Chapter Six

More Thoughts on 'Time'

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitter: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: We gather that a considerable amount of time and discussion has gone into the question on ‘time’.

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: And you are no doubt fully aware now, that that is a man made indication, putting a fence round things that have happened, and this has been called ‘time’. It is limiting!

Sitter: I suppose it is a convenience that we use here, in our earthly life.

Spirit: Exactly, in your earthly life.

So we will leave the earthly life, and you come to spiritual life, where there is no time! It cannot go anywhere, it cannot do anything, it is non-existent.

To the best of our ability we will give you an example; a person has been here for a period, they have no idea how long but there is a certain amount of frustration, or instinctive knowledge, knowing that they should move on.

Now the moving on can be one of perhaps many ways, but we will say it’s after discussion with their friends, guides and teachers. “ I would like to do this”, they may say, and someone may say, “But really, your advancement in that particular field is as much as you can expect now… you have not overcome your (we will say) selfishness. And in the world you are living in now, in spirit, it is easy to get away with this.

Perhaps easier than on earth - had you thought of returning?”

And so perhaps after a period (they have no idea of what it is), but with the guidance of others they may return to earth... note, ‘may’ return. And that person depending on their nature may have an affinity to a particular country, or type of life, or an interest in some particular thing, that is away from the environment they have been born into. It may be memory but they cannot say from that, “Oh, I am interested in Africa, I must have lived there so many years ago”. They cannot ever put a time to it. People unconsciously I would say, talk themselves into those time factors, because in reality they would probably not exist in their memory... not while they are on earth.

When they are with us, their mind can be in that period of time if they so wish it, but it is really taking a backward step. It is better to look for something new. And this applies to your life on earth.

Now by that, we do not mean that you sell your home and take your family somewhere else, but to learn something a little different, or to do something a little different, see something a little different, every day of your life – that all helps in your development.

The same happens when you are here, but because you are limited by time on earth, you need perhaps to concentrate on learning something every day, whereas over here with no time, you haven’t got the pressure. So it is the soul that develops under its own pressure so that it develops in truth, rather than possibly... for material benefit, as it could be on earth.

I think at this stage of the development of yourself and those you associate with, the time factor in our world is almost impossible for you to conceive of, but it is a living with no end - no ageing. It is just a continual being of developing mind, and there is just no end to it as we conceive it ourselves. Understand we don’t know everything, but that is, as we understand it.

Can I help you in any way?

Sitter: There is a thought that I would like to know about Ling. I’m told that when we come back to earth to improve say, ‘selfishness’, that we don’t know that we are here to improve selfishness. Now since we do have limited time here on earth, would it not be better that we came here knowing that we had to improve our attitude towards selfishness, so that we could make a greater effort?

Spirit: I wonder in your effort not to be selfish, if it would be genuine? You would have in your mind, “I mustn’t be selfish”, so you share something with someone and you think, “I’m not being selfish”. But if you don’t know that you have a tendency to selfishness, and you see someone and you decide to share whatever it is with them, without being prompted by the thought of your own development, surely that is a better way of doing it?

Sitter: I’d hope one would make an effort to try and overcome selfishness initially, until it became a habit, and when it becomes a habit, then we’ve achieved the object.

Spirit: I can understand what you are getting at, but is an habitual goodness, an admirable characteristic, in comparison to a natural goodness that has developed out of your true spiritual self? One way you are aiming to improve the ‘I’. You are thinking, “I”. The other way, you are doing it without any motive at all, and then it becomes true spiritual development.

Sitter: Couldn’t that be a rather hit and miss affair? Without any motive you may or may not, latch on to the fact that you need to improve your attitude towards selfishness?

Spirit: It could be hit and miss, but you’ve got all the time there is to develop it.

Sitter: I’m thinking of whilst we are on earth, presumably sent back to improve.

Spirit: If you don’t improve this time, there are other times. Life in our world has no time factor - it doesn’t matter if you take a thousand years. But at the end of that thousand years you have purity, you have the essence of the unselfish soul; whereas doing it your way, possibly you may end up with an artificial development, basically purely selfish, because you are doing it for one person... yourself.

Sitter: Yes I see that, but to me achievement has always meant effort, and if I’m just drifting and not making any effort, I don’t see that I’m going to achieve very quickly.

Spirit: Exactly. So it then comes back to you, but we want you to do it or God I should say, your Teachers, the Wise Ones, want the development...  (I find this difficult to put into words), all I can think of is they want the development to be pure, not under any artificial pressure. It is the essence of your spirit that you are developing. It has no physical aspect and the more you develop, the more pure becomes your
thinking and the glow of light that surrounds you, and any dross that you have accumulated (and everyone has), drops away… and this can only be done we feel, through guidance and your own inner-self.

Well my friend I hope we have given you plenty to think of this morning.

Sitter: You certainly have.

Spirit: Keep stimulating thought… it is good, because eventually that is what you are!

May God bless you and yours.

Good morning.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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