Chapter Eight

How recognition from the spirit-world develops.

Spirit: I am known as Shah-La.

I am going to try and explain to you, how we see you.

Now I am not talking of those who have just left their bodies, because they see you and your world far clearer than such as myself, and others like me. We see you as light. We see your soul - and your soul, spirit, the ‘you’, makes light.

Now we will say, that during the course of my time I think I have knowledge I would like to pass it to someone on earth. Perhaps they can make use of it. This is just an example friend... and in doing that I don’t look for a human being such as you would do.  If you went into a room, no doubt you would cast your eyes around and say, “That is a likely person, their face is pleasant, I will make myself known”. From where I am I cannot do that, but I may come in to the orbit of you people, and I look for light. Because each and every one of us, whether we are on earth or in the… I think you call it the ‘Etheric’ is something in your mind... is that correct, would you consider that correct?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: Now you are thought. Your thoughts are living things. They are a vibration. They are part of your spirit, and they form colour, relating to you. Now a person who thinks of ‘love’, thinks good thoughts, and it has a colour that thought, so the person that is radiating that colour gives a particular light that we may be attracted to, whereas the person who thinks ‘hate’, has a different colour, greyer, possibly redder, and that may not be a person that attracts us.

So it is through this radiation of colour, that many of us are drawn to you. It would be an interesting exercise, for you to try when you have time, to write down, two words, as an example ‘love’ and ‘hate’; words that are opposite in emotion, and then across your page, write the words that you feel go with love, or hate. You may be surprised, because for most people, depending on where they live and whom they associate with... there are more words associated with the better aspects of our being, than there are of the sadder ones. It is an interesting exercise to take.

So remember, it applies to all people that you cannot hide over here... I find this difficult to say ‘over here’... here, it is all one; but having left your physical body, you cannot hide your emotion, your being, your spirit, whatever name you like to give it, because it is like a lamp. It is the light of ‘you’. So when you hear the words,  ‘Like draws to like’, that is how we are drawn; one to another.

But, there are times when it is not that way. If one goes forward to teach, one may have a brilliant and beautiful light, a spirit that is truly great, who will go and associate with a different one in a teaching capacity.

But light and colour, are very important in our judgment of others. We cannot hide the truth from each other. It is no good thinking one thing and saying another, because it is known. If you could see your bodies, and what is around them, you are... I cannot quite think of something... a good person would be perhaps likened to a rainbow... only scintillating movement. I say likened, because it is not in bands, it is perhaps more in clusters, but it is of similar colour and similar beauty; and we all aim to have that purity of colour, because in having that, we draw similar people to us.

Do you understand this?

Sitter: Ah, not quite, because as I understand it, it is only the medium that can contact you, therefore do you only see the light of a medium, or do you see everybody’s light?

Spirit: If we wish we could see the light of many people, most people, but understand that they may not attract us. It is “Like draws to like”, but it is not necessarily just colour, although that is the initial  ‘draw card’, I think you say. But a man who is a scientist may have a colour that attracts me, yet I would have difficulty at this stage of understanding that man, so I would move on and find someone whom I could communicate with, who thinks the same as I do, and therefore it would be easier for me to communicate with them. Our standard of education, of understanding, would be the same. The man of science might be as good or as bad as me, but we cannot easily communicate, because we don’t have the same ‘mental education’, that would be one way of putting it.

Do you understand?

Sitter: Does that mean needing vibration levels that interact, in other words mediumship?

Spirit: Yes. You are wondering perhaps, why some people have no communication or understanding of spirit. Is that what you mean?

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: We are all climbing a path my friend, is one way of putting it, and some people have not got to the level on that path, of being able to accept truths that are not of the physical world. They cannot understand, they cannot believe, in anything that they cannot see. And if they open their eyes (physical mind you, physical eyes), they see what is around them, but they are not capable and don’t want to see beyond, and they will not have people from our side communicating with them, because believe me friend it is difficult for us. So naturally we try to be with people who make it easier for us...  Do you see?

Sitter: Yes thank you.

Spirit: It does not mean to say that these people are not good, but they are blind to that aspect. The time will come when they think, “Why didn’t I realise it?” but unfortunately, many put up barriers.

Sitter: But is it not a fact that some good people here on earth may understand the theory of Spiritualism very well, and believe thoroughly in it, and yet be unable to make contact. Therefore would spirits just pass them by, simply because there was no way of making contact? Have I got the story right?

Spirit: To most people, in fact I would say, “Well you are spirit”, (you understand that don’t you?)

Sitter: Yes.

Spirit: And I would believe that most people can contact us, or are contacted by us, but whether they realise it or not is debatable. Phenomena that may happen to them they accept as coincidence, dreams... they cannot accept that it is out of this world, and that goes for fine, fine people. But for those people, once they have left their physical bodies, it will all fall into place and they will realise quickly, that they’d known that at any rate. Do you see?

Sitter: Yes thank you.

Spirit: But the main thing that I was asked to explain to you, is how recognition develops between the earthly world and the spiritual world, from our side. Do you understand that?

Sitter: Yes… that you are able to see the light emanated by the spirit of a person in our world, as a means of recognition.

Spirit: Yes, as a means of someone that you could get on with.

If you were on earth you may go in to a group of people, but there are just one or two that you think, “We could develop a friendship”.  And we on this side badly need to have that feeling of being accepted. If barriers are put up, whether of disbelief... oh in fact my friend there are many barriers that can be put up... shall we say that in some ways we are a little fussy, because it is so hard for us. The person that says, “I am a good spirit, I am very spiritual”… I am afraid that they put up a barrier.

Sitter: Maybe words without actions!

Spirit: Yes. Yes.

Well on that rather negative note, but hoping that there are many positives that have been left behind, I will depart. I may not come again but it has been a pleasure, and remember that you are each showing a light... I think that you have a little song something like that, remember it.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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