A Complete Failure?

A Few Words From Brother Bernard

Recorded in the Circle during 1986

Good evening friends.

It gives us great pleasure to come once more into your circle to speak with you for a few short moments. We were wondering what was the subject that we could talk about to you.

We would like to point out the importance of the individual.

So often in your journey through life you think that there is nothing worth doing, you feel a complete failure. It seems as though everything you try turns to dust and ashes and you are tempted to despair. You must often think to yourself why is it that I am so limited in my surroundings, why is that I cannot do this that and the other that I have always planned. Well, we want to let you know that each one of you is here for a purpose, you have a job to do, a work to fulfil.

You can work just as well in a backwater, you can make just as much impression upon your surroundings, whether you live a secluded life seeing nobody and talking to no one, or whether you mix with crowds of people. Always remember because you are a child of God you have an individuality which is different from everyone else on Earth and that you cannot see the whole of your life; you cannot see the effect which you have upon anyone you come into contact with; you cannot tell what difference you have made in the lives of other people. When you come to our side of life you will see your life upon Earth unfold as a picture before you. You will realise the influence you had, not just on those close to you, but on those you rub shoulders with in the everyday world. Not just the people with whom you live and move but those that you meet when you are out shopping, when you are at work, when you are travelling on the bus or train.

You make contacts the whole of your life and no one on Earth can ever live their life completely to themselves. Always there is this interplay between people. Always there is this influence reaching out from you to others and reaching from others to you.

Because you are human, because you are in a body of Earth so you must realise that you are also Spirit; an individual Soul on a journey that is taking you from somewhere in the far reaches of the past, and that will carry you through this particular phase of your existence, and then on into the next world; and then on and on.

Never think that you have no influence in your life. If you have been serving God, if you have been trying to do your best for other people, if you have done the little things that come in life with a good heart then you are achieving the aim for which you came here. It is not given to everybody to lead, there must be those who follow.

Those who play the role that you would like to play, those who are in the limelight, those who receive the adulation and the praise, those who seem to have a far reaching influence in your world, they are fulfilling their destiny as in the same way you are fulfilling yours.

Whether you achieve much, in a worldly sense, or whether you achieve little, it is the importance of the spiritual that matters. It is how you develop your soul, it is how you react to those with whom you come into contact: the love which you send, the cheering words, the comfort, the sympathy. All these attributes are those that go to make up your development of spirit. It is that spirit that you will take to our side of life. You may make a success of your life in the world's eyes. You may achieve riches, fame and notoriety but they will be nothing to you when you leave your body behind. What you bring to Spirit is the work of Spirit and the development which your spirit has made.

So, we say again to you, make the most of the opportunities that come your way. If they are small opportunities, as the world sees it, if you are just smiling at one person, if you are just exchanging a cheery word with one soul, you are making an achievement that would rank with those of the greatest people on Earth. You will be surprised when you come to Spirit and see how much progress you have made.

So our message to you is very simple. Just remember because you are an individual, because you are part of God, because you are a spirit in a human body, so that spirit will go on taking with it from Earth the lessons which Earth has taught it. Look around you and see where you can be of assistance; be of service. Remember happiness is what you want to spread; happiness which comes from a soul that believes in God. Happiness that comes from a realisation that whatever life has to give you that it is right for you, and for you alone. You cannot live other people's lives for them, you cannot alter your own destiny, you cannot judge what you have achieved on Earth by your standards. It is the love which you bring to your journey through life. It is the willingness to help and the willingness to stand back when it is necessary, the willingness to give sympathy where it is wanted, but mainly to give joy.

Look upon that as your life's work; to bring joy into other people's lives. Then you will find when you come over to our side of life that you will have achieved greatness, not as the world knows it, but as Spirit knows it.

So we leave these few words with you with our blessing. May that blessing go with you every step of your way.

Goodnight my friends..

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