passing Over

Death is not something to shun; it is a time of joy.

Here are some other talks from spirit people, giving information and emphasising that death is not something to be feared, quite the contrary.Spirit Ling, who is now a teacher and guide, gives the first. He is one of six spirit helpers permanently attached to our circle and brings with him much knowledge, always simply presented. He is a man of great compassion and understanding and along with the others is much respected and admired by us all.

Spirit Ling): No doubt from your early childhood and for most of your adulthood ‘death’ has been a horror, a fear, a threat. When I say, a “threat”, so often it is said, “Don’t do that, it’ll kill you”. “You’ll die from that”. “That will cause your death” and so on, so that the time of death is a threat.

You go to a physician and he tells you that you are going to die.  You don’t start looking forward to that with pleasure - you are horrified.  His tone of voice is such that he too, is looking on it as a time of sorrow for you. It is this attitude of mind that we would like people on earth to overcome.

You may have noticed with animals, if one of their kind dies, more often than not they ignore the body, for they have a sense that tells them that any attachment they had for that animal has gone and they will walk on. There are exceptions, but the biggest percentage of the living world has that attitude, except for human beings.

And this really has been something that has been cultivated down the centuries by people who are, (and I think I use the correct word when I say)… avaricious. They are not thinking of you. They are thinking of what they can get from you; that is, the leaders of this thought.

When it is said to you by your mother as a threat, that if you do something you will die, she is in good faith, but her threat, and the meaning behind it, comes from another, higher (if we can give that word to them), being.

Now our attitude to death, on this side (and it is one we would like all humans to cultivate), is one of joy.

When we speak to you, quite often you have heard it said that you live in a grey, dull world. To you at times it is bright and very beautiful, but to us it has that film of greyness. Here, everything is multiplied many times. The music is more beautiful, and the gardens and surrounds more lovely so when you think of death, think of it more as a rising sun. The darkness of night is passing. You can see well. You are moving forwards into a new time I won’t say a new life, because your life goes on forever. You have spirit life now, but a physical body will not encumber your spirit and you can see with eyes of spirit.

Now this doesn’t give the reason for you to say, “I will forsake this life on earth, and go through to this beautiful world”. If people say that to you, remind them that they themselves chose to be on earth, as a means of advancement in our world. One does not take one’s life and expect to have achieved what you originally came for. Walk to the end of the road and there you will reap what you have sown. For everyone, there is the opportunity to advance, and if it is not you, but someone dear to you who is going into the rising sun, let him or her go with joy.

We know that it is hard for a human being to lose temporarily, (note the word ‘temporarily’), a husband, brother, sister, friend, whatever; but rejoice for their sake, and continue on yourselves with the idea that you will do your best - so that when your glorious time comes you will have something to offer, to establish your place with us.

So don’t look on death at any time, as something to shun. Premature death is unfortunate. The world is such that there is a lot of unhappiness caused by the death of people, and wars, but in your own little way, try and lighten the burden of other people. You are not able to set the world on fire and cure everything, but don’t let slip the opportunity if you see it, to help someone find that joy and to know that actual death, the actual passing, is a time of joy, and try and make it so on both sides.

You have thousands of years of negative thought on this subject to combat. But, if you could see the bright, sunny, happy faces that are here, of people who have done their best, and have come over here and realised what it’s all about, you would no longer be able to think of death as a negative subject.

Try and remember this, friends, for yourselves and for those you contact; and may God’s blessings be upon you all.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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