Spiritual Philosophy

The Guides & Helpers of Lucy Hale

These pages are built around the Spiritual Philosophy talks that were given by the Spirit People who worked with the English Medium, Lucy Hale. Some were given in Spiritualist Churches and others in a Home Circle.


Ken Hanson's Scripts
A Circle held in New Zealand

Compact Disks of Hymns for Singing

for personal use or churches without any music

The recordings of the talks were made using a Grundig C410 cassette recorder. MP3 files have been created from some of the recordings, which are available by request. The quality is not brilliant but there was nothing better at the time. The internet did not exist and certaintly no such thing as a Smartphone.

The Ken Hanson scripts were sent to me by email and on a CD. Ken obtained my email address from this site. He has faithfully recorded and typed out each circle meeting. I am pleased to include these transcrips in Lucy's Pages. The last email message sent to Ken came back to me. I was advised that he died during August 2009.

The print layout for the talks is not the same as the web page layout.

I am happy to answer by e-mail any questions you may
have regarding these talks and other matters related to this topic.
This subject may come under the heading of Mind, Body, Spirit.
It would also be associated with Spiritualism or Spiritism.
It is also connected with parapsychology and metaphysics.

John Hardaker, Bampton, Oxon, England.

These pages were last updated Dec 2021.

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