Chapter Three - Philosophical Matters

Basics. Avoiding Clutter.

And here is something really practical that I think will apply to nearly all of us. It is all about avoiding clutter!

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We feel this morning that we would like you to have an understanding of ‘Basics’.

All of us, in our earthly lives, accumulate. We accumulate friends, acquaintances, relatives are just there, property, things in our homes, books, knowledge that we acquire; until the time, when we reach our middle years, and we are burdened with many of these things.

A wise man once said,“Keep everything in your home that is useful, or beautiful, and get rid of the rest”.

This applies certainly to your earthly life. It can make your everyday living much simpler. Don’t overburden yourself with possessions.

But more important still, think of your mind! Since your mother first began to get you to say “Mum, Mum” or whatever, to present day when I am here, telling you more...  twenty, thirty, forty, sixty, seventy, no matter for how many years - you have been accumulating. And the necessity is, to keep what you can use and what is beautiful, and get rid of the rest.

You have memories no doubt, that are not altogether pleasant. You have studied no doubt the whys and wherefores of that happening, and come to the decision that you were perhaps right, others were wrong, or vice versa... but that’s gone! That moment has gone forever, so why keep it?

If you have gained some useful or beautiful knowledge from it, yes, but if you haven’t, why clutter up your mind if you aren’t going to clutter up your cupboard?

Over the years, as far as Spirit is concerned, you have no doubt read a considerable amount, much of which you could put into the category of rubbish...

So we feel that the wisest thing for a person who is wanting to learn, to advance, is to perhaps make a list (we are not telling you to do this, it is just an idea), a list of perhaps twelve basic things that you have learnt about Spirit, that lift up your heart, enlighten you, give you the joy, that you first felt, when you realised that the world of Spirit is there, and it’s for you... for everyone! Cling on to those beautiful thoughts, lessons... make them part of yourself.

Read of the lives, certainly, of other people who have followed the Spirit path, but only take from their writings, the useful, or the beautiful. Be selective. Be critical. And that applies to what we tell you. If you are uncomfortable with something that is said, put it to one side; someday it may apply to you. If you can’t accept it at the moment.... don’t!

And when you, in yourself can say, “I know, I understand, and I feel one with Spirit”... when you have got that happy certitude, and love - then spread it!

When you meet friends, just because you are happy, relaxed, can cope, no matter what the situation, and they know that you have an interest in Spirit, (that’s all they need know, unless you want to tell them more), then they themselves in questioning your attitude to life, your acceptance, your calmness, your happiness… that will be enough to make them start thinking (if it is their time to start thinking, and accepting)... “Perhaps, that is the path”.

Not everyone has to attend a building, a church... Spirit is everywhere!  It has been said, “Stand still”... and that is true, “Stand still and know that Spirit is near you”.

In a time of great joy, say, “Thank you”. It doesn’t have to be said out aloud. It is ‘mind to mind’ remember.  In the time of stress and sorrow, say “Please help, friend”, and we will do our best, for what is right for you. But all this comes down to basics… don’t clutter your worldly life, or your spirit life.

I hope this will make you think. God guide you in your thinking.

Love from us all.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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