The Forces of Good and Evil

A Short Talk By Sister of Mercy.

Recorded in the Circle during 1986

Good evening my friends and God bless you and God bless the work that you are doing in your Circle.

In your world today there is such a need for people such as yourselves. There is such a need for the thoughts and prayers that you send out because there is a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. The more that Spirit reveals itself to mankind the more they try to follow in the footsteps of the Master so the forces of darkness work even harder in order to undermine.

Your world is going through chaos; chaos of several different varieties. The famine and starvation in Africa, the floods in India, the devastation of the earthquakes and volcanos, the unrest there is in the Middle East, the fighting between the Muslims. So many things in your world that are negative. But, side by side, there is so much of good. So much of hope; so much strengthening of the links with Spirit. Remember that always there are birth pangs; that a new age cannot come in without some violence. Events do not happen slowly; they happen in leaps and bounds. So it is with Spirit Power.

When you look with a dispassionate eye at the progress that your inventors and scientists have made over the last hundred years. When you think of how many things you have today that would have been unbelievable then so you must realize that you cannot have changes of this sort in your material life without there being violent disturbances of the ether. In those disturbances the forces of darkness find their opportunities.

At the moment your world is suffering. But through that suffering it will come out on the other side wiser, stronger, with a more developed link with Spirit. We want you to hold onto that.

Your knowledge of the world is derived from what you hear on your radio, see on your television and read in your newspapers. If you were in those parts of the world where the events that cause depression take place you would find things to be different. You cannot expect to understand everything. All you can do is to make the most of every small piece of good news that comes your way. To make sure that everything of value is spread trying to replace the darkness with light. When you hear things that seem to be deep, deep shadows try to send light to the person involved; to the part of the world that is concerned. Think of Spirit as being close in order to back up your efforts.

Spirit cannot work on its own. It must have material links upon the Earth so that Spirit Power can manifest.

That is where little groups such as yours have their part to play. Never think any of your prayers, any of your thoughts, any of your meditations are of no value. You cannot see it - but we do -and make use of whatever we can in order to try to lighten the state of the Earth.

Time is such a difficult factor for us to understand and for you to understand how it functions on the Spirit side; thinking of time as being relative. We come back to you and say we have been over the other side many years or only a short while; but that is speaking in your time. In ours it can be so different. We cannot explain it. We cannot make it clear to you because there are concepts in Spirit that are unknown on Earth. You will have to wait until you come to our side and then you will find out for yourself.

In the meantime make the most of your time on Earth, take advantage of every difficulty that faces you. Take advantage of every opportunity that you have of gaining experience and wisdom upon earth; experience that will be of use to you in your contact with Spirit.

So we leave you with a blessing that you may go forward, gaining Spiritual strength, understanding, wisdom, comfort and guidance. Passing them on to those whose path crosses yours in your daily life.

Goodnight my friends and God bless you.

Time' in Spirit seems to be related to your personal progress. If you have not progressed then time, for you, has stood still. Someone who has been working at putting their recent Earth life's failures right and helping other people, then, having made some progress, 'time' for them has advanced. The appreciation of this 'time' also varies. One person may say that they have been in Spirit a long time whereas someone who passed over on the same Earth day will say they have only been over a short while. Should a Guide say that an event will soon happen on Earth it may not occur in your lifetime. Spirit do not seem to know when an event will take place in our time, unless it is imminent, but know that the conditions of the event are coming. For example the people that you have a love link with - relations, friends, etc, who have completed their earth life and are now in this nonphysical dimension do not know when you will join them but will be aware of your passing as it gets closer and will send a group to welcome you and help you through the change.

You will find this topic mentioned in many books such as: 'The Barbanell Report' and 'Excursions to the Spirit World'.
Think about 'non-time' yourself and see what it means to you. J. H. H.

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