From the Beginning to the End

Recorded in the Circle

Greetings to you my friends.

It is a joy to come into your group once again and we come with a blessing for each one of you giving an assurance that you are not walking through this world alone. Each one of you has with you those helpers that have been with you since you first opened your eyes upon this world, and who will be with you until you shut them upon it.

We are not saying that you are going to have an easy time in your lives. We are not going to tell you what you should do and what you should not do because each one of you has within you the spark of the Divine; sometimes you call it conscience; sometimes you call it Spirit. Sometimes you just think it is your own imagination. But you have got to realise that imagination is very limited and it only lasts for a certain amount on time. The impressions that come to you that will last, that will stay with you, that will guide your footsteps on occasions when you need help, come from Spirit, and Spirit alone. They come to show you the way, to point out a course of action that has not previously occurred to you.

The impressions that come to you do not tell you that you have got to follow them. You are free men and women. You have your free will, you can work or you need not. But you will find that if you do follow the impressions, as they come, the way will open before you and you will make more progress than you would on your own. Each one of you, as you go through life, collect ideas, collect experiences, collect opportunities where you can help, and all these things go to make up your character, your soul, your spirit; that part of you which will go on when your body has finished its task upon Earth. You know that you lived before you came to the Earth as you will live when you leave it, and you know that your foundation is very solid and it is upon that foundation that you are building; building your character in stages, by small steps, and occasionally by a leap.

If life does seem to you to be very difficult remember that if you were not strong enough to tackle it, if you did not have the capabilities of dealing with whatever circumstances arise, they would not be there. It is because you are capable of controlling your destiny in life that you are given, perhaps, obstacles to surmount that would overwhelm someone of a lesser degree. Realise that because you know that God is there you have a gift that many, many people in your world would like to have.

So many people deny, or try to deny, all thoughts of God, of Religion, of the "after-life". And yet they know within their hearts there is more to life than just the material, and, when they come towards the end of their days, they begin to look back and regret the lost opportunities that they had. You will take those opportunities that come to you and through them you will be of service to others, and in serving others upon Earth you are serving your Father God in Heaven.

Each one of you is greatly blessed. Each one of you will make a mark of some sort in the world. Each one of you will be an influence for good. So go forward my friends and do not let despair enter your hearts. Your world is going through a period of change. There will be disaster after disaster but out of the disasters will eventually come peace and a better organisation in your world.

So we leave you with these few thoughts, giving you our blessing. Mine, and those who join with me on the other side of life to link in with your circle week by week.

God Bless you all.

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