'Crossing Over'

A web site devoted to Spiritual Philosophy cannot overlook the work of John Edward and the TV Programme: 'Crossing Over'.

It is my view that this is a tremendous breakthrough for Spirit working in this world. It demonstrates in a clear way what spirit communication is about and how our loved ones, and those we did not care for too much, continue to be alive in another 'world' which is, to most people, not apparent.

There are people for whom it is a daily reality but often this ability is quashed in childhood by ignorant adults or not wanted by the person who is afflicted with it. I know of mediums who came into Spiritualism in order to get rid of some spirit entity who was bothering them.

These people are known as 'naturals' in that they had the gift of contacting the spirit world from birth. This ability often runs in families and is no indication as to the character of that person. You do not have to be a good person to have 'the gift'.

John Edward is a natural and in his first book he talks about the decision he had to make about working for spirit or being a 'normal' person with an ordinary job. He was doing readings for friends and relatives as a 'game', not thinking it was anything important.

Many people in the UK will be irritated to some degree or other by the 'blue screen' announcement that the programme is presented by Living TV for 'Entertainment purposes only'. I suspect this is a compromise with the I.T.C. ( Independent Television Controllers ) who wanted - and most likely still do - this programme banned as it was shown during the day and 'would corrupt people's minds.' Mediumship should only be shown for 'research' purposes and then only very late at night. Some people kill whales for 'scientific purposes'.

I believe the BBC has a regulation that demonstrations of clairvoyance will not be shown. Many of the governors of the BBC are church people, which may have something to do with it. As I am a church organist and love sung services, praising God, (God is 'everything that is' - Seth) I cannot understand this, as the knowledge I have gained from spirit teachers has not affected my love of its rituals and music.

When Queen Elizabeth II opened the first TV station in the UK - Alexander Palace - she talked about it being important as to 'what was broadcast'. Older people know only too well what has happened as a result of 'what is broadcast': hate, violence, breaking the law, getting away with it, treating people like dirt, etc - you can make your own list.

These things are shown as being 'normal' and are rapidly absorbed into the culture of the day. Even James Bond depicts killing and destruction by the 'hero' as being praiseworthy, even though the stories are about good versus evil and, of course, he always 'gets the girl'. Soaps show a great deal of emotional violence which is the main reason why I, for one, do not watch them. The actors are so good - UK Soaps - that for many people that IS reality.

We are told that, as we know it is fiction, we can accept the violence, etc, as being 'entertainment' and not reality. For many people watching TV this distinction is not made.

We have heard of copy-cat crimes or the plot of a story being used for a real event. You cannot say what people will do with what you give them. Even a computer program such as Flight Simulator may have been used in the planning of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. What people do with what they have acquired is up to them.

In my opinion if you sell/give somebody a gun sooner or later they will shoot you with it. You could say that selling guns is OK; it is the ammunition that is the problem.

What is missing on the television are programmes showing love and caring as being good. We often hear that there is only bad news as nobody is interested in good news.

For me 'Crossing Over' is showing just this. 'Appreciate and Validate those who are close to you now in this life so you do not need a Medium to do it for you when they are dead and gone' says John.

How important those closing words of the programme are. From some 2000 years ago the words of a teacher in Palestine echo down the years: Love one another, even those that hate and despise you!

Thank you, John, for what you are doing: bringing the knowledge of the continuity of life to the people in this world who have 'ears to hear' and 'eyes to see' and 'minds to understand'.

John Hardaker, Oct, 2003.

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