Chapter Eight


This next talk came just after the September eleventh terrorist attacks in America.

Spirit (Unknown): Good evening.

I cannot bring into the world at this time, peace; no one can, not even man’s perception of God! But each and every one of us must work towards this. Unfortunately for thousands of years, man has made a big mistake in his perception of God and religion, and it is only in the last one or two hundred years that man has perceived, in a limited manner… truth.

God is not one - but is made up of many facets beyond our conception, of which you, and all, and we would emphasize all, of mankind, are a part. To say, “We must kill, because it is God’s will”, is error!

It is not God, as man perceives him that does this, but it is mankind itself! God is great knowledge and great love, that each and every one of us, no matter colour or creed, has in us to hand on to another. Killing a fellow man, no matter how, (except perhaps unfortunate accident), does not do any good. We must not kill! We must love!

So if during your lifetime on earth, you come in conflict with another human, try, as the Nazarene once taught, to “Turn the other cheek”.

It is understood, that we will fight to protect what is good, but to fight because it is God’s will, is against all the teachings of spiritual love. Try and pass on, or teach others to pass on… not love of God, but love of each other. It is the essence of all living – exceedingly difficult for each one of us to achieve this pure love of mankind, but we have hopes that all mankind is striving to reach spiritual… (Here I find it difficult, or we find it difficult to conceive of a word, because what came into the mind was ‘bliss’. But the interpretation of the human world would not be correct. So when one says, “A oneness with God”, it may be nearer… that mankind as spirit, can perceive and accept a love of all humanity - to give, and in giving, to receive.

We do not prophesise, but possibly, in the future not too far distant, there will be continual bitterness and condemnation. Try and raise your hearts, your spirits, above this, and in so doing help others. Teach, speak, and act the truth as you know it, as we have tried to teach you, and you in your own small ways, along with many, many others, will keep a light burning; because good at all times must overcome misconceived ideas. You will note, we haven’t said “Evil”. We would ask that as best you can, you keep it as a word out of your vocabulary, and out of your minds.

If things happen that you know are wrong, as has happened in the last few weeks, try and think of them, these perpetrators, as younger brothers who still have not been able to come to terms that they themselves, are part of the God that they worship, and in killing mankind, condemning mankind, being cruel… is harming God which is in themselves.

But on a cheerful note, remember that through all history as you know it - and as will continue on – right and truth are there; and there are always people who will keep it alive and we ask that you will do your bit.

We hope that we haven’t taken too much of your time, and it is a message that we felt that you probably knew, but it becomes more settled in your minds the more it is repeated, and the more you think on it.

May the blessing of eternal light shine on you.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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