Chapter Eight

Understanding the connection between the two worlds.

Spirit: Good evening.  I’m known as Arnold.

I hope to be of help to you in your understanding of spirit, of the world you live in, and the connection between the two. The word I would use for it is “Power”.

Now much of what I say, (we don’t say that you have to) but you may find it of interest to authenticate same, over the next few weeks.

Now imagine a ball, we’ll call it ‘your world’, and it is just like a thick, almost viscous soup, and out of that mass comes you, the land you live in. Everything you see, hear, feel, touch, is in that soup. If you were to wave your hand in front of you, you would be dislodging uncountable numbers of atoms. Your perception is such that you are only aware of a very limited number of these… we will call them ‘particles’.

There are worlds within worlds, within worlds, waves varying from miles in height and depth, to those that are almost a straight line, and colour beyond your conception. These that you cannot see or hear, and those that you can see and hear, are all in that soup.

Much of it has been worked out by man. Some has only got to the theory stage, to the ‘thought’, but as you are well aware, everything begins with a thought, whether it is a thought in a physical body or what you would call an etheric body. So from this we gather that thought, must be the power.

What motivates thought? How does thought travel? Does my thinking travel to you through the air? How could that be so? Is it so? If so, how? This is a beginning of thinking… stimulating your minds.

If you have a perception of colour or sound that you feel is ridiculous, is it? Work out if there is a theory that would make your thought fact, and try and prove it. Much of this thought, perception, knowledge of power, is written in your physical books, but with the knowledge you have got, that there is more beyond the physical, you may be able to come to conclusions that are satisfactory to your thinking, amongst yourselves, and possibly are correct.

Many of your great chemists, are theorists. The theory must be there first, so we would ask that you learn the basics, and then travel on. Think, you take it for granted that a voice from where, (from the physical body in front of you), you hear every week, but is it the mind of that physical body that is making those words, and if you don’t believe that it is, well whose mind is it? Where is that mind? It is all part of that ‘soup’, and it is all part of knowledge that you can gain, and the more you gain now, the more you learn or theorise, the greater will be your opportunity for knowledge at a later date, when there could open before you vast temples of knowledge which could help you sort out that soup.

But until the basic energy is within you, to want to do this, it cannot be given to a non-receptive mind, and to be receptive one has to have basic knowledge and the want to go further.

You are interested naturally in what happens after the physical body returns to from whence it came, and this is all there; that knowledge for you to gain, if you put the effort into it. What you learn, share amongst yourselves, but more important… share amongst yourselves your theories, because it is only in discussion, (in your case verbal, later it will be mind to mind), only in this openness of mind, your discussing, that perhaps what one person may perceive as a ridiculous idea, when discussed among a number of you, will perhaps bring forth light.

So to know the power of spirit, get your basics into your minds, learn as much as you can… we realise that people such as yourselves will not be going to university standards, but you have got the minds that are capable of theories, that may (because of other knowledge you’ve got), be far more advanced, than the enclosed minds that are in many of your universities.

Remember, open discussion, give-out your theories no matter how ridiculous, and perhaps later you may have something to tell us.

I hope I have been able to stimulate your minds into being venturesome, and it has been a pleasure for me to come and speak. I do not often get this opportunity.

We wish you well.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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