They's Still Thinking Of You

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle on the 8th of October 1986.

Hellos everybodys.

Oh, it's nice to comes into the Circle once again and we wants to says hellos to yous all and to all the peoples that's been here with you.

There's been lots and lots of the people come from, ooh, way back in your lives and they comes along just to says that they's still thinking of you sometimes and, though you may not remember them, they remember you. And when you gets to our sides of life you will find that you will remember them all. You will be surprised at all the peoples that you's met in your life and that they's all there when you wants to sees them. But, of course, it's when you wants to, that's the main thing thats you's got to remember.

The peoples that comes to you they comes because they wants to see you and you must wants to sees them. That's when the meetings will be arranged when you gets on the other sides. So you's got to remember that there was, ooh, lots of the peoples that you knew when you was little and some of them has gone over the other side and they will be there when you wants when you comes to our sides of life. Course come of them has gones on and some of them has come backs, but there will be lots of them there and you will be most surprised.

And you will be surprised at all the things thats you's done in your lives because, quite often, you thinks that you's not done very much and you thinks that you's, ooh, you's not been, what you call it, a success in your lives, but you don't know what you's done and you can't see how much you's been able to helps the peoples. We wants to tells you that you hasn't got to worry about what happened in the past; it will be what happens today and what happens in the future.

We wants to says to you that although your world is in a muddle at the moment, and although there is so much discord and all thats, there will be the beginnings of the understanding between the peoples on the earth plane.

There's lots of good in the Earth; that's what we wants to tells you; there's lots of good in peoples, even the peoples that you thinks are very, very bad; they's still got the goods in them and that's what you's gots to looks for. We knows that it's not easy when you reads about all the awfull things that peoples do to think of them as being Children of God, but that's whats theys are; they's all got the Spirit insides them and they's all got to make the progress the same as you, but in different ways. And somes of them will take a long, long times and it will takes many, many lives on the earth plane before they gets to where they's got to goes, but they will all get there eventually. That's what we wants to tells you.

The world that you lives in, it's a beautifull world, if you would understand the things of the nature and if you would do your bits to makes it a bettter place.

One of the things that you's got to do when you's on the earth plane is you's got to be happy and you's got to make other people happy. That's one of the things that we likes to sees; we do not want to see the long face and all the crying because there's been so much evil in the world; we wants you to looks for the good not for the evil. The evil is there but you's got to be covered up with the good. And there will be opportunities for the goods to be done and then that will cleanse your world of some of the evil that's in it. And yous can play your parts in that because each of you has got your thoughts and your thoughts are very, very powerfull and when you say your prayers you's got to, not all the times asking for the things that you wants to happens, you's got to try to sends out the happy thoughts to all the world. Not only to the peoples, but you's got to send the happy thoughts to the flowers, and to the plants, and the trees, and to the birds and the animals. And, if you has the happy thoughts; if you has the happy idea thats you's on the earth plane and you will have the happiness while you's heres then yous will make an impact upon your world and you will be ables to gives lots of help to other people. Because that's what most people wants on the earth plane, to be happy, and when there's all the, what you calls it, the emphasis on the bad things of life that's when it makes the atmoshpere depressed. You follow?

But we's very pleased to be in the Circle once agains and we's given you all healing tonights from the other peoples that comes to your Circle, from the Guides and the Helpers, and there's plenty of them that comes into your Circle. You cant's see its but it's as though your Circle is a little spot of light and there's, ooh, like when you's in the big ampetheatre and there's all the seats all round and there's a little group in the middle. That's like you is! You's is the little group in the middle and all the seats are filled with peoples that comes to your Circle to join in. Humph.

And we wants to says too that sometimes yous wants the peoples to comes to you. You want somebody you loves very, very much, and they don't seem ever to come. Well! Sometimes it's because they's gone on and sometimes it's because they's busy in other ways and sometimes it's because they's needs the sleep; the rest before they wakes up to the Spirit World.

There's all the different, what you calls it, the different stages of the lives on the Spirit World. Some peoples, they's in a very aware state when they's on our sides of life and some peoples, they not realise it at all and they take ages, in your time, to find out where they are and what they's got to do. But everybody, eventually, will be aware and they will know that they's in the Spirit World and that they's got to progress; cause that's the things thats every soul has got to do.

So, we's very pleased to be here once again and we knows that there's been several things that's happening during the time since I spoke to you last but we wants to tells you that the things that you's been praying for that they's been put into op-er-ration. There's something that you's been wanting and we wants to says that we's working on it in the Spirit World.

So! I's given you quite a little sermon tonight, has'nt I? I wants to says that you's got to look forward to the things getting a little bit easier in the world. We knows that there's lots of things that should not be happening in your world but there's things that are begining to work. You may not see them, you may not realise it, but underneath there is the beginging of the lightening of the darkness. That's what they tells me to tells you. So I pass it on. ('They' are the other Guides who are with Lilly.)

Now we just wants to says to yous all that you's going to carry on in the Circle and you's going to send the thoughts that will have an effect and even your, what you calls them, your scientists are beginging to know that there is power in the thought and if you will all concentrate you will find that the thoughts will have an effect. So that's what we wants to tells you tonight.

So now I will go because my Medi a bit tired and getting, what you calls it, the sore throat, so I will says goodnight and God bless you all. And God bless all the peoples that's belonging to you and God bless all the peoples in the world and God bless the animals and God bless all the plants and the trees and the things that's in your world; cause you need lots of blessings in your world to makes the difference.

So we says goodnights and God bless you. (God bless you Lilly)

God bless you.

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