Chapter Six

Names and The Spirit World

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Names. This morning we will speak about ‘Names’.

People on your side particularly want names. Now we wish to explain to you, that this is a difficulty.

Initially, in coming here one is usually conscious of one’s name, and everything pertaining to one’s earth life. This does not necessarily remain with you, one reason being that one soon adapts to communicating without words.

You wish to speak to your mother. You have the picture of her in your mind and if she was within distance of you, you would communicate… you would probably travel to each other, but you would not be using words, or names.

You may notice that I refer to ‘within distance’. This is because the vastness of where we are at this particular period of time for us, is beyond the earth being’s comprehension. So it is not always possible to immediately contact the person you wish to communicate with - it may involve you moving round a bit.

After some time, you yourself would develop the ability to communicate with people, not by their appearance like you do now, where you see someone on the road whom you recognise the shape and colouring of, and you say, “There’s George”. Over here, you feel the emotion and see the colour of the emotion that this person displays, and because each and every one of us is different, you are recognised by that.

You may be a person who has great compassion, but you for some reason hate one particular thing. You are fond of music, but putting pictures on paper or canvas means nothing to you. You have a colour bias to people. All these things combined form a different pattern, emotion, and colour-picture to anyone else.

So, I hope from this you realise, that names become obsolete, and by many are forgotten. As one advances even further, they are nonexistent.

Now someone on earth, saying, “Oh I would like to speak to the scientist Darwin”, or “Queen Elisabeth the First was a great monarch”… or “Eric the Red... he travelled much under adverse conditions... I would wish to speak with him!” But this, my friends is most unlikely to happen for one reason... those people would not recognise themselves by the names that you are calling. However people who are close to earth, egotists who are not spiritually developed, are likely to answer the call to boost ego.

But within a year or two of their passing, most people, given the opportunity and the will to do so, and a compatible medium, could communicate accurately giving their name, etc., but as time passes they become so involved in what they are doing, in their new learning, their great adventure, that they forget their names.

Many of them take on a name that is not theirs, but the people who are genuinely good in doing this communicating usually choose a name that has no meaning in your world. They may say they are Tom, Dick, or Harry, June or Catherine, because you people want something to call them by, and we are happy to do this.

People who have stature in your world, and possibly here also in communicating, besides giving a name, would give evidence of themselves, of their character, of their achievements. In other words, they would try to pass, through the medium, their personality, which is better evidence from your point of view than names. Always question names!

Someone comes and says, “I’m your sister Anne”, accept it, but then say, “Can you tell me more Anne?”. If she were genuinely your sister, there would be something she could communicate to you, which would be the evidence that you want. Don’t always just accept a name. Do you understand this?

Sitter: Yes thank you.  I suppose the fact that we don’t hear of addresses coming through much either, would be under the same heading.

Spirit: Yes. Let me put it this way... I think, you people may say that it is mind reading on the part of the medium. The person in the audience has asked for an address.

The person in spirit, most likely can picture where they lived, and possibly describe it, but with the passing of time may not be able to give it accurately as a name and number, but the person in the audience knows the name and number, and from him or her, the medium unintentionally picks that up, mind to mind.

If the person in spirit gives an accurate description of where they lived, with some unusual facet of it, that the person in the audience does not know of, that is far more likely to be true. Communication through any medium, unfortunately, through in most cases no intention on their part, does have inaccuracies.

So once again, we would like you to understand that a name that is given to you, is not always but most times, a name given in friendship for you. It may not be the original name of the person you are communicating with, particularly if they have been over here for any number of years.

For example: Someone who had been here two or three hundred years, could probably accurately describe their period of time, but if you asked for their name, because it hasn’t been used, would flounder, and many may pick on a name that was well known in that period of time, not intending to deceive, initially. They would probably realise their error in giving it to you later and we hope would contradict, but a truly thinking, kindly spirit, who wants to be your friend and communicate truth, would probably just pick on a name as you say, “Out of the blue”… simple, and with no historical significance.

Sitter: I suppose it is related to purpose. If the purpose is to bring through philosophy and so forth, then I can well understand that situation, but should the purpose be… trying to establish verification with a deceased person then I see there could be difficulties.

Spirit: Usually, people demanding verification are those who have just lost someone, and the periods of time that I am referring to are not involved, and they are more likely to get direct communication with the person that has passed. If the communication is strong, they may get over first and second names, which would be for the person receiving it, good evidence. But if the communication is weak, and they say “Mary”, there are thousands of Marys so how does one know it is your Mary? It is only by referring to a ring, a coat, a flower, a house, some particular thing that belongs to that Mary... that is far more evidential my friend, than saying, ‘Mary’.

I think we will leave it at that this morning. Remember… don’t believe everything you hear! And may God bless you and yours, and keep you interested in what is around you.

God bless you.

Good morning.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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