Chapter Three - Philosophical Matters

More on Reincarnation

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

For a short time tonight we would like to talk a little more on reincarnation.

We may have mentioned this before, but as you well know, one does not slide back. There is continual advancement for all spirit.

If the people you are talking with agree with you on this, then possibly you could say, “Well what is the object or the benefit of looking back, and finding out that a couple of hundred years ago, you were an unwashed, ill dressed, thief who died in prison”. It is not going to benefit you in any way, the knowing of this, the same as it doesn’t benefit you to remember the infant you were, crawling around the floor and probably stuffing in your mouth many objectionable things.

The person you were at five is not the person you are at twenty; the person at forty is not the same as the person at twenty. There is continual advancement.

They may also say, “Oh when someone came into the room I recognised them. We had met before”. This we can accept, and no doubt you can, for they are spirit the same as you. Why shouldn’t you have met before? But it doesn’t mean to say it was in a physical body on the earth plane.

Many of the people you know on earth you have met before, associated with, worked with, learnt from. You don’t come, (when you come over here) to a place full of absolute strangers. There are people you have known on earth, and there are people you have known before, before you have gone to earth.

As we have said before, there is no proof, (as far as we know) of ongoing reincarnation. It is an acceptable fact, that many advanced souls, people who have something to offer, will voluntarily come back to your plane to teach, to give pleasure, to advance mankind in some particular thinking. Perhaps it is the only way that they can get the message through, particularly in some of the advanced sciences, and in some of the finer skills. This we can understand and accept, but to think that you die... let me put it this way, mind controls matter, mind or spirit or whatever you like to call it, ‘ thought ‘ is the controlling factor.

Now you have been very ill on earth and you have died, but you are a Christian, we will say a Roman Catholic Christian, and you have been taught from childhood that you are going to be buried and you are going to rest there and you believe it. You have now died, you cannot quite understand what is happening and you feel you’ve had a mental breakdown, you are terribly upset, it is awful what has happened to you. Until you can accept the true facts, which may take you a considerable length of time, you are certainly not going to reincarnate, as you are not fit to do it. Your thoughts would not accept it.

These are things that you could possibly point out to people so that they can accept the idea that yes, in some circumstances it is possible; but knowing what you were, has nothing to do with what you are, because you are advancing; some very slowly, but nobody goes back. So why look back?

And as for returning to your world, if you people were to come over to us tomorrow, and go back again in a few year’s time, say ten, go through your childhood etc, you would be in a world so totally different to the one you are living in now, that it wouldn’t be acceptable to who you are now, so what is the point of putting yourself through that stress? A person who was born at the beginning of the nineteenth century suddenly landing in the twentieth century, say half way through, would be horrified, terrified in fact. Those things that are zooming around in the air, and no horses! Things go around on wheels… it’s incredible!

I think that if people put their minds to it and think it through... thought is everything, and it’s all there, all the answers are there for all of us... if we put our thoughts to it.

And leaving that slightly to one side, it is a trust. You trust in God. You trust in eternal life, eternal advancement, and if you can believe those and trust in them, know that they are true, it should take away any fear you may have, and for many the thought of reincarnation is a means of overcoming the fear of death, instead of realising that they are coming home. You are coming to God, to the one Light, and it is a wonderful path that every person is travelling. You can make it as hard for yourself as you like, but if you are given the opportunity listen, and grasp what you know is right for you.

I hope that this might help you in discussing this particular subject with other people, your friends, or whatever.

Is there anything you would like to ask pertaining to this?

Sitter: No thank you Ling.

Sitter: Just a comment. I think you said that one may possibly come back to help humanity, but as I understand it, sometimes people also come back to improve a shortage in their own makeup, for example, a lack of compassion; and by coming back they can have experiences and learn to have greater compassion, more quickly, than they can in the spirit world.

Spirit (Ling): That is true my friend, but people who do that (and it is very rare,) are usually rather advanced souls that are willing to put themselves into an uncomfortable position, to learn. Most of us, when we have been on earth, have been given that opportunity. An advanced soul may put themselves in a physical body that is uncomfortable, knowing that in doing this they themselves are learning, but they are also able to teach, or give the opportunity to other people to learn, by the work that they have to do for them in caring for them. But this doesn’t mean to say that everyone is suddenly going to leap back to learn - because it can be learnt here... if you want to! You may learn it quicker on earth if you are in a hurry to make another step forward; and of course your teachers, your guides, will first discuss this with you.  It is a big step.

Well that is all from us tonight.  We hope it helps you to help others.

Sitter: Thank you for that explanation.

Spirit: It is our pleasure.

God bless you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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