Men Have Their Free Will

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 9th of April, 1991.

"Hellos everybodys."

"Oh! It's not easy to comes through this afternoon, I don't know why." John said "Perhaps it's because you are not first." (The Arabian had been giving us a talk (see You are Part of Spirit ) and went on to enquire if Lilly knew the name of the person who had spoken first. Lilly continued: "Oh! That was..oh...I not get my tongue round the name. They tell me he was the Arabian, Ar-ra-bian, huh, I not get the name right." John asked if he had spoken to the Circle before. "I don't think so; I don't thinks he's been in this Circle before but he's been in the Circles befores with the Medi, that was long times ago, but he wanted to come and he wanted to bring the message from the 'big ones'" (Lilly comes into the Circle as a six year old)

John asked if Lilly could add to what the Arabian had said about 'having to mark time if you went to Spirit before you intended to'

Lilly said "That's because, sometimes, there's the peoples that when they leaves the earth plane for the Spirit World they don't have all their times on the earth plane and then they's got to waits untils the times thats it will be rights for them to come to the earth plane again, you follow?. And sometimes, oh, when, we... Oh.. I tries to puts it into the words cause you knows that before you comes to the earth plane you chooses when you's going to come and you chooses the circumstances thats there will be for yous and you chooses the time that you will leave the earth plane and sometimes it's only necessary for yous to comes to the earth plane for a very, very short while; and sometimes it's necessary for you to comes to the earth plane for a long, long times and if you goes to the Spirit World before the long, long times happens then you's got to waits until you can comes backs again and fill up the other times. You follow?" "Oh, yes thank you" said John realising that Lilly was quite right in what she said but had not answered the question and, not wanting to take up more time going over it again, did not pursue it.

Lilly had difficulty in finding her words, not unusual, and went on "It's not altogether easy for the spirits to comes to the earth plane and learns all the things that theys got to learns. Theys wants to learns because, when theys comes here, to your world, thens they finds that the circumstances, they's not the sames as they sees them from the Spirit side, and then theys, sometimes they gets, ooh, they gets upset and disappointed and then they goes back to the Spirit World and thinks that they leaves all their troubles behinds them but they don't cause, when they gets to the Spirit World they finds thats theys taken the troubles withs them and theys got to comes back to put the troubles rights. And that's one of the things that theys got to does." (Lilly may have been referring to people who take their own life) "And it's not altogether, what you calls it, straight forward. There will be the things that happens in your world thats we tries to alter but we's nots ables to does it; sometimes the peoples on the earth plane, theys thinks theys knows better than the Spirit and then they goes and does the things that puts the, what you calls it, the dark place on your world and then it will not be possible for the world to make the progress that it gots to does, you follow? And over and over again in the history of your world there will be the things that goes wrongs, the things that's not intended. But when they happens then theys got to be worked through and that's one of the things that's your world is for. It's for the things thats are wrong to be put rights and it is a world where there's lots of the darkness, you knows that, there's lots of the darkness that's gots to be turned to the lights.

Sometimes it seems to us that we cannot alter the things that's happenings in your world. We tries to influence the peoples that there is; some of the peoples, they listens to us and do the things that we wants them to do, but sometimes they thinks they knows better and then they goes and does the things that they wants to do and it goes all wrong and then it's got to be puts rights.

At the moment you's very, very concerned about so many things on your earth plane but we wants to let you knows that there will be the period of the darkness before there's the period of the light. That happens over and over again in your world. There was the times when men were very, very close to the Spirit and thens they begins to learn other things and they forgets about the Spirit and they thinks that they's cleverer than the Spirit and that's when the things goes wrongs. It was what you calls the..oh, I's getting mix- muddled-up, but they says that, that was what happens with the, what you calls it? Atlantis. There was the times when the peoples was very, very close to the Spirit and doing the things that the Spirit wanted and then they thoughts that they's much cleverer than the Spirit and then there cames the earthquake and the floods and that (Atlantis) went. And that happened with, what you calls it, civilisations over and over again.

Nows you's beginning to think that that's going to happen with your civilisation but we cannot tells you what will happens with your world. We knows what should happens and what should happen is that your world should go on up in the Spirit World, in the Spirit,..ooh, not world; in the Spirit context and thats there wills be lots more channels between your worlds and ours. That's what shoulds happens and we want to tells you that we cannots says that it will happen, it should, but then, as you knows, the peoples on the earth plane theys got the free will and when they wants to use the free will for their own selfishness then they will not make the spiritual progress, you follow?

Oh! I's giving you quite a lecture. Ha, ha, we's not likes that cause usually we don't say very much about the things; they's, what you calls it, the deep things. We's not says lots abouts them but sometimes it's easy for you to understand then I's ables to puts them into words.

Hu, you's got the, you's knows that (to John) cause you's gots the Doctor of Philosophy with you and he will give you lots of the things. You's been thinking about the things that's in the books and we wants to tells you that you has got to learns that there's the simple things of the life that are as important as the very, very big things, you follow? John said he did. And we wants to says to the little lady (Mary) we's very, very glad thats you's backs in the Circle and we wants to tells you you's got to, oh, they says keep your pecker up, you's must not get the depressed. And we says to the other lady (Margaret) we tells you that you's got to still go very, very slowly; you knows that and when you feels better you must not thinks that you can do the things that you used to do. You will gets the better and you will be ables to do the things, but not just yet, you's still got to go very, very slow.

And for the new gentleman sitting there, you's very, very quite, we knows, but he's beginning to thinks about the things. Ha, and we wants to tells you that you's going to have, ooh, there will be's the opportunity for you to do what you wants to do. There's somethings thats you's got in your mind that you wants to do and you's been thinking that you will never be able to does it. Ha, ha! We tells you that you will be able to does it. So we wants you to go on as you are doing and know that you will be given the help to puts the things that you wants to does thats they will comes for yous. (Afterwards he said that he was not aware of wanting to do anything)

So now I just says, I can't say goodnight cause I knows it's not goodnight with yous, so I will say good-bye, good-bye, God bless you, God bless you, and God bless all the little ones. (Lilly was six when she left the earth plane)

God bless the little boys. (We meet in a boy's school)

As Lilly left us Lucy started coughing and, as this has happened before, it may be something that Lilly suffered with. When I get the chance I will ask her about it. J.H.H.