Chapter Six

Keep on Acquiring Knowledge

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

We wish to talk tonight, partly conjecture, partly fact, (that is facts known to us), based on your knowledge of physics.

As you realise, spirit interpenetrates your world, and I think you realise how this happens. [By operating on different frequencies like radio stations do].

Now yours is not the only world… imagine world upon world, upon world, each complete in itself.

There was a man, a well known spiritualist, who lived quite a number of years ago in your thinking who believed, (I do not know whether it was an assumption, or whether for him it was a fact), that there were fifteen of these worlds. In your reading you may come across this man; we know him only as Owen and whether that is his Christian or surname I do not know. Myself and those whom I associate with have no perception of so many worlds, although we are aware of a continuation beyond yours, (which at this stage is almost ours), although most of those I associate with have moved on a little, and it is because we have moved on, that it is difficult at times to penetrate into yours.

When one initially leaves the physical body one is in the first world (shall we say), which easily interpenetrates yours. In fact the souls… many of them, initially do not realise that they have left the physical world, and as we develop depending on our thinking, we move on through these various worlds. We give the name ‘world’ as something you can conceive of.

Now the matter of moving on may be for some people, straight away into third or fourth world. Myself, and my friends who are with me, cannot conceive of the idea of more than seven or eight, but we would not like to be quoted on that; that is just our thought. But to move from world to world, could take hundreds of years, in your time, from one to another depending on the flexibility of spirit, of the ‘essence’ of you, and as to whether you are willing to accept new knowledge, to accept the fact that you have made a mistake.

If you look into your very hearts, (and this applies to all of us), we probably have some very fixed ideas; perhaps they are on a physical subject or a mental subject, (it doesn’t matter what), but no matter what someone says to you, even if they can prove that you are incorrect, you still cling to your ideas.

Unfortunately this happens to a lot of people when they have had inculcated into them from a very early age, a particular mode of life or thinking, so that when they move on in death, they carry this on.

We have to learn to be big, big in our thinking, so that we can take into ourselves new knowledge, which does not necessarily do away with knowledge you have now, but can expand it… and that is what the spheres like earth, are about… expanding, expanding, expanding! It is a wonderful conception and if you can once take it in to yourself it becomes almost a need; the excitement, the exhilaration of more knowledge, of finding out how it all works, because it is there for us all. My friends and I, we are all learning, it never stops, so the more you can open your mind to the fact of ‘learning’, the better, perhaps about another culture, and the ideas that they have… take this knowledge and add it to yours.

Once upon a time, as you well know, the Southern Hemisphere of your world was unknown and yet there were people living there, that once they were contacted added to your knowledge and you added to theirs. That’s what it’s like as you move on from earth - on and on, a new concept, a new learning.
It’s not empty out there. If you put your hand in front of you there is something there. If you go beyond your earth, there is something there. People who know a little about radio and waves know that there is something there. You wouldn’t have your radio unless there was something there; and beyond it, there is something more!

Don’t let your ideas consolidate on the little you have learnt of your physics. May we suggest that you find more books, consolidate your understanding, apply it to your spiritual belief and continue on, because the more knowledge you have yourselves the better able you will be to explain to others. They will see from your understanding that there is more to this business of spirit, than going and having your hand read, your fortune told, or someone telling you that your mother is with you - right, your mother is with you - but where has she come from, and how can she be there? Try and get others interested in the subject, because for us all, there is just so much to learn. We are all students. I am merely handing on what little knowledge I have, for I too am learning.

Well I hope we have given you something more to think about.

May God bless you in your searching.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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