Chapter Five - Communication

After research, spirit information, and years of being a sitter in a trance circle dedicated to receiving spirit teachings, I believe that communication between the spirit world and us takes place something like this: -

The spirit speaker concentrates his or her mind thought, (which they tell us is a type of energy force), to be then carried through space, (possibly by the messenger particles already known to our Quantum Physicists), to arrive in the mind of the medium, who rather like a radio set has the ability to tune in to the transmission.

In the case of our circle medium (my wife Joyce), it takes usually about two minutes for the spirit world to entrance her, and for two-way speech to begin.

It seems they are using her stilled mind to receive their projected message and her voice box to relay that message. Joyce says that she is aware of what is happening but can remember little, and is unable to physically do anything while the talking proceeds. Occasionally, while spirit continues to talk through her, she is mentally taken away and shown parts of their world, but again remembers little.

From our experience, should there be any interference at our end such as the loud noise of a nearby car backfiring, the transmission stops instantly. Likewise should there be a problem at their end, such as a gate-crashing spirit trying to interfere, then again transmission ceases instantly, for they do their best to protect their mediums.

There are many variables in bringing through a successful spirit communication, and here spirit speakers talk about some of them.

Communication between spirit and earth.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

This morning we would like to speak of ‘language’, and its meaning between spirit and earth.

It may interest you to know and give you an idea… the fact that I have never spoken English in all the time of my existence. I cannot read it and if I was sitting with you in my physical body I could not speak it. I hope that makes you realise that communication is by mind alone.

I am able, and others too who are a little advanced, are capable of communicating by thought alone with every nationality in the world. I could leave here, and those like me, and go to a medium in Afghanistan, Libya, France, you name it, and we would be able to communicate.

What we would be using would be the bank of words that the medium has stored in their brain. We are sending the thought to them. Their spirit is taking the words from their brain and giving it to their physical body to make use of. Our communication is with the spirit of the medium, not with the physical body.

This communication ability applies also to the animals, those that are domesticated; even people still in their physical bodies are sometimes capable of communicating through thought, to these animals. If anything, the animal is better at communicating and accepting it than the human. The same thing applies within the animal, fish and bird communities. The school of fish that move through the water without knocking each other are communicating through thought. The same applies with the birds that weave through the sky, and with the migrating animals.

This communication is difficult to explain to you, other than, that it is carried by space, which contains memory, to convey thought from one living thing to another. So communication between you and I, between you and animals, and through outer space out in the universe, is possible; but a balance of particles is necessary to accept, a balance within the human body.

This accounts for the fact that mediumship in all its forms is usually carried down from one member of the family to another, possibly missing a generation, but it is there, and it is to do with the balance of the body and the acceptance of the mind, the spirit, the soul. The body may be ideal for mediumship, but if the spirit or soul is not at a stage for accepting our message, unfortunately we cannot make use of that medium. Circumstances are quite often against it, either in the personality of the person, or in the environment in which they have been born.

Because this is such a delicate phenomena, for want of a better word, it is easier amongst peasants, and native people living in an environment that hasn’t been put out of balance by mankind. It can unfortunately happen that people strive for communication and do not achieve it, good people with right thinking. The fact that they do not achieve it could be put down to two obvious things and probably many smaller things; the environment, and the fact that they are trying for mediumship in a field to which they are not attuned.

Meditation is easier, and a means of developing it is when in solitude, and preferably outdoors. I don’t mean for circles such as we have here this morning. I am speaking of people who are wishing to communicate with God - the feeling of ‘oneness’.  If they have hopes of direct communication, I think we people realise that they are being a little naïve.

But to feel the joy of the universe… because it is there for everybody in one form or another, not always in great glowing lights but often in the simple things of everyday life, particularly if you are outdoors - that feeling of oneness with everything… is communication, (for want of a better word) with the life force itself!

May God bless you all until we meet again.

Good morning.

Singing, dancing, and light-heartedness, assists ease of communication.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Tonight we thought we would try and give you a little idea of communication, not only between you and I, but also between us and other frequencies, because as spirit evolves, its waves become smaller, with more per second.

All our thought travels on these unseen waves, whether it is radio, T.V., or human thought.

Are we correct in assuming that you understand that thought is a living…? (Ah I’m finding it difficult to put this into words) thought is continuous… thought is life! Do you appreciate this fact that thoughts are things, that thoughts are ‘energy’?

Sitters: Yes.

Spirit: And these thoughts travel on waves, which have to go through atmosphere, which has particles.

Now in communicating with us, you resort to disturbing the waves in your British way of thinking, by music, or singing. You build up an atmosphere in your churches, because although we don’t always agree with what the churches pontificate, they do build up an atmosphere that often is excellent for communication.

Now, going outside the thinking of the English and most European folk, we come to the aboriginal, that is the Australian one. Those of America, and the Eskimos in the frozen wastes, and many other… for want of a better word we will call them tribes… communicate with spirit, and they also make sounds. They don’t understand what they are doing, but they were more advanced in the art of communication than the European.

Many of them have lost this ability because they have taken on European thought, but as well as their chanting, or musical instruments, they went in for dancing, clapping of hands, and singing. This was all disturbing the particles enabling the waves to slip through, and on these waves was communication.

Now you no doubt think, (and incorrectly if you do think this way), that we are reasonably staid once in spirit, but I can assure you that in our own way we do the same thing to communicate with people who are not in the same realms as we are. We try and build up, a footpath, a corridor, for them to come along; and when you get a group… (I’ll give a very small example, using your friends in spirit). We have an English boy who is Jack, we have June who is also English, we have Jean who, though born in Australia, is not an Aboriginal, we have Alan who with his English name is part of the African continent, we have myself an Oriental, and we have Soo-Lee.

Can you imagine us joining together and singing and dancing in our own way... each as he thinks of his abilities in the earth realm? In other words Alan is doing one type of dance, June and Jack would be doing totally different because they were in a different time period; myself, well I must admit that I am rather staid; but we all get together, all these people, because we have in our own way a circle, but our circles may involve not three, four, fifteen, twenty - we may go into hundreds, each singing his own tune, each doing his own dance, all with the same object in mind.

It sounds very much what you would call ‘bedlam’, but at a certain… we have no such thing as time, but we have a leader such as you would have in your circle, and mind to mind we know when we have got to stop... and it is instantaneous... stop! And at that point, if we have managed to do what we hope, we may get one of the ‘Great Ones’ coming and talking to us.

Now this is not a school situation where they come and teach - this is a spontaneous wanting on our part, to hear from them. I don’t want to assume that when I say ‘the same as you people’, that you desperately want to speak to us, but it is the same sort of thing where you wish to speak to us, and you make the situation as best you can, suitable for that. We do the same thing.

Can you comprehend what I am trying to explain to you?

Sitters: Yes thank you.

Ling: And this is where your knowledge of physics comes in. You may find it very interesting to perhaps go back almost to what for you, would now be basic, of I think it was a man by the name of Faraday, who enabled communication, not mind to mind but physical body to physical body... Is that correct?

Sitters: Sorry, not sure.

Ling: I know that there were several people at the same period of time, different names in different countries that came to similar conclusions about the same time. I could be wrong.

Sitter; There was Bell with I think the telephone, another was Marconi and also perhaps Edison...

Ling: And these are all with forms of communication?

Sitter: I think so.

Ling: I don’t say to make it a task, but you may find it interesting to read a little, not of the biography or the autobiography of these people, but of their actual work... how they thought, because all progress is initially thought!

You think, “It must be possible. If I can hear a bird at the top of a tree, and there is nothing between us, and yet I hear it singing, there must be a means of that sound travelling”; and other men think like that, and those that are really interested go out of their way to prove it... to prove how it happens.

You people may possibly be interested, in finding out how they initially started and it may enable you to understand a little better, the communication that goes on between our vibration and yours.

I know that you understand a little bit about ‘Wave Particle Duality’, and it is on those lines that I would like you if you wish, to do a little more research and perhaps we can educate each other.

That is another thing that I would like you people to realise. Over here, no matter how grandiose we say we are, and some people in communicating give this impression, we do not know everything. We can make mistakes. We are, for want of a better word, ‘human’. We are learning. We have perhaps got knowledge of a different kind to yours, more advanced, and perhaps in some ways you are more advanced than us, but it is all learning… whether you are on earth or here, and we get pleasure out of helping you to think! Just a little prod here and there!

Sitters: (laughter) Thank you Ling.

Spirit: Well I think for tonight we will leave it at that.

God bless you my friends in your search for knowledge… and when you have got it and you are sure, then pass it on.


Now and again for our interest and for something different, we are brought other spirit speakers. Here follows one, who had an interest in communication.

A talk with a visitor interested in communication.

(An attempt at speech was heard)

Sitter: Good evening friend.

Spirit (Unknown): ‘Evening.

(Long pause)

Sitter: Have you ever been to our circle before friend?

Spirit: No.

Sitter: Well welcome to our circle... My name is Ken.

Spirit: I’m interested in the phenomena of communication.

Sitter: That’s good, so am I.

Spirit: I’ve been given this opportunity, so that I may see for myself the practicalities.

Sitter: Good. I’m not sure how it’s done but it serves a very useful purpose.

Spirit: I cannot understand it myself. It seems the acceptance of two phenomena - the power of the earth medium and the power of the communicator.

Sitter: I have an idea it is rather like our radio here on earth, except operating on a higher frequency.

Spirit: But there is no mechanical receiver. The radio accepts then...  the transmitter I should say, receives, and then transmits…

Sitter: I’m not sure I got that. The transmitter sends a signal, and one needs some sort of receiver to accept the signal, and change it so we can understand it. Well that’s the way it works here on earth.

Spirit: As I too understand it... but where is our transmitter?

Sitter: Can’t help you with that one friend. But I think the receiver is probably our medium here. She receives your signal and changes it so that I can understand the message. Sometimes it seems to work better than at other times. Perhaps our weather has got something to do with it.

Spirit: When on earth I was an insignificant worker with the pioneer radio, as you know it.

Sitter: It would have been very interesting in those days.

Spirit: Very, but it was frustrating… as is this!

Sitter: Don’t worry about this friend, practice makes perfect. Some people who have been doing it for a while can come through loud and clear.

Spirit: I used to wind coils.

Sitter: I’ve done a little bit of that work myself, because I was a radio amateur, a radio ‘Ham’ as they were called.

Spirit: In my time we were all amateurs.

Sitter: It was thanks to your pioneering work that we’ve got radio like it is today.

Spirit: I was merely a helper. I didn’t understand, but I know it worked. The same as this... I don’t understand.

Sitter: I don’t understand too much myself, but it’s very interesting, and the messages that come through are so very interesting too.

Spirit: Communication is the life force of all spirit.

Sitter: Yes indeed, can you tell me some more about that?

Spirit: I am not a philosopher, merely an observer but I, and many of my friends believe that it is a fact, (and this is not personal), that if the spirit of all things could communicate on a basis of love and trust, with compassion and understanding, and you had the realisation that the life that you are communicating with is part of God, the same as you, then you’d look on that person as a brother and not as a means of getting something for yourselves. That’s what we feel. Radio, the telephone and all the advanced means you now have of communication, as we see it, seems to pull man apart.

Sitter: Yes, that’s very true. In so many cases it’s not being used wisely at all.

Spirit: Well you are only an individual, but every one counts, every one! And the power of your thought can help, and perhaps with time there will be greater communication between man and all living things, and all things that you call dead.

Pray for that, friend.

Sitter: I’d very much like that to happen but I rather think, that for a while yet we are going to continue to be driven by money.

Spirit: As long as you aren’t.

Sitter: No, I don’t think I am really.

Spirit: And there are others like you.

When I first came here, I for quite a time was very satisfied, and happy with my environment, but somehow, the thought forces from earth affected me and so I started to work, and have had even greater joy from that. Like you, I realise it’s an upward task, but if our communication can improve, it will be a step for the better.

Sitter: Friend you might be interested to know now, that you are coming through loud and clear, a nice strong signal.

Spirit: Thank you. It’s quite exciting when that happens.

Sitter: It is for us too.

Spirit: It reminds me of the old days.

I hope at some time, I will be permitted to come back.

Sitter: Thank you, I hope so too.

Spirit: It’s been enjoyable talking to a man who has similar interests. You called yourself.... oh it made me think of meat... ?

Sitter: Yes, a radio Ham. It’s a term known all the way round the world for a radio amateur.

Spirit: Goodnight... Amateur Ham.

Sitter: (chuckle) Good night friend, and thank you for coming and I hope we meet again.

Spirit: God bless you and yours.

Sitter: And to you too, and to our other friends there with you.


Note: After the circle the medium remarked that she thought that he said that his name was John Smith, but she said she foolishly did not allow it to come through, as she doubted its authenticity.

One of the things that can make communication with spirit difficult, is an excess of small particles in the air. One evening when conditions were rather poor we were told that the volcanic dust in the atmosphere was the reason, for at that time Mt. Ruapehu was in full eruption.Another trouble is sometimes weather, as Ling now explains…

Weather conditions may affect Spirit communication.

Note: Before the circle, sitters had been discussing, the possibility of weather conditions affecting spirit communication.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Weather conditions do make a difference, and we will try and explain why.

From your study of physics, you know about particles, so we will divide the atmosphere into particles, (in our imagination), from the size of a basket-ball, down to a tennis ball, a golf ball, a marble and then we keep going until there are balls that you are unable to see, even with a microscope... infinitesimal particles!

Now our world, meaning the one in which I am residing at the moment, is made up of the smallest of these particles.

So we have freedom of movement, because for us there is normally, no obstruction. But it does become more difficult in certain weather conditions, because, as you can imagine with all these balls together, there are spaces in between.

But when there is excess water, no matter what state it is manifested in, it is inclined to fill more spaces, so it is more difficult for the particles of which we are constituted, to make progress through to your world.

The best conditions for us would be in areas such as your middle plateau when there is a deep frost; or your mountains and valleys under the same conditions; places that have vast areas of snow and still conditions. At times the Russian country would be ideal. Unfortunately for us not many people reside in these places.

Another area, equally devoid of people living there, are the deserts. On the still nights when it’s very cold it is very seldom there are travellers, but there have been times when we have been able to manifest to these people, and they become aware, of closeness to Spirit and God.

I don’t know but it is a thought, that perhaps that is why one of our wisest teachers was born in an area, where he could go out into the wilderness to reach God.

These places we are speaking of, are ideal only if there are no disturbances of the particles of which they are made, the sand, or the snow, or the water. A disturbance makes... a blanket maybe the best way of describing it...  for us to penetrate. It is much easier for us to be without that atmospheric blanket.

You may understand, that industrial cities make it difficult for us too. Pollution of the air in any form whatsoever, like airports and the surrounding area, railway stations... and that is why we have had, we feel, quite an amount of success in your home because you are surrounded by water, which helps in keeping the atmosphere fresher. You appear to have continual winds, to remove the particles that are solid in the air, and for this we are thankful.

I am not saying that it is impossible for communication in areas that have obstruction, but it is more difficult and as you would naturally understand, it depends on the medium as well and the type of mediumship. So, in speaking of the weather, you really hit the nail on the top!

Note: A little aside here, in that, if it had been the medium giving the talk herself, she would have said, “Hit the nail on the head”.

Now, loud sound is another hindrance to successful communication. One morning there had been a loud noise outside just as circle commenced, and here Ling enlarges on that.

Difficulties in Spirit Communication.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

This morning it was a matter of materialism versus Spiritualism. As you know, we work on vibrations and as you heard there was considerable disturbance to the vibration.

As I think we mentioned before, the best conditions for us are cold frosty nights. Not dense frost where there is the sound perhaps of cracking ice or avalanches of snow, but the stillness you would get in frost conditions on your North Island, on parts of your Central Plateau.

Every time a material sound crosses our vibration there is need for adjustment, so as you can understand, in the world as it is today... I was going to say, “Unless we sit on a raft in the middle of the ocean”...  we don’t get soundless conditions - but even there a jet might pass us!

People go into rooms, which they make what they consider to be soundproof, but as far as the Spirit World is concerned that soundproofing doesn’t really exist. We can walk through their soundproof walls, and sound goes through them too as far as we are concerned.

So it is an on-going battle for us, the vibration of Spirit versus the vibration of materialism.

I thought you might be interested in knowing this, as sometimes it does make a difference to our communications and will account for the occasional time when we stop completely.

Sitter: Ling is this one reason why in Spiritualism the communication was better at the turn of the century, when it was much quieter?

Spirit: That is one of the reasons. Another is that people weren’t diverted by the entertainment that is available today, nor did they move far from their homes... the motorcar hadn’t come into its own. They had more time. All this makes a difference

Other things that can make communication with spirit difficult are electrical disturbances such as lightning, insufficient compatibility between people in the circle, the quality of mediumship, or people not having the right thinking. Elizabeth explains…

Communication between us.

Spirit: Good morning, this is Elizabeth.

I’m going to try to describe to you, a little bit about communication between us.

Can you imagine yourselves, sitting in a circle, two or three people and possibly, as in the case of a great organisation like Wembley, hundreds, who are all sitting there hoping to communicate, and you wonder why on some occasions it is very successful and on others it is not.

Now, when everything is going right, from the medium in particular, but also from those surrounding him or her, there is a shaft and this is a shaft going straight into the atmosphere, of vibration, or if you like, light. It is that, that attracts our attention and through which we communicate - through that shaft of vibration. Now the purer the thought, the easier it is for us to get through.

A person who has not necessarily evil thoughts, but anti-thoughts, will change that vibration from a straight shaft to an erratic movement, irregular, and therefore the thought that is coming from us, from those of us who have developed sufficiently to have what we like to consider pure thought, are unable to travel down that shaft, because there are hiccups in it and it would take too much energy (and knowledge to be truthful), on our part, to overcome those obstacles.

So, in the people we wish to communicate with, we are looking for pure shafts. The more we have in one area, the better it is of course for us, but in any circle no matter how big, there is always a certain amount of anti-shaft.

Numerous things, not necessarily the people themselves, may cause this. The atmosphere around you, the thought patterns that are around you particularly if you live in a city, can be ‘anti’. That is why we are usually more successful in areas where there are not a lot of people, machinery and general noises. That is why it is often more successful at night, because there is less vibration from outside obstacles.

But, as people who sit in a circle and as a medium, you must at all times try to have the atmosphere around you as pleasant as you can make it, and your own thoughts also. And though this may be hard for you, those thoughts - if you can keep them really… now what would you say... ‘Top line’ for many hours before, so that there is no unsuitable vibration to upset our shafts, or your shaft that is coming to us, then it makes it so much easier for us.

It is a matter of compatibility and we are always so pleased when we can get through to someone who has a clear shaft, because then we can give our messages. It’s pure thought and atmosphere, and everything round you, every living thing, gives forth a shaft of light.

Imagine, (you have I think what you call pins or pin cushions, for spiking plants on to when you want them to stay correct in your vases), so imagine one of those going, the points of it, on and on into eternity, as a shaft of light. Well that is what human beings are like to us, a whole lot of shafts of light and we look and hope to find the clear ones, so that it makes it so much easier for us.

I hope this has enabled you to understand out problem a little.

Good morning.

Here next is a short section explaining a communication frustration from the spirit side.

Some spirit difficulties in trying to communicate.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Briefly this morning, I wish you to understand perhaps, a little of our difficulties in communication.

From your side you try numerous things, many of which you know, some successful, some not, but what you fail to realise or many of you do, is that a similar activity takes place on our side, for the simple reason that we are equally keen to communicate.

We go round from spirit to spirit or body to body, looking for a possible channel through for our respective abilities, and at times, in fact most of the time, it is most frustrating.

There are occasions when we know that someone has all the basics which we need, but for one reason or another will not co-operate. For example: fear, teachings, time, and plain ‘Don’t want to’.

We have greater opportunity amongst the more simple folk, those in the more undeveloped countries, but unfortunately, our ability in many of these places is waning, because of civilisation and materialism taking over. So my friend, when you have your struggles on earth to communicate, think also of us and our troubles. But we feel that if science could only let go its tenacious hold on materialism, and admit that there are things that they don’t know, cannot comprehend and yet know are there, we might get somewhere.

There was a great talk about the year two thousand and progress, ... merely an indication of your time. But who is to say it did not stimulate the thinking of mankind, to look around him, to realise the damage he is doing and to look further afield.

Let us hope so.

To conclude this section is a talk pointing out that communicating with spirit can be dangerous unless done with care and knowledge, and this of course can apply to many other things like for example, one’s use of electricity. Anyone finding that they have the ability to communicate with the spirit world should never dabble, but straight away seek advice from other reputable mediums as to how to control their gift.  Do not overlook this as it is very important.

Controlled Detachment.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We wish to speak tonight on what is really an important subject for all people wishing to communicate with… shall we call ourselves ‘deceased spirits’? (Mirth)

We will call the topic ‘Controlled detachment’.

During sleep, your spirit is relaxed and normally, resting. If you have a job to do, this you may achieve, but it is all in a relaxed manner and nothing to worry about or concern yourselves with, but when you are trying in a conscious state to achieve communication, you, the physical you (your brain), must be in control.

Now why we say this, is that many people who try a form of communication, have never at any time, developed a friendship with their control, their doorkeeper or whatever name you care to give...  and until this is achieved, (under supervision of an advanced medium, or a controlled circle), the medium is at risk. Now why this is so, is that, as you are well aware of in your own world, there are opportunists.

Because you have died, even if you have the blessing of the Christian church or any other religious organisation, it does not change you, and many of the you’s are not advanced souls. They’re vindictive, cruel… we needn’t go into the numerous disadvantages that there are, of achieving communication with undesirable people - or spirit!

It pays to have a guard at each entrance, in other words the medium themselves are in control, they know what they want, they know what they don’t want and are usually capable of putting up a barrier… and on our side, if the doorkeeper through many years, perhaps unknown to the medium, has gradually built up a friendship, until when they do meet as spirits, there is accord - and another barrier is put up against ‘dead’ spirits communicating when they are not wanted.

It is a tendency in your world today for many to go willy-nilly, into fields in which they are inexperienced, have no control, and have no help from this side… and it is those that we worry about.

They detach their spirits from their physical body. Now when I say that, I mean they move into another vibration, without the knowledge of what they are doing. They achieve communication, initially, and usually, harmless, but they start delving wanting more, out of control, by themselves, with people who are inexperienced, with people who want, want, want, and there are spirit people that will give, give, give, but they are not always the right ones.

If you get the opportunity, at all times emphasize on people who are wanting spirit communication, that it must be controlled – controlled detachment.

They must do their part, and be assured that once they have made the contact with a like-minded person on our side, they will be protected and looked after. But until that contact is made, until they seek someone who is basically sound - possibly not as exciting as some of the other spirits that they may come in contact with - they are very foolish to experiment.

Once the protection is there, then with the knowledge of the gatekeeper and those that are around them, people who are perhaps not so pleasant will be allowed through, but they are controlled! The barriers can be put up on the spirit side as well as on the physical side.

Controlled detachment is very important, and without control it is very easy to get out of hand, particularly too with the very young, or those under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is dangerous to delve into things you don’t know about, without guidance from, as we said before, people with advanced knowledge on your side, and the help of their friends who are also advanced in their knowledge, on this side.

If you are aware of someone who is playing, if you feel that they are not capable of discipline, (which is so necessary), they may not take notice but advise them to leave it alone… they don’t realise the power for good or evil that they are working with.

It is becoming more and more obvious to us, that there are some very foolish people working on the black side of life - of spirit; and each and every one of us who are aware of this, must do our best to see, that spirit communication is always for the best - disciplined and controlled!

God bless your circle. This was Ling.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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