Chapter Nine

More About Life in The Spirit World

This chapter brings many more insights into what life in the next world is really like. These insights come from people who live there. Remember that the world of the Spirit is on a far greater scale than our little planet. Indeed, you could say it is without limit as there are no boundaries to it.

Topic: Time and Eternity.

Spirit: Good morning, this is Charles.

You mentioned earlier ‘forever’.

Time forever, time eternity... it is something that I feel you people would not be able to comprehend. When we speak of time we are… now let me give you an example… I ask you into my home for a talk, so we sit down and on earth you would perhaps talk for an hour, have a cup of tea, talk for half an hour and then you would start looking at watches. You have another appointment, you have a meal to get, a bus to catch, or, if you are in a great rush it’s a plane… but here, I ask you in for a talk and we start.

There would probably be long pauses while we think on what we are saying, because although some of our talk is frivolous and happy, most of it is dedicated to learning, so we are careful about what we say.

Another friend may come in and join us, so his ideas are put into the pool and that starts another ripple of thought, and later a couple of ladies may join us and so it goes on, and when that talk has broken up, and we have decided to leave perhaps in ones or twos or perhaps as a group, days could have gone past - possibly even a month.

Because we do not need to stop for food, we take a rest if we feel like it by quietly sitting contemplating, thinking on the problem that is before us - so that gives us our rest. We don’t have to rush off to attend to anything, because if we have come here to have this talk, we know we have time available.

Of course if we have a job to do such as a medium to contact, or people that are coming over that some of us may need to help, then of course we do have those appointments to keep, but normally, to get together for a talk can be something that takes days and months… and when you say you are going for a walk it is the same, the same thing applies. You may just keep on walking.

If you are going to do some painting and the picture you are painting absorbs you, you can see in your mind what you want to do and you don’t have to stop for any reason, you can go on to complete your picture, which may take you a year.

The same with your music if that is what interests you. You may spend a considerable time, because you will be playing your piece and someone in passing may comment, with perhaps a new way that you could tackle a problem that you may be having, and others may come and discuss it. You may even get the composer who says, “This has been changed so much I hardly recognise it. This is the original score. Would you care to try this?” And when you finally decide that you have had enough of your music a year has gone.

So though you may speak of forever and eternity, it can go past very quickly because time just doesn’t count. You have all the time in eternity.

Well I must go now.

Good morning my friends.

Note: Here the speaker is trying to describe, in earthly terms, some idea of 'timelessness'. Many communicators wrestle with this difficulty. We have a hymn which has the line: 'A Thousand ages in Thy sight are but an evening gone'. 'Time' is part of the physical world and does not exist in a none-material world. Yet, should a Circle or Meeting comence at 7pm, spirit people who need to be there will arrive on 'time' and expect the meeting to begin. I once asked if it was known (date, etc) when a person was going to die. I was told 'No' but, as the event came nearer they became more aware of it and, as it became imminent, those who wanted to be there would begin to arrive, which explains why some people, before they depart this earthly life, begin to see people that they have known who have died. J. H. Jan 2011

Topic: June talks to some visitors to the Circle.

Spirit (June): Ready, set, go, that’s me!  We all need a bit of a laugh.

Now I’ve been sent here to be sort of bright and cheerful but apart from that, to pass on a bit of what I do and what I’ve learnt.

We’d like you and the ladies to understand that it doesn’t matter what you are now when it comes to money; because as you know, I was, I guess, a nobody.

When I died, they probably just said, “Oh remember the old girl that used to sell flowers, and ended up scrubbing to get herself a room, remember her?  Oh, she copped it last night you know”. And that was the end of me.  I was just no one. And as for the dying, well I hope you all have it as cushy as me. I was just looking at a light... full of dust. Rescuers [in W.W.2] were digging for me, but I just died... and that light, which I guess was sunlight or perhaps just daylight, continued... and I ended up ‘ere, and you couldn’t have it better ‘cause I’ve got everything I want, and the opportunity to do everything I want.

And when it came to having property, or money, or being someone, as I’ve just said, I was nobody. But they tell me, (I think they kid me a bit you understand), but they tell me that my heart was in the right place.

Now if that means that I like people, too right. Some of them weren’t much good, but you thought, “Oh well, live and let live, give a helping hand if you can” and that’s what it’s all about; plus when you are here, you’ve got opportunities that the likes of me and perhaps even you, will never get on earth, now matter how long you stay there.

Because here’s me, I could write me name, not much more, I could read a bit, headlines in the papers, that’s about all, perhaps a bit better than that if I be truthful but not much; but do you know that here I could go to university, or what you would call a university!

I’d stumble and fumble along, but the thing is, that I don’t have to write, because it is mind to mind.  The professor or tutor or whatever he is, (or her), just says, “Now June, you’ve wanted to learn... whatever”. And I can see it all, and perhaps understand it… might have to go back two or three times to get it real clear. But I can learn anything I want, and the more I learn the bigger are the opportunities for me to advance spiritually, ‘cause we’ve got to learn that way too you know.

I’ve got to learn about being good and what’s best. We all have to. God’s putting it real simple you understand, but that’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to accept what you’ve done wrong, whatever it may be; perhaps it’s trivial, perhaps it’s big... I often wonder what happens to these chaps who really do something bad; and women. Because sooner or later, they’ll realise what they have done and they have to forgive themselves; and it isn’t until you can have that clarity of mind, (I suppose that would be one way of putting it), that you can progress.

You have got to get rid of the bad, the negative thoughts, and accept what you’ve done and hopefully you are sorry for it, because you won’t go far ‘till you are... then forgive yourself and keep on going.

Because, it’s just wonderful!  There is nothing to fear, and there’s everything to live for... you live, understand you live, and it’s joy!  Everything is beautiful as you see it - beauty for you. What I see as beautiful you may not, but it’s all mind.

Now, you might remember that I was talking about me ‘at, and me rose, and saying how Jean helped me make it.  Now she didn’t just sit down with a needle and thread, and make the rose. Bit by bit she said to me, “Now we’ve got to get this rose right, so we’ve got to get that little green bud bit at the bottom... now get that into your mind June, can you see that bud? It’s got about five little green petals forming a little cup”, and I had to get that into my mind clearly.

And then she spoke about the centre, the yellow bits, and all the petals and she described the petals, how some curved in a little bit, and one perhaps curved out a little bit, but how they all wrapped around each other to form a cup.

Now this was building up my flower so that I could accept it. It was all in the mind.  She made it for me in her mind, and I could accept it. That’s how they teach. They build it up in their mind and transfer it to yours.

So you’ve got to be able to accept that you are not a know-all and know everything, and do not start contradicting ‘cause when you do that you’re putting up the wrong thoughts. You can discuss and say perhaps, going back to the rose, “Hey, there’s too many petals in that” and perhaps Jean will say, “Oh yes, but what sort of rose do you want”, and so you go back and forth like until you’ve developed whatever it might be... whether it is how to communicate with you people, or how to make your garden if you want one, just right; or it might be, how you are going to convey what knowledge you’ve got to the little kids when they come.

The best way that I can describe life to you, if you can accept it... it’s coming home when you come over here!  If you have once accepted that there is no death, in the accepted form that you have probably been brought up with, then it’s just like coming home.

You see I was lucky; I used to go into church when no one was there. I knew there was something... in my thinking I knew there was something... but I could never understand what the priests and the various people who got up in the pulpit were talking about, ‘cause they were talking about ‘sin’ and being bad, and things not being right for you, and only so many could get to Heaven, and I thought that somehow, for me, that wasn’t right because God was Light, God was Love, God was everywhere, and if we were his children He wasn’t going to condemn some of us, and love some of us. So when I came over here I was able to accept things straight away. I was lucky.

But if you’ve got this belief yourself, I think it would be a good idea if sometimes... don’t push it... you pass it on.

A person may think, “Oh well, you know she’s a bit strange, always has been, she’s got some funny ideas”, but perhaps when the day comes, when they are feeling real sick and they think, “Oh I might die; what was it that that woman (or my sister, or whatever the relationship is), said?” “That there is no death, and that what I’ve done I’ve got to answer for?” Some of you might say, “Blimy that’s going to be a bit hard”, but really it’s not too bad. You’ve got to answer for what you’ve done certainly, that’s only right isn’t it? It’s only right, everything is just; it’s justice for everybody no matter who they are. In the end there is justice, and that’s what makes it so wonderful.

Now here is something you may wish to do if you really want to know something…  Each and every one of you has got someone a bit like me around, and if you’re really stumped, when you go to bed at night just as you are going to go to sleep, say, “Hey, whoever you are ‘cause I don’t know your name, I’m in need of help please”... and ask your question.

Now this isn’t about, “What is going to win at the races?” or “Am I going to get a lot of money?” or anything like that! It’s to be a serious question, if you’ve got one on life and the hereafter that you want to know, and you are at the stage where it is something that you can accept, ask it, and in the morning there’s a good chance that you will know the answer to your question.

But you will only be given what you are capable of understanding at this stage in your progress... (That’s why I’m so far behind). There is such a lot I don’t know, there really is, but it’s fun finding out! It really is… and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, ‘cause life’s just one big joy! Life, real life!

Well I’d better go now. It’s been nice being here. It’s been great. I’ve enjoyed it myself.

Love from all of us by the way, all of us.


Topic: The relative physical sizes of man and spirit.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Mention was made last week, about bulk in space that humans would take up. I think, like most others, as yet you haven’t comprehended what you really are. You are aware of a physical body and…?

Sitter: And as I understand it a spirit body, taking up the same space as the physical body.

Spirit: Let me try and explain.

To exist in a body and still have the spiritual qualities that you have now, (I’m speaking in general), you don’t need a very large proportion of your body. You only need here on earth, part of the basic trunk and a portion of the brain, which the spirit can work through. When you are spirit, you don’t even need that, but what we do is project ourselves, as we believe we are. So if you and I were to meet as spirit, we would probably take up perhaps not much more than an atom. But in projecting ourselves, and knowing what we are like, we take up a bigger area but it is not physical.

You will have heard of quarks and electrons etc., smaller parts of the atom, but there is also an unknown factor. It has had many names - ‘aether’, the ‘God particle’, to name two - in different countries different names. What is in that area that man cannot account for, and where is it?  It is all around you, and it is not taking up what you refer to as space.

I am here in this room, our friends are here - but you cannot say we take up space. Apart from that, we have the whole of this galaxy to move in, of which you, along with everyone else, are unaware of the extent, and beyond that we understand there are other galaxies.

Being what we are when without a physical body, we can project ourselves to wherever we wish, as long as we are within the boundaries of our development of course, which leaves much room. So there is no need for crowding, overlapping, or even associating with other spirits unless one wishes to.

Can you comprehend the vastness that is there?

Sitter: Yes. A thought occurs to me though... that with your ability to project yourself anywhere you wish, it seems strange to me when you say, that you understand that there are other galaxies, but you have not projected yourselves to one of these to find out?

Spirit: As I said and you may not have understood, we can only do this within the progress shall we say, of our spirit. We are limited by our “Godliness’, maybe the best way of putting it. As I understand it, there are others who have done this, but they are people beyond my comprehension.

Remember, we are pilgrims, climbing up steps if you like to put it that way, and one can go right, left, backwards or forwards, on the level of your step, but that is all.

Sitter: Does that mean that in these other galaxies, it is unlikely that there are people on the same step as we are talking about?

Spirit: I do not know but as I understand it, that would be so. The ladder I am speaking of is beyond the comprehension of our spirits at this stage of our development, because it starts at basic life and it comes up through various kingdoms; animal, plant; ‘Life’ kingdoms if you like... the spirit developing the whole time.
We humans have come a long way. Naturally some more than others, but we are a mere nothing, in the development of spirit.

That is why we should respect all forms of life, because it is the one thing that unites us all; the life flow that goes through us.

But what I was hoping to make clear to you was the infinitesimal amount of space, for want of a better word that we as individuals, as spirit, take up.

If you were in spirit now, and by yourself, you would be just a....  now the nearest that I could describe it would be... perhaps when you are lying in bed, completely relaxed, not consciously aware of any of your senses, but you are alive. And your mind, your spirit is still there, still active, but not aware of the physical.
That really is as near as I can describe what it is for us.

But, once we join with others, we take on the appearance that we know ourselves to be. If a spirit of an animal came up, it would be the animal it was, dog, fox terrier.  If a ‘man’ spirit comes by and I perceive him, I would see him as he projected himself, perhaps as a tall noble native man of Africa. He would see me as a much smaller, slighter person, because of being an Asian. You would be European. And you would be garbed, as you wanted to be. Traditionally most people stick for many years, to what they have worn when on earth. But as far as how you wish to project yourself in clothing, that is up to you - but the one thing that you cannot alter in your projection is what you are.

Sitter: And what would be the average length of time, for a person to wish to retain their earthly appearance?

Spirit: That is a difficult question. For some they cannot let it go… they cannot let go of earth. But many people are becoming more aware of us now, and a person who is aware of spirit, (if they have not had inculcated into them the creeds, and the many misleading things that have been taught in all religions), if they are aware that they are an individual and a spirit - they will pass on much quicker. But until they reach a certain stage in their development, which takes an indefinite period of time, they will always think of themselves, as having a physical body.

When one moves on to a higher step, and a higher, and a higher, one realises (so I am told), that there is no need to project yourself in such a manner - that mind can speak to mind without that… just spirit-to-spirit! And remember on these steps, like draws to like. It happens to a certain extent on earth of course. But you are more likely on earth, because you are there to learn, to come across many that you are not compatible with; because there you must adjust to all types, and remember that they are the same as you - travelling a path.

Well I feel that you have had enough to assimilate tonight, and we hope you, in your own words, will be able to pass it on.

So may God bless you, and we will leave now ‘till we come again next time.

Good evening.

Topic: Spirit Ling speaks to two circle visitors.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitter: Greetings Ling.

Spirit: Welcome to your friends.

Visitors:Thank you.

Spirit: We are always pleased to help those who come seeking knowledge.

First, to our two visiting friends... Think of yourself, your body, as a house that you, live in. Your brain is the computer that works that body, and your spirit is what works that computer. We are putting that very simply, but once you get that fixed into your mind, you may understand the workings perhaps more, of the universe.

Another thing that those seeking true knowledge need to be aware of, is that their every thought and action, but particularly thought, influences your spirit - the development of same.

No doubt you have in the past, made use of the fact that no one knows what you are thinking about, so you think whatever you wish. Don’t let that happen consciously again. Good thoughts, bad thoughts, all have influence on you, but also on others.

An example that you may be able to relate to… is that if you go into a funeral parlour there is usually a feeling, because of what people mainly believe, of depression, of down-ness; and in your youth you may have gone into dance halls... what a difference between those two! And yet, they are still human beings in both places, but one group has negative thoughts, one has positive; and that affects your world and our world - but in particular the person who is helping to make these thoughts.

Now to go further, you I hope, are realising that you are spirit. When you are 'dead', you have no longer a physical body. You are mind, spirit, soul... call it what you will, and your mind thinks of yourself as you want to be. Most people revert in their minds, to a physical appearance of their thirties or so. So you are a healthy person, living in the environment that you, note that you, have created for yourself. And you have every opportunity to advance in whatever field you like... you have life eternal!

Now you are not just confined, to the galaxy that you are aware of today.  Because you are mind, you can travel very fast, from one place to another. This opens wide fields.

It has been my fortune, on odd occasions to be taken outside the realms that we know now, and I know that you are immediately going to say, “Tell us all about it... What was it like? What did you see?” Now I am going to say to you, “I don’t remember, but I know it is there”, and you are probably thinking, “Humph!”But if I asked you my friends, “What do you remember of your life before you were on earth?” you would probably say, “Oh I don’t remember, but I know there was something”? It is that ‘knowing’ that makes us all seek further, or should do so. The more that you can expand your thinking, even into odd realms... (now I don’t mean into black thoughts, because we know that they exist), but into enlightening thoughts, the better.

“What if there is another galaxy?” “How would we get there?”  “Oh in spirit we don’t need a vehicle, thought will get us there”; and so on extending your minds. “What is likely to be there?” “What will the atmosphere be?” There is plenty on earth that I am sure you haven’t touched on.

You may say, “I want to help people, I want to do things”. In expanding your own knowledge, when the opportunity comes, you can help someone by passing on that knowledge. Any knowledge you gain no matter in what field... is an asset to you, and to others.

Is there anything you would like to ask on what I have just said?

Visitors: No thank you.

Spirit: Now there is something else that we think would be advisable for people such as yourselves to think about, and that means the four of you, our medium as well. Whenever you hear a talk, whether it is one from spirit, or one in a church, no matter what subject, immediately say to yourself, “What was the essence of that talk?” Because being what we are, having been to this lecture or whatever, we walk out and think, “That was interesting - what do I do next?” And there is a very good chance that you have lost completely, the vital essence of that talk.

This applies to many things. For example, you are meeting a person, you may spend an evening with them, or perhaps just half an hour... think, “What is the essence of that person?” You might be surprised, that when you start developing your thoughts along these lines, just how much it will open to you. The same applies to music. “What does that piece convey to me?”

The essence of living, the essence of knowledge! Look for it throughout your life. At the end of each day for example, say, “What was the essence of this day, for me?” It may have all gone wrong; you may have been terribly ill, but did someone not come and hold your hand, someone come and give you a smile that was for you personally? That little bit of joy was the essence in that day; or the person, who when you stumbled, showed compassion, and gave you a little bit of help.

But this works in reverse too. Think also, “What did I do to add to someone else’s life?”

There is so much for us to do my friends, but we have a lifetime ... there is no time here so we have eternity.

You will be the same when you die as you are now, (I’ll put this as politely as I can), but because of your advancing years, you will feel younger, in better health and all your accumulated knowledge will be there, and all your good deeds, and all your unfortunate ones. Many of them will be over-looked because you have already realised them, but those you haven t you will criticise yourself for, and you will adjust accordingly, and then you will move to be with people who are like yourself, and from then on... life is wonderful! You work, but it is not manual work, it is mental. Everything is there for you.

May you all enjoy your eternal life.

This was Ling.


Topic: Music.

Spirit (Soo-Lee): Good evening. Well now, I want to talk to you once more about music.

Now when you come here, you may have an interest in playing an instrument, or in singing. “How can I sing without a voice box, a physical body?” you may think, but you have to adjust to the thought, that everything that you create while you are with us, is thought, so if you think you can sing... you will!

Now imagine that you have arrived over here, you have got your errors straightened out, (because all of us have errors), and you have chosen your work with the help of someone to guide you, but you have so much time that is yours... that you can do what you want.

So you think, “Music. How will I go about this?” Well a friend may say to you, “Oh, go to a concert” and you think, “Where do I go to a concert?” Think on music friend, and you will pick up the thought of how to get to your concert.

And so while you are relaxed you think on music, and oh, now you are aware of music, and in an instant you are where you need to be. In this case, it is somewhere I have been, so imagine a huge arena reaching almost from one horizon, as you know it, to another. And there are so many people!

Thoughts…(they are all thinking, in this situation as participants in the concert), of their music, and you see people hurrying here and there with various instruments. People who play a piano for example would walk to a given place, in their minds, where they see other people with instruments that will go with a piano, and they think of their instrument - and they get it. The thought is theirs, so they create it.

Now the creation is according to the mind of the person. If you have been a dear little granny, one of your European grannies who was brought up, that she must play the piano for the family to sing to, and for her friends - that is the piano that she will have. But if you have had the privilege of being a concert pianist, you would expect and think of a grand piano, and you would have it; and so this is how instruments are created. You get what you think of, and what you deserve.

Now all these instruments are assembled in groups. For example the man who is from China, or Japan, or India, or Australia, (meaning a black man of Australia), would all have totally different instruments, and they would not blend. But in this vast area they meet together, like drawing to like. Like music draws like musicians, and all around the edges are the people who came to listen.

So you are thinking, “Oh the noise! The mighty organs, the many violins, the didgeridoo, the Indian instrument which is quite piercing!” and I know that you don’t like Chinese or Japanese, so the noise!

But!  We only hear what we want to; so you as a European may think, “Oh I’d love to hear Bach. Perhaps he will play”, and the thought is there, and if at that time Bach is playing, you will hear him. Think of that wonderful experience!

But you don’t hear him, as you would have on earth. You hear him with a far greater range of sound.

Or for any other instrument…  The man from Egypt will be hearing his instruments and so on, and so on.

Like drawing to like. But the fascinating thing that goes with this is that colour is involved. You may not have realised it, but every sound has a vibration which forms a colour, so over your head, like a great dome, is this beautiful colour vibrating from the sound of the instruments. Now again you think, “All that colour and all those sounds would surely make a muddy mix”, but you are only hearing the sound that you wish, so you are only seeing colours that blend. It becomes very, very, beautiful.

And you can come and go, as it is not like an ordinary concert. Music is there at all times to go and listen to.

But you want more perhaps... you want to play. So you think, “Where can I go to learn?” And someone will come, or perhaps you are given the inspiration to go to a college. Yes, we have universities, colleges, schools, places of learning, and you may have the opportunity to be taught by a master. Again, like draws to like.

You may not want learn to play like Liszt, you may prefer to play, and thoroughly enjoy and why not, like they play in the bar rooms in New York I believe. It is somewhat different to what Liszt would play, but if that is what you like, then you can learn to play like that; and Liszt will have pupils that want to play as he does; and you learn the theory, you learn greater sound, and you get the opportunity perhaps to compose. Because once you advance your soul, you hear greater things, and you may hear sounds that come from a stage (level) that you are not at, but you have opened your ability to hear; and perhaps you will learn to put that on paper. Again it is all thought.

I realise that this is hard for you to understand, but the whole of our world is controlled by the individual’s thought, and so you get what you think. That is why we are continually trying to pass on the message to earth, to control thought. Because in this situation of music, if your thoughts randomly wander off all over the place, you may get sound... I don’t think we could call it music, (like much of what we hear coming from earth at the moment)... that is what you would create because you have not learnt to control your thoughts. 
But if you lift your thoughts, your emotions, your being, to a higher level, then you will hear the sounds… of God. And those are what you can perhaps transfer to your paper, or your instrument. It is a wonderful thing to aim at.

Now I am talking of music, but this applies to anything you want to create, whether it is in any of the arts, or even sport. You may want to be a great cricketer or great tennis player... well you can become that. You can meet the greats. You can compete against them, if you have the thought to do so.

You may want to make a beautiful gown - that is an interest of mine, (apart from music), and so I can learn to create a beautiful gown. But you take it right from the very beginning, right through to the conclusion if possible.

So with your music you may start by creating your violin...  all in the mind, right from perhaps the tree that is growing.

With the gown you make, you may take it right back to the little silk worm or the woolly sheep, whatever you are going to make your garment of.

It is the same with your sport. If it is a ball you are using, start from the beginning. Create the perfect ball.

I hope that this has given you an idea of how you can make a wonderful world for yourselves; and this applies also to your living on earth. Because if you start the day, thinking, “It’s dull, I’ve got nothing to do. I’m bored”, that’s what your day will be. But if you think, “Oh it’s raining outside... good for the plants. What can I do inside?  I can create!  And whether it is a new polished hearth, a new cake, a new dress, or just making someone else happy, you are being positive.

I hope this has helped you to realise what you can do with your present life, and to give you thoughts on what it could be like for you, once you have left your physical body.

This was Soo Lee, Soo Lee, God bless you.


Sitter: Thank you Soo Lee.  It was a very interesting talk. I’ve got an odd question but I’ll save that ‘till next time...

Spirit: I will listen. I will listen.

Sitter: Well I think you said that everything on your side is built on thought. I imagine that you would have a lot more musical instruments than I know about, so how would I manage to create instruments that are unknown to me?

Spirit: Well imagine that you want to make an instrument from India. You think, “That is what I want to do”, and zoom, you are with an Indian, who is making an instrument. You learn.

Does that help?

Sitter: Yes, in a way, but do you have many instruments on your side that we don’t have on earth?

Spirit: We have far more than you’ve got.

Sitter: To learn about these do we attend the concerts?

Spirit: Or the colleges, better than colleges we have museums of instruments, and you can wander and see those. And you see an instrument that says, ‘India’ and then you go to a man who makes it. You start at the beginning and it can be done... for an instrument that you know nothing about.

Sitter: And to hear those instruments played, do you find a player somewhere?

Spirit: You go to concert as I described and think, “I am going to listen to Indian music... that funny instrument I saw in the museum perhaps”; and ooh, you are there; right next to the man who plays the instrument. It is the beginning of your learning about that instrument.

Sitter: Thank you Soo Lee for explaining that.

Spirit: A pleasure.


Topic: Time.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

What we would like to explain a little tonight is ‘Time ‘.

In our world time does not exist, as you know it. We have neither clocks, nor watches, night nor day. We do not need meals; therefore there is nothing for us to associate with ‘time’, except in dealing with the earth factor when it is a discipline for us.

Over here for example, you may be interested in the colonisation of Canada by white man, so you think on this and you are there! You are seeing something that has happened, without feeling the physical pain or exhaustion; but the emotions you would appreciate of joy, frustration, or whatever.

And you may become interested in a family; you watch them finding their property, their battles against their foes, whether animal, or the indigenous folk that are there, or the climate; and you may watch this over several seasons. In other words, in earth time, years are going past.

But you may lose interest, for one reason or another, and you think back to where you came from... you are there! And much to your surprise, nothing has changed.  There has been no time lapse.

Another example would be... in your abode, or where you are dwelling, the general area, you meet two or three people, and you get into a discussion. Whatever it may be, a hobby, an art, a game, or how you are helping someone, no matter what it is, and you don’t stop for morning tea, or lunch, or your evening meal, or night, or the following day, because they don’t exist!

So time is a factor that is non-existent for the person in spirit; so you can work through a lesson, or a discussion, or whatever, to its conclusion; or what is the conclusion for you, at that time.

Because you have work to do... it may be that you are interested in something on earth and you are keeping an eye on what is happening, in case you can possibly influence for the better or give people some of your knowledge. This you are aware of, and for a short period you will move away from your group and attend to that. But when you come back you slot into that area with your friends again, assimilating all knowledge that was for you, as though you had never been away.

This may be difficult for you to comprehend, because we are dwelling in the place of eternity. ‘Time’, for those who are still mending the errors of their ways and are living in conditions, (or not so much conditions), but with people who are similar in thinking, is unpleasant. With your earth emotion you will probably get to the stage where you think, “I’ve been here long enough, I must get out!” But what to you in earth thinking would be, “Oh I’ve been here years”, in our thinking it may be like hours. It is all in the mind.

I realise that there is difficulty no doubt, in you accepting this, but over here once you have advanced and are willing to take on helping others, working and educating yourselves, improving yourselves, you will have all the time you need for it; for the assimilating of knowledge, cultivating friends, time to pass on your knowledge, to accept their knowledge, to help others - there is all the time you need.

God bless you.


Topic: Animals in the spirit world.

Spirit: (Peter):  It is some considerable time, time in your estimation, since I have been with you, but you may remember me as the man who said, “Even a rat can be lovable”.

Sitter: Oh yes Peter. Welcome back.

Spirit: It is nice to be remembered.

Now what I am speaking about is ‘Animals in the spirit world’.

As you know they mean a great deal to me, and I work with them. Now presuming that you are in an average level, and you have had animals that you care for, whether it is birds, or a gold-fish, cat, dog, horse, elephant; if there has been compatibility, compassion, love between you, that animal will be there for you to greet again, tails wagging, purring, whatever, in full buoyant health; and that animal will stay with you for a long time.

There will be times when the animal disappears. It may not even be convenient for you to have it with you. If you are playing your harpsichord or whatever, to have a cat on your lap could be unpleasant, or a bird cheeping in your ear, or an elephant lifting you up, so it balances out.

So what happens to the animal during that period? They, in their own way, have their own levels, and their own place, because even the most lovable dog, or any other animal, gets great pleasure being with its own kind.

So if you can carry this knowledge with you, you may like to visit these animals, which people who are fond of them can do, and you take yourself off to perhaps an island, which has nothing else but birds. The birds are all living there in their communities without fear, because there are no predators, and as long as they realise that you too are not a predator, just someone who has come to see them, who is fond of them, you may have the great pleasure of having a bird come and sit on your finger if you hold your hand out.

And this could apply if you go to somewhere where the horses are, to great herds of horses, living naturally as they should do. And if you have one that is a friend, he or she may come over to you, and if you have been great companions, will possibly go back with you; but they themselves have their own communities, their own levels.

We all have the joy of their company for great periods of time as far as earth is concerned, not the short periods that you have now, but much longer periods. But don’t be disappointed if your little friend, or your big friend, vanishes periodically, because they have gone to be with their own kind. It is all balanced, it is all worked out. There is no fear; there is just a feeling of love and compassion between man and animal. 

It could happen on earth. But each of you who are kind to animals, are in your own way, helping that little creature to develop; because they have to learn to get on with mankind. It is all, as you say I think, ‘a learning curve’. It is all life. It is all God-given, and as I said once before, “Even a rat is lovable” And for the lady perhaps I should add ‘snakes’, and ‘mice’. [Laughter]

I hope it has furthered your education of our world a little more; and I have enjoyed being with you again.

May God bless you, and help you in your understanding of all life.

This was Peter.

Topic: June’s visit to a higher plane.

Spirit: Good evening it’s June.

And I’m busy as you know as one of the chemists, (that’s just the name we give ourselves) and I’m also trying to contact mediumistically, like you people, (with the permission of Ling) to go a stage higher in our development as a visitor - so I can just give you a little idea of what it’s like to visit another realm.

This can only be done with permission, because there is an alteration in our being, similar to what happens when we leave earth. One could call it perhaps, a ‘Near death Experience’, and there are people here to greet those that are visiting. And where before I was aware of myself, almost as I would be on earth, now for the short time of this visit, I’m just light! I have form, but I see other lights and I can feel other minds. It is like being absorbed into their personalities so you become one with everyone!

But there is a meaning behind it all that at this stage I cannot comprehend, although I can get the feeling. The nearest I could put it would be, that when on earth you are completely weary, not from sickness, but just weary... and you go to your bed and it is so comfortable, and you relax. That is about as near as I could describe it, because here, you go amongst these minds and you relax.

And you can see other realms and you can help them, but you know that you haven’t come to the end. There’s even more; but there’s such a feeling of love and security... and so much knowledge. It is beautiful!

But I’m told now that my visit is over.  I must go back, but one day I’ll be able to stay, and so will you, someday...  (Long sigh)

This is June. Did it work? Was I able to tell you?

Sitter: Yes and thank you, it was lovely. Were you able to communicate with anybody when you were over there?

Spirit: Yes... yes, I know I was communicating.  But it wasn’t as individuals, somehow. Now I’m back here I really find it quite difficult to put it into words... but oh golly, I’d like to go back, I know that! And we all will one day. Imagine being with the person you love most, all those people you love; you can’t help it, and you are all combining to help others and each other; oh it’s just so...  so… ‘Expanding’! Oh I’m going to have to work hard to get there, and I want to! What an experience, for the likes of me! Fancy them letting me go! And to be able to tell you about it!

Expansion!  You’re enormous!  Not physically… but your mind can take in everything... everything! Not all at once... but it is all there, anytime; oh golly it’s great! Told you it is all joy over here!

Well I’d better go... you know you don’t feel worn out over here, but somehow at the moment, I feel something.

God bless you and perhaps we’ll all be there together one day. Think of that!

Sitter: That would be lovely and thanks for telling us all about it.

Spirit: And thank the others that helped me get there.

God bless.


Topic: Evolvement.

Spirit (June): I’ve been told to stop my fooling and get on with it (Mirth) and seeing it is someone who is fooling, can you guess who it is?

Sitter: Good evening June. (Laughter)

Spirit: Yes. Well, to be serious, I’m going to talk about ‘evolvement’. This is something that I have realised over the last year, (well I’ve got no conception of time over here, but over what appears to be a short period of time for me).

Now you people must realise in yourselves, if you look back on your lives, that you have evolved to the person you are today, as someone who is very different from the person of perhaps thirty years ago. You have evolved in your thinking… forget the physical body, it is your thinking, your personality that I am speaking about. So with that realisation in mind, consider me (what you know of me). It is approximately sixty years since I ‘died’ and when I first died, like many others I was homesick. I thought it was great where I had come to, as there was no war or shortage of food, or queuing even to get a handkerchief but I was still homesick. So I often went back and just mooched around where I had come from.

My particular interest was in the people I had known. They didn’t know I’d come back. One or two of them would get a bit of a shiver occasionally but no, not really, I couldn’t contact them. But I used to just like to go, sit on the old seats, visit the old markets… but I couldn’t go back to the rooms I had; they were gone. And though it wasn’t long before I became occupied over here and busy, there was still the inclination to go back, and this I did for many years, not on a regular basis. In your time perhaps once a year or something like that, sometimes in your daylight and sometimes at night, but gradually I realised that the physical things I was seeing had changed considerably. I mean where I lived, I suppose people like you would call it ‘Poverty Bend’. There was nothing when I was there, now there’s what you call ‘high rise’, expensive apartments, and if I go wandering through those I’m lost.

Not only that, the people I knew, they either came over here or they started growing up and changing, until approximately fifty or sixty years later there was just nothing for me. So I worked hard at what I had to do here, and because of my tripping back too, I got interested in communicating like with you people. I had the idea that I might be able to talk to some of my old friends but it didn’t work. And then I began to realize that there was nothing there for me, and it was pointed out by some of the teachers we have that I had evolved past earth thought, and so I find now that I can do things but I don’t need to think physical to do it.

Now for example, you may remember that a year or two ago I think, in your time, I spoke about Jean telling me or showing me how to put a rose in my hat, well when she told me, I was using what I believed to be my hands to create this rose, but now I realise that it is a matter of mind, soul, consciousness, call it what you like… but by thinking that rose, I create it for myself. It’s there as solid to me as the rose in your garden is to you, but I don’t need any physical part, or thinking physically to do it. I don’t need, (if it’s a real one) manure to make it grow, I don’t need needles to sew it, or a brush to paint it.

I may be able to explain it a little bit easier to you, if I refer to it as a painting. So just imagine… me, the personality you know, because I guess in a way I’m alive to you, you’ve got a picture of me in your mind, and that picture, (now I’m not sitting on a cloud, mind you!), but I’m sitting back just somewhere pleasant, enjoying myself, just relaxing, which you can do at times if you feel like it, and I think, “Where would I like to be now? Well I don’t know, I’ve never travelled much so I’ll make up my own picture; so what’ll I have, some blue sky, some colour in it, some clouds?”

So in my mind I can build up the place I want to be, just like a painting, and then I can think, “I want to share that with somebody”.  So I can think of one of my friends, one of the people I contact, and I say to them (in my mind, ‘cause I don’t write them a letter or anything), “Come and be with me”, and because that picture is so vivid to me I say, “This is my holiday place, can you see it?” and their minds can pick up my picture.

Now when I first came here I couldn’t have done that, but now I find I can. I can make my own world. Now this ability, because I gather it is ability has to be earned, and if you tried to be funny and make it a world that would harm anyone, it won’t harm anyone, but it will harm you! So initially you could be a bit like a yo-yo, until your mind, soul, or whatever you like to call it, becomes really clear and pure in its thought.

If you’re one of you fellers, you might think, “I’d like a pretty girl here in my picture with me”. O.k. that pretty girl can be there, and chatter away to you and be real friendly, but if you start thinking wrongly, whfit! She’s gone, and so are you - down the ladder, like snakes and ladders.

And this is part of your evolvement too, because you get to the stage where you are self-critical and this is important. We can see faults in other people…  even here you can tell and see the faults, but you’ve got to see them in yourself, and this is all part of evolvement. This is part of your life now! Not when you are over here, but now! Of course you have got the drawback (you probably don’t think of it as such), but you’ve got the drawback of the physical body. But you have got the mind, the soul (or whatever you like to call it) - it is with you now, and that’s what you are trying to evolve. You might be a bit slow like me, and take sixty years to say goodbye to the earth. I like to come back to help others but I no longer want to come back because I need to, and I’m told that that is because I am evolving. It’s nice to know even if I don’t kind of see it myself.

I hope you can understand what I am getting at… It is a difficult thing when you haven’t got a physical body, to imagine what it’s like back on earth, (at my period of time after half a century), but it’s even harder for you people to imagine what it’s like to be me; but that’s what you’re aiming at… to say goodbye to the physical things.

Enjoy what you’ve got now, admire the beautiful that surrounds you because there is much that is, but be prepared to let it go. That’s an important lesson and sometimes it’s very hard to do.

I’m not much good at answering questions, or teaching, but if there is anything, (simple mind you), that I can answer I will willingly do so.

Sitter: No I think you explained it very well, thank you.

Spirit: Well that’s one up for me eh? (Mirth)

Well remember… You’re still the same person. I may sound a bit different, but basically I’m still the same person and you will be too, no matter how far you go. You just become… shall we liken it to a muddy, dirty stream when you start, and when you run over the pebbles and the sand you become clear. That’s what we are like. We start off a bit so-so, and over hundreds of years we can become crystal clear.

Goodnight and it’s been fun coming back again.

Topic: Elizabeth visits a higher plane.

First Spirit: Good evening, this is Elizabeth.

I probably will not talk for very long, but I thought that you would be interested in one of the really (to me), wonderful aspects of our spirit, and I will tell it almost as though it is a guided meditation. I am not making it up. For those of us who join in this, it is fact!

Now your state of spirit advancement… we will say that it is not your Bachelorhood, you have got your Masters at this stage… you are interested in the Ultimate Being, Ultimate Knowledge, etcetera, but you are not yet yourself sufficiently advanced. But in the spirit world, no matter at what stage you are at, there is always encouragement. There is always help, when it is needed. So periodically, (and we never know when this will happen - minds that are wise decide this question), it happens.

Now sound is very important to us, and remember we have not got physical ears, so it doesn’t matter as to our shape, or our ability of hearing, which would apply to you people. But one we will say ‘day’, we will each of us that this is intended for, hear a sound. At first it might be very distant, perhaps like the call of your native bird the Tui, but at a distance, (and may I say that that is when your Tui is at his most melodious), and it draws your attention, this sound. Now the soul that is with you may not hear what you do, but may hear a different bell like sound. It is a scale that goes up and down, a continual soft chiming, as one would perhaps imagine church bells heard in the depths of a forest – you can just hear it, and depending on what part of the scale you (your soul), is attuned to, will be what you hear.

So though you may go along a path seeking to find out where it is coming from, so will others but not necessarily hearing exactly what you are. It is the beings that are so advanced’s method of calling us, calling those who can understand to come, and for a short time bathe in the glory, of what perhaps you would call ‘God’.

There is such a love and attunement of everyone that is called by this sound. There is nothing on earth that I can liken it to, except perhaps the feeling that you may have, of coming in to a much loved home after a trying day, or lying down on a comfortable bed, or perhaps reclining on a beach – somewhere where you are surrounded by those who love you. There is peace, you are safe and there is knowledge that you are seeking. It is a glimpse of what is to come.

This in your time perhaps may happen once in six months. It is not continual, it is a form of encouragement and we would be there, in this surrounding glory. It is a natural setting of all growth, vegetable growth before mankind trampled on it, so you could possibly be in a forest with enormous, beautiful trees and delicate ferns, and in this forest there is an opening from which this sound that you cannot see, comes, and you are aware of something there that you wish to obtain.

We don’t need physical rest, but all of us at times need what you would call a holiday, and encouragement, because many of us work in very discouraging circumstances. We don’t have to, but we do it because we wish to help people, and this is just to remind us that there are greater things for everyone, not just for the people who are hearing the bells or the sounds, or being aware of that glory, but someday everyone will come even closer!

And when we have enjoyed this, what seems to us like many days, which in your time it would not be, it gradually fades away and leaves us with a feeling of love, as though we have been held... I’m trying to think how to describe it… as though our parents, who loved us dearly, held us.

And so we go back with that wonderful memory, with the wanting to do even better than we already are, and there are many of us who are watching over everyone, and when the time comes this experience will be repeated and perhaps different people will join, and others may even go on to get…perhaps we could call it, their Professorship.

It is for us a holiday, literally a Holy day, but not in your church sense, if you understand.

I hope that this has given you just a little glimpse, or a little feeling of the emotion that is involved… with the beauty around us, and the sound that particularly applies to us, as individuals. It could possibly interest you sometime if you have available a piano or a similar instrument, and see if there is a note there, that just means that little bit more to you than others, because each and every one of us has a note that applies to us; although it may not be one that is heard on earth, for others it could be.

So sometime when you have a little time to spare you could try it, and you may find that one note repeated, can bring you the tranquillity that may at that time be missing from your life.

This was Elizabeth and I hope I have helped in your understanding. It is a pleasure always.


Second Spirit (Ling): Something that I would like to speak on just for a moment, is that when Elizabeth spoke to you and explained about being in the woods, and being aware of wonderful vibrations and thoughts, she spoke of trees and woods, because the medium accepts and loves that sort of area herself, but someone else hearing the chime may find themselves on a beach, on a boat, on a mountain. They would be in an area that they were most happy to be in.

Do you understand what I am saying?

Sitters: Yes thank you.

Spirit: We felt that you may think that “Well a lot of people wouldn’t like a forest”, and that’s quite true, they wouldn’t. They are going for a period of rest, relaxation - to where they would most easily accept it.

Sitters: Thank you.

Spirit: Well we will leave you for tonight, and hope that you are always able to pass on, even to one single person, some of the knowledge that we try to pass to you.

And God bless you in your efforts.


Topic: Suspended between worlds.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

In your talking together before the circle, a question was asked, “Why do these people who have passed on, spend a considerable length of time wandering before they realise that they can communicate with other people?” and by people we mean those in spirit.

Now answers have been given, but we feel that this is something you should have clearly in your minds if you are asked.

A good answer is of course that they don’t realise time, because we have no time, but the thing is that they have not joined in with others, to realise that there is no time. So a further understanding is really necessary.

Now we are imagining that the spirit who has passed has either done so dramatically, having been literally shoved out of their body, their physical body, by an accident of some sort or possibly in time of war. Initially they may see the carnage around them, but because they can see it they do not realise perhaps that one of the bodies is theirs, and so they will hang around that area, and more or less continue their life. They will follow fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen or whatever it is during wartime; possibly civilians. Or after a car accident they may follow their car to see what happens to it, hang round I think you call it, the garage; they are not realising… except that people are rather rude not answering them, so they don’t think that they are dead.

Now as you are no doubt aware people have a guardian angel, so these people are taken in hand and are given a time of rest, and depending on how dramatic their death was it might be a year or two - so that the memory which you retain, is far away.

So time has passed before the person becomes, what you call conscious.

They go back perhaps to the scene of where they lived or died, and find that things have changed a bit. They ponder but they can’t accept, that they are dead. For example… if they were of the Christian belief, many of them, if not most, would expect to be in their coffins, so they are not dead. And those that say that there is no life after death, well they can’t be dead because there is no life after death. So once again there is this non-acceptance, and they may continue to wander around, participating in some form with the earth life.

A woman may sit in her old kitchen and watch members of the family working in it. She can’t understand the lack of communication, but she doesn’t question it much because it is a place she is contented to be in. And this may go on for a considerable length of time, until the person realises that time has (as far as earth is concerned), gone on over a considerable period because so much has changed. For example, a person who lived in the period pre the Second World War may not understand what is so common in the home now, that you call computers. They realise that something has happened.

When that realisation comes, a friend will see again that they get rest, because initially it becomes a shock, something has happened and they are bewildered; so the rest period continues, and it is after that, that one hopes that they will start questioning. Once again conscious, they will start thinking, “Now time has gone on, things have changed, but why have I had nothing to do with this, why do I not understand it”, and at that stage it may enable their friend to communicate with them.

But if they are still stubborn this could go on for almost an indefinite period, because everyone has free will, and it may take a long time for this acceptance to come. At times we are able to enable them to talk to people such as yourselves who are in a circle, and who can get them to at least be conscious of the fact that there is someone that they can communicate with, not only on earth but where they are.

It is easier, the passing and acceptance, for people with knowledge such as yourselves who would have friends who they would immediately recognise, because though your physical eyes can’t see us, you’re spiritually aware of us, so you not only see us, but those who are near and dear to you as well.

People with little knowledge may ponder, but they may remember… because remember that everything is still there; your memory is still there. And they may think of something that happened many years ago, when they talked with someone who mentioned that there was continuing life - that one didn’t die. That is enough then to perhaps, with a little bit of reluctance, accept this person who is trying to speak to them and telling them to come.

We hope this explains for people who say, “But how can anyone wander round for hundreds of years (and so on and so on), without someone helping them?” People are there to help, but great care is taken not to force opinions on the people, on the spirit, and not to shock it in any way. Acceptance must come because they want to, and that they are happy to do it; and believe me for some people, this does take a very long time… and what is an interesting thing about it, is that it is often the highly intelligent that take this time. People who have lived simply and close to the earth and what you call Mother Nature are more likely to accept without question. I hope you understand what we are getting at there, when we say that the simple people with simple understanding are more likely to accept.

Sitter: Yes Ling, but I don’t understand how you folk are able to influence people to come to us, if they can’t communicate with you, and often can’t even see you. How is that done?

Spirit: They probably don’t see us but it is another case of mind to mind, it may take a long time for us to get them, to influence them, to come to people like you. It has to be a thought vibration that they, as the receiver, can accept. That is the only way that I can explain it to you that you would understand. As you can well imagine there are many people over here. They are not all trying to communicate and help those who pass over, and it is really a very busy area of our lives… that is, those who are trying to help those that pass over so we try, and if we cannot get through to this person by what you may call mental telepathy, and they are becoming stressed, because they will be feeling muddled in their head, or in their spirit, because others are trying to contact them and they can’t accept it… at that stage the person who has been trying would withdraw and they would have a rest period . Then someone else will try until finally, someone who likes that person, who has the same vibrational thought, can finally influence them enough to accept either a group such as yours, or the fact that they can see somebody… and they are no longer frightened.

Well we will leave you for tonight, and hope that you are always able to pass on, even to one single person, some of the knowledge that we try to pass to you.

And God bless you in your efforts.


Note: People who sit in Rescue Circles will be only too familier with the 'I can't be dead because I am alive' problem. I try to avoid using the word 'dead' and try to explain that we are either 'incarnate' - in a material body - or 'discarnate' - not in a material body. We are 'alive' in either state. Indeed I have come to understand it is the incarnate people who are 'dead' compared with the state of being discarnate. How would you define being 'alive'? J. H. Jan 2011.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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