Chapter Eight

Spirit Healing.

Spirit (Unknown): Good evening.

I am here as an advocate for many thousands of spirit people, and what we wish to discuss is a subject that is probably close to your hearts, and that is what you call ‘spirit healing’.

Now we would like you to know that there are literally thousands of us who are only too willing to help. We come as experienced healers (when we were on earth), and we vary considerably from those who have just arrived here a short time ago, men and women, who are well experienced as you would say, in your present medical practices.

But people have been practising medicine for hundreds, thousands of years and not just Europeans. The witch doctor with his bones and his skins, and all the unusual equipment that he has was still practising in his way, medicine, and for the people he was attending it was the right medicine. And there are those people here today who can help those that still think in that manner.

We have the Taoist who helps people who believe in the elements, because much of this my friend, the healing, is a matter of mind.

Now your job as a medium for healing, and all of the many people who could do this, is merely to act as a messenger.

When people are sick, very often they have such a cloud of despair, despondency, around them that it makes it difficult for us to be aware of anything other than this cloud of despondency. But you people, and you don’t have to be sitting in a circle to do this, can picture the person in your mind. We then pick it up if there is someone who is compatible with you, and that tells us that that person is in need of help.

Now your efforts can be very wide. You probably don’t realise just how far your ability in informing us can be spread, for example, owing to the technology that you now have in many parts of the world, you see on your screens events and things that are happening currently, and you see people who are distressed and in need of help. If you see one and it impresses your mind, just picture that person in your mind and quietly ask for help for them, because we may not know until you tell us.

Remember all the time that you are not healers, but people who sit for healing have a compassion for their fellow man and are willing to give the time to act as couriers so that we may receive the message – and there are many of us of every race, and creed who are only too willing, to help those whom our particular abilities are capable of helping.  As you no doubt know this applies also to animals, because there are many people who love them, love them dearly and wish them too to be healed.

But when we speak of healing you must understand, that that may not always be possible - but at least we can give comfort and help if they are to come to us, or at least lighten their burden if they are to remain on earth.

Sometimes the illness, the suffering they may be going through, is part of learning, but the upliftment, the feeling of wonder and joy can still be theirs. You no doubt know of people in that position and you wonder how they can be so cheerful. They may be fortunate. Someone who loves them, who is compassionate, in spirit, is able to help.

Though we are anxious that people should understand that there is no death, that life is ongoing, we are also anxious to help people who are on earth, and it is through what you call spirit healing that we can do this.

So I have been asked to come and appeal for people, for you people and others like you to encourage others, not to haphazardly go in for healing, but to do it with true love and dedication, and not necessarily just for those that they know, but to encompass the world, as well as those they may have just seen for a few seconds on your screens,

Is there anything you would care to ask that I might help you to understand?

Sitter: Yes please and that is if I was trying to send absent healing, not to one person in particular but just in general, will my thought work on its own or does it need to combine with others, in order to heal many people at the same time?

Spirit: When you or anyone sends out healing in general, the spirit who has received the message, will combine it with the healing of many others (if it is for the world in general), and direct it to where it is most needed.

Second sitter: I’ve never tried anything like this, but could I try to help you?

Spirit: Of course you could. It is better if you are sincere, to set aside a certain time each week, because don’t make it a burden, make it something that you willingly do, and just sit quietly for a few minutes until your thoughts of the day move away and you are feeling calm and then put into your mind the picture of the person you wish to help, or if it is a country that is in strife through flood or war or whatever, think on that. And it is always nice if you have a little smile at the end, perhaps as a sort of thank you to the spirit person who has received the message from you, because we like our friends who help us to smile. (Mirth)

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Well I hope this has been of help, and that it has encouraged you people, and you in turn will encourage others. You do not have to be a direct medium, but you are an indirect medium… you are working with spirit, you are doing good work. Healing is important in your world, and we are here to help.

May God bless you in your work and may it carry far.


A spirit healer explains healing as from their side.

Spirit (Unknown): Good evening.

I am a healer, same as you people.

I would like to explain to you as well as I am able, the work of a healer on my side. We feel that this may be of interest to you.

Now each of you has one, perhaps two or possibly more, healers that work with you. You don’t all have the same healer because you are individuals, the same as your healing companions on this side are individuals, but you are each compatible with your own group of healers. Healing is a word that you people use; we just like to think of ourselves as workers, helping the physical body of mankind.

Now I think the best way is to have an imaginary patient.

As you know you are a physical body and around you is a light that we can see. It varies according to what you may call the personality or the spirit of the person, and also according to their temperament, and also the condition of their body. A person to be perfect would be a glowing clear light… I’ve never seen one! But according to your emotions you may have from very dark blue almost black, right through to a lovely rose, or soft yellow… but we will say that your leg is broken. At that point there would be a harsh red light.

Now as in your world, you people are not aware of everyone who is ill or has a broken leg, or bronchitis or any of the numerous things that you people are susceptible to, you need to be told, and usually we do too.

Now in our case, we may be told by an individual’s particular guide, particularly if these spirits work together. But if they are people who perhaps do not think of spirit, the afterlife or anything pertaining to it, they need someone to intercede for them and that’s where you people come in. You knock on our door and you say “Shirley has a broken leg” and request healing, and though you may not be aware of it, it does help, if you are able to picture Shirley without her broken leg.

That enables us to home in on Shirley and by manipulating the particles of her leg we can help your doctors (because we hope Shirley has gone to a doctor), to make a good job. They may have set it in plaster and almost done everything right, and more often than not they do everything right, but there may be some little complication that we can assist in and this we do, and all being well Shirley has no discomfort, and her leg gets better. But Shirley can be her own worst enemy, because if she thinks “Oh I’ve broken my leg, I’ll never be able to dance again, I’ll…” this that and the other and all the numerous things, “I’ll get arthritis in it and…” all the things that people can conjure up having had a broken leg. Not everyone is like that fortunately but Shirley is, and because of her negativity she draws to her the very things that she talks about, she expects it and so her body reacts.

We can only help those that help themselves. This does not apply if the leg is broken on a very young child, who wouldn’t have those thoughts anyway. It is only a barrier put up for us, usually by the adult world… more the materialists. Those who perhaps think of God, and spirit, and nature and all the lovely things, accept it as a bit of a trial, but think, “I’ll get over it and carry on”. Those people we can really help.

And this applies to every known condition of mankind, if we know about it and people such as yourselves are the messengers.

You understand I think, but if not I will repeat, that the cure or partial cure, or whatever, only takes place if it is for the good of that spirit. The spirit itself might have come to earth with the sole purpose of going through a particular trauma. We do not interfere. But if it is pure accident, a misfortune, or a disease that is caught or developed through no wish of the spirit, then by all means we are glad to help.

So each of you, individually, has your own little group of helpers. Do not expect miracles. Sometimes healing takes a long time, but slowly and steadily we can usually overcome most things. If it is terminal, in other words the physical body is going to die, we can usually make that, not a thing of drama, but a peaceful passing, so that not only does the spirit move off peacefully, but also those that are left behind are not stressed by great dramas.

In the case of fatal accidents and the person is killed instantly, (usually their own guides are aware that this is going to happen), initially it is a shock to find that they can no longer easily communicate with earth, but they at least are greeted by those who care for them… and it is made much easier if the new arrival has a little knowledge beforehand, as you can well understand.

At the moment is there anything that you would like to ask pertaining to healing that we may be able to enlighten you on?

Sitter (K): Yes please. Where healing has been asked for, for somebody, how often should one repeat that request for healing, and how far between requests?

Spirit: That partially depends on the problem. We will say that it is chronic arthritis, or one of those similar ailments. They take a long time. I would suggest, initially, that you ask us two or three times in the first week, then leave it a couple of weeks and then a month, and gradually taper it off. If the cure does not come, it may be that it is something that is beyond us, such as a choice of the spirit, but even so, the person should have upliftment, should be able to cope.

Sitter: Thank you very much.

Sitter (J): And I have a question thank you. When during the day I see anyone that is ill, or looking as though they need healing or help, I tend to ask for it on the spur of the moment. Is that being a nuisance, should I have a set period where I sit down and ask for healing for people?

Spirit: It would be better that way, for the simple reason that because we are busy too, no one may even know. If this is just someone whom you have just fleetingly seen and you have no name, then try and picture them, where you saw them. You can’t picture them in great health, which would be better, because you’ve never known them like that, but picture them as you saw them. Sometimes we are able to contact and help.

Sitter: Thank you.

Spirit: Now if there are no more questions, I will go now.

It has been my pleasure to come here and speak. It may not happen again, but be assured that all of us are doing our best to help all healing mediums help others.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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