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A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle.

Hellos everybodys.

Oh! It's nice to come into the Circle once again and to see yous all sitting here. You's all sitting very, very good. You's all sitting very, very quite and you's not giving off the things that yous gets cause you thinks that's it's your, what you calls it, your 'magination. Humph. But lots of the things that comes to yous they's not your 'magination, they's comings to you from Spirit cause you knows that you's got lots of helpers that comes along and they wants to works with you; they wants to give you the things and, sometimes, when they starts they just gives little tiny bits of,, of,,, information and little bits of text and things like that; and they's comings to yous from Spirit so you's got to learns to forgets yourselves and gives thems all off. You follow? (This means to say whatever comes into your mind, however stupid it may seem.)

But we knows it's very, very difficult in your earth plane at the present time because there's lots and lots of the different, what you calls them, the vibrations that's comings from all the places on the Earth that's not quite, oh, what you calls the backward peoples? You calls it the third world. But it's not only the third world it's the second and the first world as well! There's lots of things that's goings on in your world. There's all the thoughts that's not on the good plane but there's also the thoughts of the people that's trying to do goods and to forgets themselves and to thinks about the other peoples.

You's been seeing the water (rain), we knows, cause it's the most important thing that the people in the other countries wants but they's got to learns thats it will not comes like the Manna from Heaven. They's got to do the works to get the water but if the peoples will works, if they will do the things that they's got to do, you's got the, what you calls it, the tech-nol-ogy to know where the waters is in the earth and to brings it to the surface.

But yous also knows that you's got to teach the people that they's got to grow the trees and they's not got to cut down the forest. That's the reason for lots of the, what you calls it, the deserts in the world; they's deserts because they's cuts down all the trees and then they finds that they's does not gets the rain.

There's other places in your world that gets lots and lots of rain; too much. Humph! We knows! And then there's the floods and there's the terrible things that's happens. They's got to learns to works together and to make sure that's there's plenty of the trees. You do not have the trouble with not enough water in your country. We knows cause we's been watching the weather with you over the last few weeks, but we wants to tells you that there will be the sunshine and there will be the showers. You's gonna get the hot weather but you's also going to get the showery as well. That's what we tells you; but there will be the nice spells in between.

We knows thats you's had quite the times of it in your earth plane and there's the weather's been upset in various parts of your world but there's always beens in the, oh, somebodies tellings me that in the history of the world there's always beens the times when there's lots of rain and the times when there's been lots of drought. It's, oh, some of the things that's the Earth's going through from a physical point of view. Hee! I's said that quite well didn't I?

There's the things that they (the other guides) tells me to tells you what the peoples on our sides, it's funny to say "our sides", there's no sides, but that's just what you calls a convention to say "our side" and "your side" but they's all one. They's all works in the, oorrh, what you calls it, the waves, they works in together. They sorts themselves out, oorh, I cannot finds the words to puts its into but it's like you has the television and yous has the X-Rays and yous has the other rays and they's all goings on in the same place, but they's all moving slightly different so one goes through the other without having any effect.

That's like it is with our world and your world; They's close together. They's in the, what you calls it, the same plane but you sees things, oorh, what you calls it, with your eyes and your ears and your nose and your taste; they's all the things that's on the Earth. But the things of the Spirit, they's the things that you thinks with your mind, with your soul. That's a posh word for what's inside you, the spirit, we don't mind what you calls it but it's the power of Spirit is with each ones of you and it works through everything in the earth plane.

And when we comes to speaks through a Medium, we has to make our vibrations very, very heavy so thats we cans get into your Aura and we can works through yous. You follow? (Yes)

Oh! I's giving quite a lecture aren't I. Ha, ha. I do not know what I says sometimes but they's puts the words into my mind so's I passes them on to you in the best way that I can. So, that's what I wanted to tells you.

You knows that your Circle's very important to Spirit; it's important to you and it's important to Spirit as well as by your Circle we can get close to your earth plane to help with the conditions that there are there.

And we wants to tells you not to be worried by the things that are happening; they seems to you to be, what you calls it, the tragedies, but they's not really tragedies. It's time that lots of your Earth people come to our side of life and there's always been in your world the times when there's lots of the souls that leave the body and comes over to our sides. They's tellings me that there was the, what you calls it, the plague and that took lots and lots of your peoples and then you has, what was it, you has the flu epidemic, that took lots of peoples toos; and so it is the way of your world.

You knows all about it todays because you's go the wireless and the television and all the other things thats there never was in the past and so what you calls the tragedies thats happens in the past they's very, very, ooh, close, very, very, loc- oorh, lo-cal-ised. You follow? (Yes) Oh! I's using all sorts of words that I do not now {Lilly was Italian} and I's trying to gets them out of my Medi's mind to puts them into the words properly but that's one of the things that I wants to tells you.

Do not be worried too much by the things that are happening because the tragedies in your world has a good effect upon the peoples in your, what you calls it, the Western World. They will opens the peoples eyes to the things that's goings on all over your world. And we's told you before that there will be the big changes. There will be the.. ooh, the things that's happens that you cannot help but you can send your thoughts and your love and your prayers to all those who are comings to our sides of life.

Oh! I's giving quite a sermon, ha! I's very, uurgh.. I's not talk as I usually do but that's the things that's they tells me thats I's got to say.

So now I's will just say goodnight and God bless you and God bless the peoples that's linked to you; the peoples that you love and the peoples that you do not love, and the peoples thats are good and the peoples thats are bad and God will bless all the peoples in the world and will bring into being the state that is needed.

So now we says goodnights, God bless you, God bless you. And God bless the little one (Niki's baby) and the little ones that's comings along.

God bless you.

Note: When Lucy "came back" she went on to describe how surprised she was to find herself sitting there. She remembered an occasion when it was light when the Guide linked in with her and it had gone dark by the time she came back.

Niki gave the closing prayer.

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