Communications from Spirit through Lucy Hale

There are FOUR sections:

1) Talks given in the Circle by various speakers through Lucy.

2) Talks given in the Circle by Lilly through Lucy.

3) Talks given in various Spiritualist Churches by Brother Bernard through Lucy.

4) Talks given through other people in the Circle.

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Some of the Guides or Helpers who spoke in the Circle were regulars; we got to know who they were by the way they spoke and the manner in which the talk was given. Others came intermittently while others only spoke once, as in the case of The Old Man and Marie.

Lilly's talks are in a separate section due to the content, which is quite different from the rest. I have tried to keep to the way she spoke rather than convert into 'normal' English as much of her character would be lost in the process. She also 'confided' in us what was going on, like others were telling her to say something; the other communicators did not do this. In view of this her talks are interesting. It was noted that if somebody got into conversation with her she 'grew up' in her manner of speaking.

Brother Bernard usually gave the address in a church as he was louder than the others also used to public speaking during his earth life. He was annoyed with me once when I was Chairperson for saying that Brother Bernard would give the address, telling the congregation that it did not matter who spoke and that the thoughts came from a group of people/souls, not just him alone. This is correct.

Lilly mentioned the thoughts coming from the group quite often. Sometimes she would say something that she did not understand, saying that others in the group were asking her to say those words. She would ask if we understood what she was saying and was pleased when we told her that we did.A group working with an earth instrument - Medium - is, in my view, much better for good philosophy as the 'pool of knowledge' is greater, also there is more likely to be 'supervision' over what is being said from a higher level.

There is nothing wrong in a speaker expressing their own views or experiences as much can be learnt that way. There are many individual talks here, while the bulk of it comes from the group who say they are putting off their own progression until their work with Lucy was completed. As Lucy is now with them their work is done but Lucy's work continues through this web site. For me it is a priviledge to be able to 'spread the word' that life does have a purpose and so called 'death' is not the end but the completion of a task.

There were other members of the Circle - very gifted people - who contributed to this work, some of which is included here.

Should you find any mistakes please let me know.

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