New Age Coming

A Conversation with Lilly

Recorded in the Circle.

Hellos everybody.

Oh! Seems funny coming into the Circle again 'cause I hasn't been for some while, but I's glad to comes and says hallos to yous all and I'm glad that the gentleman comes alongs tonights. (I'm not sure who she was referring to.)

You's got to have, oh, what's the word, patience, that's the word that you've got to have because there's lots of things that's going to come to you in the Circle but you must not try to hurry the things along 'cause they comes along in their own time. You follow? (Yes)

There will be the opportunities that's coming to the Circle but we's very pleased with what you have been doing. We always says that and you ought to believe it by now. You think there's not much things doing in the Circle but it's a fact that when you has the Circle you sends out all the lights and they's able to helps the peoples on the other side. You knows that because sometimes we lets the spirit comes through the gentleman when they wants help. (Referring to the rescue work that Brian does.) You's got to be prepared that, that will happens, not always, but from time to time when we cannot make the contact, but you can.

That is very important 'cause sometimes there's the peoples on the other side that when they comes (over) they not knows where they are or what they's doing and they still thinks that they's on the earth plane and they can't see the Spirit Light at all; but they can see the light that comes from your Circles. When they sees your light that's when they begins to progress; when they begins to makes the first moves. So you see how important it is.

We likes comings to your Circle and, when they lets me comes through, I'm able to give you little chats and sometimes I gives you little sermons and sometimes I just talks. Ha, ha. That's the funny things about it 'cause there's the things that I says and the things that I's supposed to say, and I do not say, and sometimes I says the things that I's not supposed to say, then they stops me. That's because when I comes to the earth plane I picks up my earthly mind and my earthly thoughts and sometimes I's able to pass on the things that I remembers from when I was on the earth plane. But now there's the time that I's been in the Spirit World and, when I's in the Spirit World, I's quite different from what I am when I contacts the earth plane again.

That's a difficult thing, we's not able to put it into words in the proper way because there's the, ooh, you's beginnings to understands that there is the difference in the time, what you calls it, the time factor.

There is one time factor on the earth plane but it's altogether another time factor in the Spirit World. They says that, that's a World of Spirit and Spirit is the thoughts. The thoughts that you has, they comes from the Spirit and sometimes they's affected by what you knows on the earth plane and by the circumstances of the earth plane.

You's been going through all the terrible things happening but we told you that there would be the dreadful things. They's not really dreadful because when the people comes to the Spirit World they's much happier than they was on the earth plane and the people that they's left behind, they's the people that's got to understand that there, what you calls it, there is no death. That's one of the things that you says and that is what you has got to really believe.

What you's got to do on the earth plane is to try to make it as best as you possibly can. To learn that there will be the laws that's got to be followed otherwise there will be even more destruction on the earth plane.

What we wants you to do is to take all the things that's happening that is the beginning of a,, ooh,, I's not able to put it into words right; the better understanding. And you's got to see that you believes there will be the peace and there will be the Earth peoples beginning to work with the nature instead of against it.

You knows the mere fact that there's lots of peoples on the earth plane that's beginning to understand, that is very important and that's a good sign. So we wants you to knows that there is the beginning of the change. We said that there was 'cause you knows that you's coming to the end of this, what you calls it, era. They tells me that you calls it an Age, but you's coming to the ends of one and the beginnings of another.

There will always be the time when all the things, they work in a wrong way and they hit each other, and they get mix-muddled-up, and although there will be the, what you calls it, the good signs, there will also be the bad signs as well; but you's got to see that you makes the most of the good signs and you's got to,, oor,, what's the words,, I not knows that words,, hu?,, you's got to be optimistic because there's too much pessimism in the world today, and you's got to knows that there's the beginnings of the good things that we told you they was going to happen. You's got to accept the bad things that comes along and know that they will work themselves out.

Ho, ho. Somebodies laughing! They're saying you knows there is something that you sing. They's trying to tells me the words; I's not knows the words. "God is working His purpose out." (Line from Hymn) That's the things, there's lots of things that's happenings. Some of then we says very, very good and some of them very, very bad. But you will find that you will get the new understanding between the countries.

Lilly continued for a while but the tape ran out and at the time of typing, some years later on, I had no idea what she said next. J.H.H.

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