Chapter Two - Life in The Spirit World

After so called 'Death'

Many references to this topic will be found elsewhere, but here are five spirit talks (Chapter Two) giving information in a more concentrated form. Taken together they give interesting insights, into parts of a world that we will all be going to, later on.
Alan who has been with us from the beginning gives the first talk here. He is another of our regular spirit friends who are with us each week, and he now acts mainly as the circle doorkeeper, arranging who will, or will not speak through our medium.
In his life on earth he was a Bedouin trader who travelled widely. He has spoken about these travels, but speaks here about something entirely different. K. H.

Note: Ken had put together a book in Chapters, which he hope to get published but could not find anybody who would publish it. In these pages I have taken apart his chapters into separate web pages for easy reading. Some of the scripts are in the numbered scripts but some are before the scripts Ken sent me on CD so they are new. J. H. Dec 2010

Spirit: Good morning, this is Alan.

This morning I wish to educate you a little on the subject of ‘After death’.

Now I realise that some time ago Jean described her death, but I wish to take it a step further. We will suggest that you die in your bed. Initially people such as yourselves, who have a little understanding, will realize that you are unable to get back into your materialistic body, but you are not too sure what to do from there. Normally you will gradually recognise people whom you have loved, or who love you, and for a time you will be with them.

It depends how attached you are to your earthly body, as to how quickly you can comfortably come over to this side. Some people find it quite difficult and will hang around for quite a considerable length of time. The average is three or four days and some of us can’t get away quickly enough. Now, we will say that three or four days (your time), has passed and the people whom you have known and who love you have moved off, to their various…  we will say ‘levels’. Some of course will still be with you. Like draws to like.

Now your senses...  You just wonder what you are. You can see (you can see far better than you do now) brighter things, but also darker things. Your eyes are not dazzled because you have no direct light but there is a far greater range of colour. The sense of smell is also intensified. The smallest, little flower... you can pick up the scent of it.  But also, if you have a mind that goes that way, you can pick up the worst of smells.

Your hearing becomes more intense. For those who love music it is a glory, the same as the added colour is for the artist. The notes are far higher than you can hear now and far deeper, far sweeter. They can also be far harsher.

The sense of taste is still with you, but this is something that does gradually go. As long as you are clinging to your earth ideas, the sense of taste is there; you can recall it. I can, after all this time, over such things as coffee, but it is fleeting. The sense of taste is something that we do lose.

The sense of hot and cold is intensified. You can enjoy far greater cold and far greater heat. Normally you are living at a temperate range, but the heat and cold also comes as part of your development, which I will try and explain later. So all our senses, whatever they are, are intensified.

Now, as you have been taught, ‘As you sow, so you shall reap’. We will take it that you are someone that is despicable, you have lived for one thing, your physical self and it didn’t matter who stood, or what stood in your way... you always came first and trampled on anyone else, so that’s the sort of people you are going to mix with. Everything is intensified for the worse until the time comes, we hope, when you think, “This I cannot put up with. There must be a way out.   There must be another way that is better” and that thought will be picked up by one of the many helpers and you will be helped one step further on.

There are people who on earth we may look down upon. They are poor, shabby, they’ve got only the bare necessities of life, but they’re thinking! Their mind is beautiful and that is what we are interested in. That person who has the basics only of life can see the stars and the flowers, and the smile of a child, and the life’s pattern on the face of the old, and appreciate all these things. And more often than not, that is the person who, with his or her one slice of bread, will cut it in half to give to someone else.

So, the riches of the world do not get you a place in “Heaven”, because the man who has everything materially... now I am not saying this of every person who is materialistically well off...  but there are many, who will only give for what they can get. They may give many coins to charity, but behind it is, “I will be known for a good man; more prayers will be said for me in church because I have donated to the church or the hospital.”  They have not given it for the love of man; they have given it for the love of self!

Now when these people pass over, their senses in every way are intensified, the same as yours. Their sense of self importance will become such a burden when they realise it means nothing to anyone but themselves, and it will be shown to them so that, with time, they too want the simplicity and the beauty that can be offered to everyone over here.

With the intensifying of everything, including memory, everything that you have learnt in this life and for as long back as you’ve existed is there. You have it! If it is something that you have learnt to reject because you don’t like it, because you know it is wrong, then that you do not easily recall... only if you want to for some specific reason, perhaps to teach someone else as an example.

So the further you advance, that which is crude, despicable in any way, drops from you and your sense of wonder and glory and joy and knowledge increases a hundredfold. But this takes a long, long time, because we are all aiming at perfection and perfection takes a long time.

Perfection! A man may come over here who is a perfect musician. Now to be a perfect musician you would have to play every instrument in the orchestra and all the instruments of the world. So you are only perfect, that man, in one instrument normally. So he has a long way to go, even in music.

The same with the artist, the gardener; no matter what it is, to rise to perfection in that one thing, then back we go to start and rise to perfection in another, until ultimately, you have an overall perfection, and I think you people would realise what a tremendous thing that would be to achieve.

And it is only then that you have the right to turn round and start helping others that are below you to climb, because you have become one with God, (all understanding of all humanity) and that is something we would all like to achieve… and I, like you, and all the millions of people are on that path.

So my friends, be kind in your criticism of the method people choose to climb this path. You may see it as wrong, you may know it as wrong, but it is their way. Do not force your ideas on them and be kind to everyone and climb the path with all your senses aware and joy in your heart.

Do you understand what I have tried to tell you?

Sitter: Not quite Alan...  I think you said that it is only when you are perfect in all things, that you can then help other people. As I understand it, one should be helping all the way along.  Would you care to comment?

Spirit: Yes, I can understand what you are getting at there, Ken. Give me a minute to think that through will you, so that I can explain it to you…

At the time we are at now, we will take for example, you. You are capable of helping a number of people but you have neither the knowledge nor the wisdom to be able to go to anyone in this world (earth plane), and to be able to understand, know what they are feeling, what they are thinking, and to be able to help them. It is just not in your capacity to do that because you haven’t yet the understanding of man as a whole - nations as a whole. They all think differently and you at this time are not capable of thinking the same as every one of those nation’s men. But once you have reached perfection, this you are able to do. You have the complete knowledge and the love and understanding of every man as he too climbs.

Is that a little clearer?

Sitter: Yes, thank you. Am I right in thinking that at this stage, perhaps we can help somebody, selectively, rather than believing we can help everybody?

Spirit: Correct and by everybody, that’s everybody in the universe.

Sitter: Thank you, and Alan a question about death. You said that some people don’t want to let go their material body. Is it just that, or is it that they don’t want to let go perhaps their lifetime’s partner?

Spirit: That too can happen. But a person who is advanced, who knows, realises that they are just taking a journey a little ahead of that one they are so attached to and if they can put their mind to the thought, “Well, I will learn what I can so that I can make it easier for Tom when he comes over, and in the meantime I will try and learn to see if there is some way I can help him”; there are many thousands of people who think like that when they pass over.

The person, who doesn’t know, will probably cling very closely to earth for some months, more so if the partner on earth also doesn’t understand and mourns continually. For the person who is left it is of interest to them both that they naturally must have their period of mourning, but then they too must get on with their earth life, developing their spirit so that when they are with their partner again, they have plenty to talk about.

It is a time of sorrow and this we can understand, but it is not a complete parting.  Think of it yourselves, that if you lose your partner, they have gone on holiday. It is only temporary. You will meet again, because if there is true love and I mean true love, not just physical attachment, but a feeling of unity, and of compassion, a real love; those people will never be parted, (and that applies also to the animals), in their life.

I hope that has explained what you want.

God bless you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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