Chapter Three - Philosophical Matters

Developing your Spirit.

Ling spoke earlier about ‘the simplicity of being spiritual’, and gave suggestions on how we might improve ourselves. Here he gives us something else to think about if we really wish to improve.(Incidentally, if we can attune ourselves more to the world around us both seen and unseen and become more generally aware, then that can also be a good beginning to actual mediumship, should that be desired).

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Tonight we would like to discuss ‘Spirit’.

Now like most people on earth you forget that you are spirit. You are as much spirit as we are; the difference being that you are now manifesting in a physical body. You have to look after that body in every way you can for its comfort and well being, and as you look after your house so you should look after your body, as they are places for your spirit to reside in. You are borrowing them.

The main object in your life - life eternal - is the development of your spirit, and that does not mean continual prayer, meditation, or trying to be holier than the next person; it is developing your senses, in particular seeing and hearing, because they will mean a great deal to you when you leave your body. So it is advisable, (it is your choice but it is advisable), to develop...  we will take first your hearing.

I wonder what the answer would be if I was to ask you, how many of you today were consciously aware of birds singing? You had a breeze, were you aware of the noise it made in the trees? You are surrounded by water; do you notice the sounds of water? If you only had a breeze it would not be thunderous, but there would be sound if you were close enough to it, and by developing your hearing you would not always have to be as close as you may have been in the past.

Do you hear a snail as it moves over the path? It is possible, because what you are aiming to do, and can do, is to use your ‘spirit hearing’.

Perhaps you may have had the experience of hearing music, when there is no possible chance of an instrument being near you. I wonder why you heard it? I wonder what you were hearing? If it has happened to you, think on that!

And now, ‘sight’. As you went through your day doing your everyday things, again, how many birds did you see; consciously looking at them, thinking of the life that is in them too, as well as their beauty, their antics, their mannerisms? The flowers; did you notice the lichens on the rocks? Did you notice the expressions on people’s faces? You saw them - but did you really see them?

To develop those two particular senses, is a great asset to you, not only on earth but also when you leave your physical body. The more highly they are developed, the more wonderful your earth world, and your etheric world will be to you.

We are not saying you must, it is your free choice, but if you decide to try (and this is not just once a week, but your everyday living), it will bring much joy. We can assure you of that!

Perhaps initially some frustrations, when you may think, “I don’t know what he is talking about. I can’t hear anything except that squawking seabird, or see beyond that weedy flower”. But look closer! Look closer!

Well my friends, I will leave you for tonight.

May God bless you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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