Chapter Three - Philosophical Matters

What is Civilisation?

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We just bring you today, thoughts. You may or may not be able to make use of them, but it will give you something to think on. We shall call it,  ‘Civilisation’.

What is civilisation?  What a vast question!

As a European, you consider yourselves probably, at the centre of civilisation. Certainly there have been many remarkable European people that have added to what you call civilised living.  But before we go into that, let us look at other countries.

No matter whether the Eskimo in the extreme cold, the Finn, etc., or the Pigmy, or the Australian Aboriginal, though you may question this, each and every one has a civilisation complete in itself, workable. It has been proved. Look how old those civilisations, those groups of people are! They have found a method of living, forms of communication, that work. They have their means of healing, their means of enjoyment, each complete in itself... and are happy!

In your thinking no doubt India, Asia in general, would have much to offer, to you and Polynesia. But as a European what have you to offer them?

If you think back on the history of the world, as you understand it, Europe has taken much and given little. Is it the fault of the nation itself, or must we come down to the individual? A presumably civilised English, [not necessarily English], European man or woman, may, in the course of one day, change clothes three to four times, because it is the done thing. It is civilised!

The people of more primitive races may not even wear clothes. Others get into their clothes at the beginning of winter and do not remove them, until spring; but is that person any less a man?

We must get our priorities right! Is the new suit, hanging in the cupboard, going to make you (now this is not personal), a better man than the Aboriginal who has no suit...? Not necessarily.

It is something that every nation must realise. It is the soul of the man, or woman that counts! Not the fact that he has a big house rather than a grass hut, or merely makes use of the trees for shelter; not that he has two or three cars and big ones, in his garage, and someone to drive them; whereas the other may use his own legs and strong heart, to run.

We, as spirits, whether on Earth, or spiritually free from physical body, must get our priorities right. We are not suggesting that you cast aside all the trappings of civilisation, but if I remember correctly, in your Bible it says something to this effect, that you shall have no other God but Me.

We must remember that there is only one God. That statement, which has been taken up in various forms, is correct! There is only one God. So why make a God out of houses, cars, boats, clothes...  and yes, money, which is the basis of it all?

I think you have an expression of ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s; and as you get closer to Mr. Jones, many forget Mr. Smith, who is a far better person - because he loves people for what they are… not for what they own!

So think hard… civilisation… is it the ‘be all and end all’?  No! Man and man’s spirit is the beginning - and the end… the ‘Important’…  The ‘God-particle!’

We must all remember this.

It is just a thought for you to ponder on.

We love you and bless you.

Good morning.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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