Problems With Communication

A Short Talk By Sister of Mercy.

Recorded in the Circle during 1986.

It is with pleasure that we come into your circle once again, coming through the mists that divide your world from ours.

We often wonder how we can put it so that you can understand why it is that Spirit cannot always make contact easily with you. It is a question of vibrations (frequency). We move far faster in a world that is so different from yours. When we come down onto the earth plane it is as though we were walking through mud that gradually gets thicker. You have to speak, you have to work, you have to continue your lives surrounded by this thick substance.

Sometimes, when we speak to you, you wonder why it is that we use the prefix "We". It is because the ideas that come to you come from a group who work with your circle. The instrument, on our side, who comes to Earth uses the voice box, the brain and the thoughts of a Medium. It is often one who is low down on our side of life who still has links with Earth and is therefore able to get into the body of an Earth Medium.

Consider communication with the Spirit World as a two way effort. There has to be preparation on the part of the Spirit instrument, also preparation on the part of the Earth instrument. It is when these two are in contact that we are able to communicate. It often seems to you that the messages and the talks that you listen to in your Spiritualist Churches are very trivial. You wonder why you do not hear words of profound wisdom and so many of the deep questions in your minds go unanswered. Do you think that Spirit should be able to give you such help, such guidance, such words of wisdom that they would live in your minds for ever? You must remember that in the majority of cases when we control a Medium we are limited by the brain of that Medium. There are a few instruments that we can take over completely. Then you do hear words of profound wisdom. You do hear our ideas expressed in noble sentiments. However, in the majority of cases, we have to work with the material that is available to us. That material is limited by your Earth body, your Earth mind and your Earth thinking.

You will hear Spirit say that they cannot give a correct idea of what life is like on the other side because of the limitations of human speech. We do not communicate by speech, we communicate by thought, and the communication is such that it makes no difference what language you spoke when you were last on the Earth. It makes no difference what religion you were, or what customs you followed as all these things are left behind with Earth. All that we can do is try to choose an instrument that is best able to put into words the thoughts that come from us. Those words can only be ones that the Medium knows and the thoughts that we can give are thoughts that the Medium has had an inkling of.

We cannot tell you so much about what life is like on our side because there are no words to express it. Consider languages such as Russian, Chinese or Arabic where the very alphabet is different to yours. If you tried to say some thought clearly in one of these languages you may find that the syntax does not exist. There is no such limitation of thought in Spirit. Whatever language a person used on the earth plane dies with their decease in the physical body. On our side speech is not necessary as such. We do not have a universal language but transmit our ideas by thought.

Many descriptions have been given to you of life in Spirit which seem contradictory. It is purely because of the limitations of Spirit thought through a human mind; through human language and understanding. So we ask you to be patient. You will know it one day when you leave your Earth body and come over to our side. You will also realise the impossibility of telling you exactly how life here may be.

Some ideas we can give you in order to prepare you for your own coming to Spirit. We tell you that you build your own house. That you set yourself in a niche in which you want to live; it is purely relative. You work everything on Earth by time. The time that your sun rises and sets; the time that your Earth moves around the sun. You cannot visualise anything without time; without limitations. We cannot show you; we cannot tell you. All that we can say is that we do the best we can with the knowledge Mediums have - with the instruments that are available. We know it sounds unsatisfactory to you when you wish to ask so many questions of Spirit. You must realise how we are so limited in what we can tell you; in what we can indicate to you of the conditions on the other side of life. There is so much we would like to say if only we were able.

We can tell you of the love that exists between the Spirit Guides and yourselves. We can tell you of the help that you are giving to the souls who are still walking in the darkness though they have left their Earth body and have come to our side. You will have to be satisfied until the time comes when you will make the journey across the divide yourselves. You know that things will be different then and that your body, although a replica of your physical body, will be so different. After a period of rest and recuperation to free yourself from the ills of your physical body you will find yourself in perfect health. We can give you this assurance.

The main message which comes from Spirit in many different forms, in many different words, is that the greatest bond there is - the greatest influence - the greatest power is just simply that which you term "Love". We love you and it is that love which enables us to make this trip from our side to yours. That enables us to speak to you.

We give you our love. We give you our blessing and we pray that you will take that love and share it with those that you come into contact with. Remember, love is like the widow's cruise - it never gets empty!

Goodnight my friends and God bless you.

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