Chapter Two - Life in The Spirit World

Life Where I Am.

Peter is a spirit friend who comes to talk occasionally and always has much to offer. His special interest is with birds and animals, which he will tell us about later on.Here he gives a short talk telling a great deal about life where he is.

Spirit (Peter): I wish to tell you what life is like where I am.

We don't have sunlight here, but you'll see light that causes no shadows and it is warm. Everything is slightly more yellow than you are used to and there are only shadows if you think shadows... remember this... it is all in your mind and what you think, and the further you can advance the more clearly you can think... if you can understand what I mean. All things are available to all people through their hard work, in time.

Do not think of time in years, think of it in thousands. Tomorrow may be one hundred years hence when you are with us, and there is so much for everyone to do. You have your work, and the more you commit yourself to work, the sooner you'll advance.

Your work can be here, because there is much to be done and many things to learn. Then there are people who work amongst those who are on earth, such as you. My job at the moment is to bring enlightenment to you people, and others eventually will take over from me.

We have neither night nor day. When I say that, I mean that there is no difference; it is one. You rest when you feel like it, not because a clock tells you so. Clocks as such we don't have here, because it is something that not everyone understands.

Because when you have reached a certain stage in your development spiritually, you may quite possibly find that you are with someone from the Amazon, or someone from Australia who knows nothing of civilization, and yet their development is as high, if not higher than yours; and you mix with these people and you talk with these people. Understand this is mind to mind. As they think you will receive their message; people such as I have mentioned can teach a European a great deal!

They in time past have possibly had experience in the European world. When I say European I mean white civilisation, (if that's what you call it), but they have learned better... that it is simplicity, and appreciation of natural things, that is most important to us . . . to learn to love humanity, no matter race, creed, or colour, or even the state of soul . . . because, remember friends, the lowest man still has God within him.

So though you may not be able to befriend him, at least look at him with compassion and love, in order to help him. This is what these dark races have learnt and what white races have forgotten. (When I speak of dark I don’t necessarily mean black. We have a great range of colour in the human race from very white, through the toffee and yellow, to almost purple black, so when I speak of white, I mean European shall we say, and when I speak of colour, I cover the whole range).

So you are mixing with these people over here and you are teaching each other things that you are interested in: music, the arts (which includes painting and dancing), and also the glorious singing which is over here. It is singing such as you have not heard because the great masters are freer here, and they hear, shall we say, the angels sing, and they bring it to us; and in all these arts the same sort of thing happens.

But if you are of a practical nature, and you feel that you can help people, then you can influence them on earth in practical matters. You can put a thought into people’s heads. They don’t have to accept it my friends, but you can put it there.

So think yourselves . . . sometimes in the work you do a thought comes into your mind that means more effort. Don’t ignore it. You might be getting inspiration from an angel, if that’s what you’d like to call them.  (Be assured that there are no wings). That’s just a laugh - they would be an encumbrance to anybody.

We have towns, they are not vast cities, they are towns.  Again we are all together, with the house we think we would like, so as you can imagine, there is great variety. Food is something that we don’t need, nor money. Everything you want is there, but don’t get the impression that you are going to go into a heaven where everything you want is there because you’ll have to earn it. You’ll be on a plane, a spiritual level, and get what you deserve.

Sometimes you won’t get what you want, but that is what you would say – “Life”.

I hope I have been able to help in your knowledge.

Good morning.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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