Some Notes about Lucy Hale and my connection with her.

Lucy Hale lived in the Abingdon area of Oxfordshire, England, and served the Spiritualist Churches in the surrounding area. She had worked as a Medium for over 40 years; well into her eighties.

Her work was simple and straightforward. A Church Service took the form of: an Opening Prayer, given by Lucy, a Reading given by a Church Member; an Address from Brother Bernard, followed by a Demonstration of Clairvoyance. A Closing Prayer finished the meeting.

When I first met Lucy she had given up her church work, except for the Church in Abingdon, due to lack of transport. After witnessing a service in the Abingdon Church taken by Lucy I offered to take her other Spiritualist Churches. This gave me the opportunity to record Brother Bernard's talks.

It was about this time that Lucy invited me to join her Circle where, over the years, the Circle talks were recorded. Lucy carried on with her Church work and running the Circle until she became ill. After a short stay in Hospital she passed to the Higher Life during December, 1994.These talks were recorded in a Home Circle or a Spiritualist Church over the years 1986 to 1993 although the information is timeless. It has been a privileged for me to have known Lucy and I offer these talks to anybody who is interested in the purpose of life, here on earth, and our future life when we return, once again, to the World Of Spirit which is our true home. You will find a certain familiarity about these talks as if you already knew this information but many of us, for one reason of another, choose to reject or ignore it. In certain cases this is part of the life's plan to do so. The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Silver Birch, etc, also echo the teachings of Lucy's communicators. It seems as if this message continually comes across, through one vehicle of another, from Spirit. indeed, if there is any truth in these communications the 'message' should be the same even if the channel of communication is different. I found these talks interesting and informative - I would not have gone to the effort of creating this site had I not thought so - and I hope you will find them of interest. They are ideal for Private Reading, Readings given in Churches, Discussion Groups, etc. Anything to do with the Message of Eternal Life and our responsibility as citizens of the planet Earth.

Writing some years later I realise how fortunate I was to have met Lucy. She was not well known, other than in a small area and only ever did one private reading. She would never do another as the lady 'only wanted her fortune told'. Lucy would have no time for this. When taking a service in a church there was no waffle. When it came to the address Brother Bernard linked in and gave the address; Lucy said nothing herself. Not many mediums give a 'controlled' - not trance - address these days and Lucy would have a fit at the rubbish that many mediums think constitutes an address. The address should come from Spirit, through the Medium, not from the Medium! Jesus told his disciples to go out and teach. When they asked him 'what shall we say' he replied 'don't worry about that, it will be given you at the time'. Lucy did just that, and it was 'given to her at the time'. All I ask is that you attribute this material, in whatever form you may use it, to The Guides of Lucy Hale or stating that Lucy Hale was the Medium through whom these talks were given.

If there is any dispute as to Copyright of this material I still hold the right to that as the recordings are mine and I have
done all the work involved in getting this material into print.

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