Chapter Two - Life in The Spirit World

You Cannot Hide Anything.

Now for something different again, giving more food for thought.

Spirit (Ling): In its time on earth, man’s soul or spirit, call it what you may, is able to temporarily leave the body, but most of the time man is not aware of this. His perception of himself is of a physical body, known to him very personally; he is continually aware of it. It is seldom one gets to the state, except in sleep, when one is not aware of one’s body.

Now imagine you have died. We will say you have got your spirit eyes closed, your physical eyes as far as you are concerned. My goodness, you are exactly the same!  You feel the same, except that there is no discomfort, so, open your eyes and perceive ... what? Your body lying on a bed and obviously what people call – ‘dead’. How ridiculous! Now you wonder what state, or whatever you wish to call it, could possibly be making you feel this way. It is your ‘power pack’.

Now you think you can see people nearby and you want them to see you, naturally, so your ‘power pack’ serves to attract people of similar kind to you, partly with a light that surrounds you. The colour of your light indicates what type of person you are, and the people who are attracted to you, and the place where you go now, are both the result of the way you have lived your life on earth.  Because of this, at your death or continued ‘life’, so you make your world.

If you are an unpleasant person, you will find yourself with others of similar type, and until you make an effort to improve you will not be very happy. If you are a pleasant person who has tried to lead a good life, giving help to others where needed, and not being unkind, and so on... (because we have continually tried to teach you that like draws to like), you find that everyone around you is very nice. It is you that have drawn them to you as being a very nice person.

We are trying to get people to realise that in the spirit world you cannot make others believe what you would like them to believe about yourself. You cannot hide your inner self because mind can see all. Other spirits see your imperfections, or your better attributes, and by their perception you will draw to you always, others of like mind. It is no use saying, “I am a good person. I have done everything I am supposed to do” and expect others to believe you if your actions have not borne this out, for all will know that that is not right.

For us, your thinking is a modern machine, a computer, where, if good thoughts go in, good things are there to come out, as these stay with you and we hope are later used. But in life everyone has done things of which they are not proud, yet one is able to learn from them and perhaps indirectly give help to those affected and so make amends.

Sometimes, not only are unkindnesses done to people around you, but also perhaps you have been unkind to some animal that you don’t care about, and you have felt no remorse. This counts against you, but it is hoped that in this too, you have seen the error of your ways and made amends.

Either way, spirit will know and so it can be seen that hiding things is just not possible, and so it is stressed again that the way you lead your life on earth very much affects your future!

Well on that note we will leave you tonight, and we wish you the very best for the coming week, and look forward to being with you again.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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