Chapter Six

Life’s Journey.

Note: For convenience I have split this chapter into a group of web pages as there is no theme to the selected scripts. J. H. Dec 2010.

Chapter Six illustrates well, the wide range of mainly teaching material that spirit friends bring. Of course this is not only to our circle… for there are other spirits working in the same way with other circles, all around the world.Of particular interest, is the great uniformity in their teachings. No matter whereabouts in the world these teachings are received, and although they may be coming from widely different spirit speakers, the information is found to be near enough the same. This applies irrespective of whether received now, or a hundred years or more ago.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Now tonight we will discuss, ‘Life’s Journey’.

As you are well aware, you are a spirit, a soul… you think, therefore you are, whatever title you wish to give to the controlling factor in your life eternal.

When man initially starts his life it would appear, that he is almost devoid of emotion. You possibly are aware of people yourself who live day to day, automatically doing things appreciating little, not feeling or seeing much - they exist. It isn’t until the person begins to feel emotional pain, emotional joy, appreciation of beauty, and the feelings of sorrow, that they can be hurt. I’m not speaking of physical, but emotionally, by unkind words. They can also be lifted by kind words.

It is at this stage that a person usually starts thinking, having perhaps perceived great beauty on the left, and on their right great ugliness of some sort. Then comes the question, “Why is this so? Why is the life of one person emotionally a flat, straight line, while another has highs and lows?  What is behind all this?”

It is when one comes to the stage of questioning that one’s spiritual life begins to develop. From then on one may feel deeper sorrow, but at the same time greater joys. One may perceive great ugliness, but also great beauty. One may see cruelty too but on the other hand great kindness, and not necessarily between human beings. If you study the animal kingdom it is all there, and we begin to think, “There must be something behind all this”.

And I think that the best way perhaps to describe it would be… A spirit, a drop of rain, falls at the top of a high mountain. It seeps down into the ground, it travels until it perhaps comes to a basin, which is peat. That drop of water struggles through the murkiness of the peat, until eventually it comes out with many other drops, as a struggling little stream, that bounces, turns upside down and struggles on down through the rocks.

There are times when there is a calm pool; at other times it is quite devastating what is happening to this little drop of water. It might be gulped down by adversity in the form of a fish, it passes through that, and continues on its journey into wider streams it is developing, it is getting bigger, it is joining something it cannot understand - but it is always forward.

Sometimes the wide smooth pools, sometimes great agitation as it is knocked and bounced between great boulders, and falls great heights (the same as our spirits do)… this little drop of water; and finally it comes to a river, having travelled down many little streams; and in this river are compatible drops. They are all going the same way.

That happens to us too. Eventually, with the help of others travelling the same path, thinking, discussing, we are like that little drop of water carried forward to our ultimate destination. A journey of life.

Whether it is a drop of water or a human soul, the journey has great similarities… the ups and downs that are always towards onward progress. The more the spirit develops, expands, the greater will be the hurts, but also the greater will be the appreciation of what is so good. It sometimes takes great hurts and great sorrow to jolt the spirit into realising what is there. This often happens under extreme conditions. You may be able to think back to the two world wars when spirituality developed in a lot of people. A lot of people were aware of spirit, but then comes the smooth passage, the materialistic passage between wars or as it is now, and if the money isn’t there, they don’t think of spirit. Spirit becomes a means to an end, but it isn’t the end of development. The end is what goes into the pocket. This is happening a lot in your world, as you are well aware.

When the opportunity arises, if it does, pass on what you have been taught. It may not happen on earth. Even when you change and become spirit and are thought, you will still have that opportunity, because there are many people who are so-called dead, who still live in a non world, where they are neither up nor down, sad nor joyful. They don’t seek further, and it is only by the seeking, and experience, that the soul develops.

Now what I have spoken of, and what we have thought to say tonight, is probably to you people something you already know, possibly have experienced… but one cannot have a good thing repeated often enough. It is like the dripping of a tap, initially you take no notice, but sooner or later something gets done about it.

Is there anything pertaining to this that you would like to question?

Sitter: Yes please Ling. I think you said that emotional highs and emotional lows go together, and that emotional low is necessary for spiritual advancement. Is advancement in your world, requiring spiritual lows over there too?

Spirit: Spiritual low my friend is not the same as physical. We can be depressed, for we can look at your world and feel great sorrow, we can look at other spirits and wish that we could help them more, but it doesn’t affect us here in quite the same way as it does in the physical world. You are not a zombie, you are not a non emotional person… you are open to experience if you wish to be; but remember there is no pain, there is no lengthy parting from those you love, you know that you can be with them, but you can experience through your development, the emotions, the downs of the world and of other spirits around you.

Well I think tonight we will leave it at that. God bless you, and remember if you get depressed, not far away there’ll be a high… but it’s up to you to work to it!

Sitter: Thank you very much for your talk.

Spirit: God bless you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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