Chapter Three - Philosophical Matters

How the spirit world blends with ours.

Spirit (Alan): Good evening, this is Alan.

I would like to try and explain to you, how our world blends with yours...

You understand that anything physical, made up of your solid particles means nothing to us; we can go through them. We are of a different dimension and we intermingle with you people all the time, but we are not necessarily aware of you. This might explain it for you...

You are in a busy thoroughfare or building, like one of your big shopping markets and there are many people around you. But you are probably not aware of the biggest percentage of them. You go about your business with your thoughts, almost completely oblivious to those other people.

Now in our case it is the same. We are unaware, unless our attention is attracted to a light, to a colouring that may glow shall we say, seen from the corner of our eye. We see this and are attracted by it. The person, whom we have seen, is a soul that is developing. They are aware, (not necessarily of spirit as you understand it), but they are aware that the creeds that they have had driven into them from childhood as the thing to accept, is for them, not correct.

That sort of person we would possibly follow up, to see if they had the potential to help us communicate with your world. But in the normal course of events we are passing to and fro, in and out of your homes, your daily life, and we are as unaware of you, as you are of us.

Now this also applies in varying degrees. If a spirit on our side, is one who is disinterested in developing their spiritual side, or is closed within a box of a particular dogma, and is not capable of moving out of it at this stage, they will not mingle with you, as a person who is seeking, who wants to pass on knowledge, who has an interest in the development of spirit. Now people, who have advanced considerably, past my ability, would also not be mingling with you. Not to say that they are unaware, but they would probably say, “Jane Smith, we are aware of her on earth; ask Bill, (who is on a slightly different vibration to us) to pass on the message to Sam, who will try and contact her”. And that is how our world mingles with yours. When you are told, (and I think that this is a Christian teaching), that you are never alone, it is true! But you have to open yourself up. In your mind you have to think of spirit, talk to them in your mind... it doesn’t have to be out loud.

If you are in despair, think, “Please help me”, “Give me peace of mind”...  whatever… If you are happy, think, “I am so happy I wish I could share it with someone; are you there that you can enjoy my happiness?”

This sort of communication can go between people, between spirit, whether you have a body or not. The more highly you yourselves become developed or think on spiritual lines, the greater chance you have of appreciating the contact that is there for everyone - as long as you are doing it, not for purely selfish reasons but because you need help, want to share, or because you just love nature… God. This applies to all nations, no matter what colour, or creed.

Do you understand that, or wish to question it in any way my friends... I will try and answer...

No, well we will leave it at that for now.

God bless you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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