Chapter One - Passing Over

Entering the Spirit World.

The next person is a Kittyhawk Pilot Officer nicknamed ‘Meow’ who died during World War Two, and although that had happened over fifty years ago he was still wandering around lost. He was brought to us to see if we could help him into the next world, which fortunately we were able to do. Soon afterwards he asked to come back to talk to us again, because he had come to feel that, when we had spoken together earlier, he had been a little flippant, and now, with his extra experience, he wanted to rectify that, and tell us more about his new life.

Spirit (Kittyhawk): Kittyhawk, Kittyhawk here. I say, ‘Can you hear me. Can you hear me’?

Sitter (K): Oh yes, we hear you loud and clear. Welcome.

Sitter (S): Who’s that?

Sitter (K): A Kittyhawk Officer.

Spirit: Meow, Meow madam, Meow!

I wish to come back because I feel I may not have given you a correct version of what it is like when one passes over. We chaps all came over with a bang when our plane crashed, and of course we were a bit near the earth and watched our craft, and our fellows around us, but that’s not what it’s like for many others, so I thought I’d try and explain a bit....

Now, people like us, who go rapidly with a bang, in war, car accidents, boating accidents, things that you don’t realise are going to happen… within a couple of minutes, boom you’re gone; and for a short time very much conscious of the earth, and by a short time... hours.

Friends over here try and get hold of you before many hours have gone, and one is put into a deep sleep; liken it perhaps to what you could call a coma. And depending on the personality, that may be for a short time or for a considerable period.

Now, imagine it is someone who has been ill for a long time. They are contemplating death, they are not worried about it; in fact they want it, and they have no fear. They can slip from their minute of life to their minute of death, and there is someone waiting for them and they can accept it.

They are taken for a short time to talk over various problems of their life, and then are set free in our world, to stay in a very delightful, but in my opinion, a non-developing plane where one exists very happily, and many people stay there for hundreds of years... but from there one has the opportunity to learn, to advance, to go on in all manner of fields.

Then we have the people, who no matter how they die, because of their religion are held up, or can go forward rapidly. These last people have had, up until now, a greater understanding of what it is all about, but they also have their problems.

Sitter (K): Do those who have been indoctrinated with the inevitability of reincarnation; return to earth to learn further that there is an error in that thought?

Spirit: Not necessarily. As I understand it, people do return, but it is only because they want to overcome a particular aspect of their learning, that they feel, can only be achieved through earth experience. But those that believe that it is inevitable, an ongoing wheel, may come back until they learn that a lot of their knowledge can be gained by being here, and that as you advance, there is not the necessity to come back to earth. They have what you call... a problem. It is the same with Europeans who are fixed in the Christian teachings that they must wait for the day of resurrection. One cannot force these people to accept that this is not necessary, that it is not part of life, but everybody has to learn, and my friends, you’ve got thousands of years to do it in.  So what does it matter, how long you take?

Some of us are keen to continue. Many of the chaps who went with a bang during the war, and subsequent wars, are on their way. They’ve learnt their lesson for the time being, but who is to say that in a few hundred years, the likes of me may say, “Right I’ll go back again. I can’t get this right, so I have to go back to earth”, but it is not always necessary.

So your time of passing from life into death is very much dependent on you, what you believe, what you expect, what you hope for, and remember this … what you deserve! There are places here that are very uncomfortable, very unhappy, because the people themselves are in that state of mind, of spiritual development.  So though you are helped so that your transition is one acceptable to you, where you ultimately end up, is what you have made for yourself, and from there, there is progress open to everyone, no matter what you believe in. The path is open!

I hope I have made this clear because I felt that I was rather flippant in my talk, when I last spoke to you. It was a new experience for me and I perhaps took it far more light-heartedly than I should, but now was another opportunity to pass on knowledge to people who may not fully realise, what it can be like.

Sitter (K): Well you are coming through very loud and clear, with no problem at all in communication. I wonder though, what the situation is with say, a three or four year old child who has just died.

Spirit: It is almost the same thing, my friend. A child who has been sick for a long time… with people of Christian belief (like most Europeans), they have talked to this child about Jesus in Heaven and they accept it. So when they die, though they may not see Jesus, they will see perhaps a white figure that to them is an angel, and they accept it. And this angel will take them, or will have with them, friends, relatives, pets, something that child will accept.

For a child who goes suddenly, it can be quite a shock. In that case there is bewilderment, but as soon as possible, someone is there helping, and they are quietly talked to and led away to have a time of rest. And when they wake there will be Auntie, Uncle, or perhaps another little friend, or perhaps the little animal, the bird, or the little cat that they have had; it is with them and they accept it. For children it is a quicker recovery than it is for most adults.

Sitter (K): Thank you. I was told recently that a child is never left alone who has just died, but I couldn’t quite see that if they have just died, how they would be receptive of spirit help immediately. So if they were not left alone, then what happens during that period of transition, in the case of one who died quickly?

Spirit: It is the shock of leaving the body, the same as an adult, but a child... a short period of sleeping; and they adapt very quickly, particularly if there is someone there whom they know. But you know yourself, take a child by the hand and lead them to a group of little friends they soon forget their problems and want to play too.

Sitter (K): Yes.

Sitter (S): Could I ask you a question?

Spirit: Yes. I will answer if I can.

Sitter (S): Sorry I didn’t get your name?

Spirit: My friends know me as ‘Meow’.

Sitter (S) Meow?

Spirit: That’s right.

Sitter (S): Oh I see. Well I’m very interested in this sudden passing with a big bang. When the big bang happened, did you see your body, were you aware that you were out of your body?

Spirit: Yes. I was. I saw my plane burning, and I knew or at least I thought I knew, that my body was in it.  But in my case there were so many of us parting at that time with our lives, that there were a group of the chaps there, waiting for me. But, from what I have observed, when one goes with, as you say, a big bang, one is not in any pain... one is looking in astonishment!  ‘Why can’t I make myself move?’ or ‘Who’s that?’  You recognise yourself. But a person who has the knowledge that you have got and many more are getting, it may be almost straight away that you will conceive of the fact that, “Oh, Good God, I’ve died”! It is not... well to me, it was not frightening. I was not terrified. I accepted.

But of course we were in the position that we knew that this could happen, but aren’t we all? We all know that that transition has got to take place. So as long as we have got basic knowledge, we should be able to accept it, without too much fear.

From what I can see, the saddest part is when two people, or a family who were fond of a particular member, have that parting. Then on both sides there is for a time, sorrow. But, in parting with that person we care for, we must not make the mourning selfish, “Why am I alone?” “ Why has this happened to me?”…  because that thought travels to the person who has passed, and it makes them unhappy, “Why can’t I be back with so and so, they need me?”

So in your mourning, send love, and say, “I’m sorry you’ve gone, I’ll miss you, but I’ll catch up”, and send them on their way because it’s great for them. You’ve just got to realise that it’s going to be a while before you can join them.

Sitter (S): Thank you.

Sitter (K): I believe some people can ‘astral travel’, they can go to your world in sleep and so on; can you tell me something about that?

Spirit: It is something that I never experienced, that I was conscious of. I am told, and I accept it, that everybody can. But how it works, or how we can train ourselves to remember... it is not my field. I’m sorry I cannot help you.

Sitter (K): Thank you.

Spirit: I was asked to come this morning, just to make it as clear as I could, what passing was like.

Sitter (S): Yes, and I just wanted to make myself realise, that when you pass with a shock like that, that you do still have connection with your body in so far as you can see it, and you don’t just wake up in some strange land, not knowing what has happened.

Spirit: Initially you see it. Then, someone will come... it may be someone you know, or an advanced soul who will take you to give you your time of rest, because when it’s a shock, it does take a bit of adjusting.  When it has been physically stressful with months of illness… the same sort of thing, you are treated with the utmost love and respect, and what is done for you is in every way, the best for you. 

Then you face up to your responsibilities and go ahead with your life, because it is your life, ongoing, and even for... I’m trying to think of a suitable description of myself…  You would have thought of me perhaps, as a ‘yuppie’. Devil may care, live for today, that’s what it was. But after you’d been over here for a while, you can still be Devil may care, and live for the day, but in a different way. You don’t lose your personality.  Every one, with their personality, is precious.

Well, I can see my friend beckoning again; so, keep your chins up chaps. It’s all worth living for... God bless!

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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