Chapter One - Passing Over

When children die.

As we may expect, it is a little different with a child. To tell us something about this, here is Jean again…

(Spirit Jean): Good evening.

I thought you might be interested in knowing a little bit about when children die.

You probably feel initially that it is unjust that a baby is born and may live brief months, or merely hours. But that little spirit, with the help and guidance of others, chose to be born, not necessarily for benefit to themselves, but for the effect that he or she may possibly have, on the family, or person (perhaps just one individual), that they are born to. They are giving the opportunity to that person, or family, to develop in some particular way - a lesson that they need to learn.

Now it may also happen that the child needed that brief time on earth, perhaps the suffering of the birth, or the illness, or the accident that caused it to die. But all the trauma that was involved is gone, once the child returns to us, and because it is still so young, it is not really even aware of the fact of death.

It wakes up in a comfortable world with people caring for it. If it has suffered on earth it is naturally relieved to be back where it came from, because babies and young children, often retain for quite a while, the meaning of where they have been before, and so it is not a thing of horror for the child. If many of the parents who grieve so deeply, could only realise this!

When children are a little older and a real attachment has developed with someone on earth or perhaps more than one person, and if it is a sudden death, initially yes, there is shock. But spirit people try and contact the child as soon as possible, bringing with them, someone whom the child may perhaps recognise, or a pet they recognise; and once the contact is made, as you are well aware, children are easily diverted, and happily settle down.

The drama is really with those who are left on earth, and who don’t realise that their child is safe. So much we would like this to be known, particularly for young parents whose child has died in a dramatic fashion such as drowning or car accident; something unforeseeable even by us. To a certain extent, from this side, lives are predictable, but the world now moves so fast that unpredictable accidents can happen to all of us, and it is then that we who care for the children, (such as our friend June whom you have met, and people like myself), are called in to help in any way we can, to overcome that sudden death, so that if possible there is no drama involved for the child. They are well looked after and much loved; because what to you is a time of joy with the birth of a child, to us for a while it is sorrow, because it is a little spirit, someone whom we care for, who is no longer in our care… sometimes for many years, yet sometimes just for a short period.

There should be no fear of death, whether it is for yourselves or your family - whether they are hours old, or have had many years behind them.

Don’t fear death, for many it is a relief, and it is, I assure you, very pleasant.

Goodbye, this was Jean.”

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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