In Your Sleep State

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle during March 1987

Hellos everybodys.

I've been standing there listening to what you've all been saying and I have been wondering when you were going to start talking some sense 'cause there are lots of things that you does when you are in the sleep state that you do not remembers and if you do you only remembers bits of them, you do not remembers them all.

Sometimes they are what you calls the tests and sometimes they are just bits that you have pulled out of your experiences, do you follow? (Yes) So you must not read too much into what you bring back from the sleep state.

Quite often when yous in the sleep state you do lots of jobs. You do far more things than yous remembers because all of yous; you've got lots of work to do in the Spirit world 'cause when you comes to the earth plane you undertakes not only works on the earth plane but you undertakes to works in the Spirit as well, in your sleep state. That's whys yous able to comes into, what you calls it, Spiritualism, and that's whys yous comes into the Circle.

It's like yous, oooh, the people that's you are. You was likes that before you comes to the earth plane and you brings the power with you so thats yous able to helps, not only on the earth plane, but on the other sides as well. You follow? (Yes, Lilly)

We's very pleased that's yous beginings to remember the things and you will finds that's you will remember mores and mores of the things that's happens in the sleep state. But you always got to remember, like my Medi says, that's whiles yous on the earth plane the Earth experience is more important than anythings else because you comes to the earth plane to have all the things of the Earth; to have all the troubles and the, the disappointments and the things that you wants to do and you finds you cants do, but they all goes to makes up what you've come to the earth plane for. So that's what we just wants to adds to what some of the other speakers says. Theys gives much better words than I cans gives, but that's what they toll's you over and over again; so's you just wants to remembers that.

You will find that you's got the work to do for the Spirit and sometimes it's stru-, straightforward work and sometimes it's just the work that you do's without realizing it. If you do's the best that you can with the circumstances of the Earth life, then yous working for the Spirit as well; so you's just got to remembers that and knows that there will be the experiences coming to you and those experiences will makes it much easier for yous when you do's come to the Spirit world. Ha!, that's whats you call the philosophy? (Yes, that's right.)

That's a good word; I likes that; phil-los-o-phy. It's like a little music, phil-los-o-phy, I likes that's. [Lilly was singing the word]

Sometimes when I comes I has quites a job to clears my Medi's mind and to find the things that I wants to says in her mind so that she will says them as I wants them and not as she wants them. Sometimes she gets a little bit worried about what I says but sometimes I's able to gets, whats I want? [Lilly gets frustrated as she can't find the words that she wants in Lucy's mind.] Sometimes much more away from the Medi's mind than other times and sometimes she trys to interfere and to stop me from what I wants to says; but that's one of the things that's she's got to learn.

She's still learning. Sometimes she thinks she is getting to the finish but you never gets to the finish with the work for Spirit; always there will be something. There will be something a bit more, a bit deeper, a bit more, ooh, a bit higher; a bit nearer the Spirit world. That's the gifts.

We wants to says to the lady there that's you do nots wants to despair. You's a little bit down, we knows. But we wants to tells you that's you will find that's yous able to makes and keeps the links that's you makes. But you knows, we tells you, that's you's trying to do too much but you's gots your own path to go.

[Liliy would speak to the sitters occasionally in this way, breaking off from her general talk]

We cannot tell you what to do. We can only give you the help, and we's trying to make the things plain for you so that's you's knows whats you's got to do. So we leaves its there.

And what's this? No, no, I's not says anything mores tonight; but I just says that I's sending, no, not I, they, from the Spirit world; they's sending out their healing to the little one [Mary] and she will find that she will gets very much better. She's better than she was and she's happier in the mind than she was but we tolds her right from the beginning that the, what you calls it, the D. [her husband] would get on all right and she's worried about him but there was no need for her to worry about him because we was looking after him; and we's looking after her. So we gives her our love from the Spirit side and there's lots of peoples that's very, very glad that she has been able to helps, both on the earth plane and in the Spirit world; so you pass that on to her. (We will) [ Mary was not there that evening.]

Ands we sends the healing to the peoples that's on your earth plane that's needs the healing. Sometimes we cannot heals the body but we always tries; we tries to help the spirit as well, and sometimes we's able to work through the spirit and we's able to heal the body, and sometimes it's what you calls a miracle, buts its not really mir-, miracle, its just the workings of the Spirit. So we leaves that with you.

And we's just wants to says thats the lady that's got out of a wheelchair and now walks, thats it was the Spirit power that did it. They don'ts say that's in your papers, (reference to some item in a daily newspaper) buts it was; and that was what yous calls a miracle; but it was the workings of the Spirit.

So.. Oh, they tells me I's got to shut up now; I's been talking too long. So I will just says that I's very pleased to be in the Circle again and I says God bless you all and God bless the peoples who ar'nt here and God bless all the peoples in the world and God bless the peoples who comes to our sides of life and we looks forward to when we meets you all in the Spirit world. That will not be just yet, but one day there will be, what you calls it, a re-un-ion [Lily would say some words syllable by syllable as if they were new to her] (that's right) because your Circle has a little Circle on the earth plane but you's parts of a much bigger Circle in the Spirit world that you knows very little about. Sometimes you feels them all round you and you knows that there's a bigger Circle and sometimes you see's some of them but we tells you that there is a big Circle thats you works in, in the Spirit world.

Now we says goodnights and God bless you.

God bless you.

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